Fan Created Dark Knight Sequel Movie Poster | /Film

Fan Created Dark Knight Sequel Movie Poster | /Film

It seems that the fan-base, or at least the two fans who made the above poster, think that the next villian to get a dark over-haul is The Riddler.  Unfortunately, we might not ever find out.  From a podcast that I listen to, I’ve found that, with Christopher Nolan, there is no guarantee.  There wasn’t even a certainty that they’d make a sequel.

I like the idea of a dark Riddler.  But, can a villian who deals with puzzles and riddles whilst committing his crimes come away dark enough without seeming like a cheap Saw rip-off?  The Joker was dark, but he was comical.  Can a Riddler be comical enough without seeming like a cheap Joker rip-off?

I feel like Catwoman and the Penguin have been done.  However, I felt the same way about the Joker, and I was way wrong, so maybe there is room to rehash old villians.  With a brilliant filmmaker like Nolan, I have no problem believing that he could take even old, tired villians and make them fresh and entertaining.

A look at the Batman Villians Wikipedia page turns up more than seven references to “insane” as well as an extensive list of villians that we have yet to see on screen.  I like the ideas of Bane, Clayface, Deadshot, Hush, The Mad Hatter, Maxie Zeus, and, of course, Calculator.  He wears a calculator as part of his suit.  Who wouldn’t love that?

Who do YOU want to see in the (possibly never coming) next Batman movie directed by Christopher Nolan starring Christian Bale?

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  1. Tyler had a great point that Gordan’s daughter will become Catwomen because her dad (Gordan) loved his son more than her. Interesting because why else would Nolan let us know Gordan loves his son more?

  2. You forget though, the Joker has always been Batman’s arch-nemesis. There is no bigger villain for Batman than the Joker. Some even argue that across all comics he is the ultimate villain. So, unlike the other villains, you can always bring the Joker back time after time (of course, with Heath’s passing, that will probably not be the case, so hopefully they will look to other characters).

    I think you’re right on with both Catwoman and the Penguin — they were already done and they were mediocre at best. I do not see an immediate need to try to re-do them as villains. If they continue the Batman series into sequals 4,5 and 6, then I could see trying to revive them, but I would like to see them try to do at least one more new villain first.

    BTW, wasn’t Bane already in a Batman movie? I think he was in Batman & Robin (1997). The crappy one with Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy. It was a very small role, but was there. Also, to Holli — I didn’t think Arnold did a “bad” job, I think he was just given crap to work with. Mr. Freeze is actually a pretty good villain. He is cold-hearted, but ultimately comes to “good” in his defeat, and… he is supported by a very heavily armoured suit, which makes him a good competition for Batman. The problem was that movie was way to colourful and full of unfunny one-liners. I believe if they took a similar story, but took Nolan’s dark and more realistic gadgetry approach (notice I say more, not completely), I think Mr. Freeze could make for a great story/movie.

    Also, I wouldn’t mind Ra’s Al Ghul make a return. If I recall correctly in the comics, he is actually an “immortal.” Whenever he “comes close to dying” they never show him actually die (like they did in Batman Begins where they cut away and it is just assumed he dies). Somehow he always manages to get away and then he goes to this mysterious pool that regenerates him entirely. I won’t ruin it for you, but they do a good job with this story-line in the comics and give a neat ultimatum for Batman eventually.

    I wouldn’t mind seeing another Ra’s Al Ghul w/ a sub-villain, much like the first movie did with the Ra’s and the Scarecrow. I have a feeling it would make for a solid movie now that they are past the “back-story” and can keep the focus on the villain like they did with The Dark Knight, would make for another entertaining film.

  3. I wouldn’t mind them taking a stab at the Riddler but I agree that he may be to comical and colorful to fit into their new movie style. I didn’t read the Batman comics, nor did I watch the cartoon growing up so I’m not very familiar with the villians that are available, but reading through the list from Wikipedia I think Firefly could be a good choice. Pyromaniac would be good for special effects and stunts. :)

  4. Wow…it’s creepy how much Mike (not Billeter) put together a response that Mike (Billeter) ((me)) would have put together…

    So…now that he covered my base with Bane…I guess I’ll…uhhh….twiddle my thumbs?

    Well, I’ll add this. The problem they’ll face with the Riddler is that (while it hasn’t been terribly shown in the new Batman films yet), Bruce Wayne is one of the world’s best detectives (I mean, in the comics they pretty much say that he is the world’s greatest detective…although his “use a shotgun to kill a fly” method to search for the Joker doesn’t really prove that in TDK). That’s why The Riddler has always been a terribly nonthreatening character. He makes these riddles that potentially could cause a problem, but Batman always solves them before they do. Consequently, the Riddler at this point is more crazy than capable, because Batman has just about driven him to the edge. But not like…scary, Joker crazy. Just like…pathetic, cuckoo crazy.

    I think. I’m more a Marvel guy though, so maybe he’s not so loony anymore.

    But, in regard to the reference of Hush as a villain, I think he’d be solid. From what I’ve read and heard from people, he would be a pretty cool choice. And actually, in the comics, Gordon’s daughter becomes Batgirl/Batwoman, so I’m not sure they’d turn her into Catwoman. Not that they at all need to follow the comics storyline, but she is also exceptionally young in the movie, so I can’t see them busting that one out. A Catwoman done well wouldn’t be bad though.

    Then again, the more I look at that poster, the more I think The Riddler could be a lot cooler than I would have imagined.

    Maybe this was Nolan/the studio’s entire plan with having arguably the best viral campaign for a movie ever. People doing things like this that turn it into a pool of brainstorming ideas and possibilities.

    Sorry…I’m done rambling.

    -Mike (B.)

  5. There are several possibilities that Nolan left open with Gordan’s daughter. Her face was never seen in full, we done know how old she really is, and we don’t know her name in the movie so I think he left himself an opening to either have her be batgirl or Catwoman. (Especially with Fox’s line about Bruce’s suit being able to stand a cat attack.) My dream would be the two names that have been thrown about on several forums so far. Either Johhny Depp as the Riddler or Phillip Seymour Hoffman as the Penguin…..I think those are the two most likely villains to be played next.

    In one of the editions of the Gotham Times that they made for the movie there are references to The Iceberg Lounge which the Penguin owns and Edward Nigma is credited as a writer of one of the stories…..Edward Nigma is better known as The Riddler. Also, the thing that makes Ra’s, The Scarecrow, and The Joker, TwoFace and Batman so compelling is that they are all very human. None of them have any super power in any way. I am certain that any further villains will be the same. They will not have poison kisses like Ivy or super hi-tech freeze guns, The next villain will just be a crazy guy with some sort of flaw very relatable to the average viewer.

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