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I would like to preface this by saying that this post is so late in coming NOT because I didn’t have a good time in St. Paul but because I decided to graciously let the rest of the Internet talk amongst themselves for a while.

If you can remember back that far, Holli and I drove up to St. Paul, MN, on March 28, 2008. We had never been up to the RRRH, and it was also shaping up to be a unique Newsbleep experience. Our trip began with a tour around the spacious mansion. The house that our St. Paul relatives enjoy has three floors and a basement. The basement was terrifying in its depth and darkness, but the rest of the house was pleasant and enjoyable. The main floor has a TV and couch and chairs and the second floor has several couches and some bedrooms. This second floor is also the PS3 floor. The final floor is more of an attic which is where Dan and David slept.

Saturday morning, the guys headed to a cafe for “Men’s Breakfast” with Chris. We talked mostly about politics and how the post 9/11 political climate has resulted in a general public frustration which may, unfortunately, produce lowered standards for the next President. Never once did we mention farting.

Besides enjoying the company of our cousins, the other goal of this visit was to film an “Aaron Sorkin-esque” episode called What Kind of Day Has It Been. My goal was to parody / mimic the writing style of some of Aaron Sorkin’s works: Sports Night, The West Wing, and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip. Whether I achieved that goal is debatable, but it was a fun shoot. There were three basic sets: downstairs Writers’ Room, middle floor Rehearsal Area, and upstairs Producer’s Office. Playing an actor and a director made things a little difficult as I couldn’t really rehearse. Thankfully, I’m great at dubbing my dialogue, so it wasn’t an issue. It was neat to walk around the house and to hear different groups of people running lines. It almost seemed professional.

With most of it done, we headed to dinner. We went to the Muddy Pig, a local pub. The Muddy Pig had a large collection of beers, which didn’t do me much good. They did have a fair selection of wines, however. The meals were, by-and-large, warmly received by their recipients. As far as I remember, that is.

Either that night or the night before we watched Frisky Dingo which turned out to be a better version of Sealab 2021. I’m not opposed to watching more. Also, that night I had Irish whisky and Dr. Pepper. So began an addiction.

Sunday was mostly putting the place back together. I had script pages and props and all kinds of notebook paper scattered everywhere. Sunday was also lazy, as everyone was lounging around and having a relaxing day. It was great to get to see/meet/hang out with: Katie, Brenna, Dan, David, Sarah, Chris, Tyler and their friends.

Sorkin in St. Paul.

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  1. Also, we met up with camp friend Doug, at The Muddy Pig. At this same place, I discovered I don’t like blue-colored alcoholic drinks and so we paid for my drink that was drank by others.
    Good. Times.

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