Greigh’s Anatomy

In accordance with our compromise, I am writing about Grey’s Anatomy.  The original agreement was for Holli and I to watch three episodes in season one, and then Bryce and Lindsey would watch season one of Lost.  With nothing to lose, we took on the bet.  We purchased the three episodes from iTunes, watched them, and sat back.

The results: meh.

Without a leg up by, we had no easy way of watching the other season one episodes.  Then Bryce and Lindsey came home for Guse’s wedding, and they lent us seasons one, two, and three.  With our excuses out of the way, we commenced ta’ jigglin’.

The results: we became fans.

Without giving away any spoilers, I will say that the show is at its best when it is sharing the episode’s time between inter-personal conflict and medical mystery.  The show has a tendency to get too caught up in personal drama.  That’s fine, but I get pretty bored with that kind of thing.  You can get that sort of drama by droves through shows like The ‘Bu or Horrible People.  However, it does add a little spice.  I enjoy a smattering of moments that make me say, “Oh, no, [he|she] didn’t!  Snap!”

I like the medical mysteries a little more.  I don’t nearly enough about medicine to guess along with them, but who knows how many of those terms or procedures are actually made up, either.  There was one case in which my google searching did in fact yield the correct diagnosis before the doctors got it.  If only I’d been doing web development in that hospital, I could have helped with the case.

One of my major pet peeves with the show is the way they deal with expanding the cast.  You can bet that if someone suddenly shows up as working at the hospital, within three episodes they will become a love interest.  It’s clumsy.  It’s Nikki and Paolo clumsy, but not quite as frustrating as the characters usually make their introductions worthwhile.  Unlike Nikki and Paolo.  Whom I hate.

Despite the things that I don’t like about the show, I enjoy it more than I disenjoy it.  We’ll watch the next season, though the last season didn’t give us many reasons to return.  Their time slot also helps.  The question now will be whether we watch Grey’s Anatomy over The Office or whether we DVR it and return to ABC for Lost.

Despite our newfound enjoyment of the show, our old hatreds remain.  Holli and I are going through much the same issue that old people are going through: racism (or overt hatred of any kind) is no longer fashionable.  We hated on Grey’s for so long that we sometimes forget that we’re fans now.  In other words, it’ll be a long time before we learn to quit calling it “Gay’s Anatomy”.  There should be a support group for us.

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  1. I think the logical thing to do once LOST returns to television (assuming time slots are the same next season), would be to DVR The Office. Last season of LOST, we saw the last 30 sec of each Grey’s episode and I think we’d learn pretty quickly that we don’t want to see the end of each episode when we turn to watch LOST.

  2. We watch it like a bad train wreck. Casey can usually figure out the “mystery” in about 5 minutes while rolling his eyes and walking out of the room. With comments like, “That would never happen”, “When do they go to work? 10 am? It’s always daylight!” and “Yes, all chiefs, attendings and residents sleep together” it’s really hard for us to keep a straight face all the while making rude comments like we are Servo and Crow from MST3K.

  3. I’ve never seen the show but if you like medical mysteries you should give House a try – it’s awesome. Let me repeat… awesome.

  4. You are going to DVR The Office so you can watch Grey’s? Wow, I honestly don’t think I can be friends with you guys. I know I’d probably like it if I saw it, I’m not ignorant – i assume i’d like it and I will probably start watching it because Houa likes it, but I don’t want to because to me it looks like a well done soap opera. I mean, its about doctors, but they never show them ever doing doctor things in their previews. According to the previews I see its all about who is having sex with who, who’s cheating on who, who’s making out with who at work. Them advertising the show that way makes me feel like the only reason they do anything doctorish is to try to make it appear to be more serious and complicated than a normal soap opera. ER – in their commercials, most of the time its doctors trying to save somebody with maybe a little romance. Grey’s – doctors making out and getting jealous at other doctors with no mention of whats actually going on at the hospital.

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