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Some of you may have heard about this over the weekend, but Google leaked an announcement of its new, open source web browser, dubbed Google Chrome.  I say “leaked” because it appears they (snail) mailed some press materials that showed up a day early.  The announcement was meant for today, not yesterday.  As such, there’s little to nothing online from the Internet giant. was sent a Scott McCloud illustrated comic book talking about the new Chrome web browser.  Scott McCloud is awesome, if you’ve never heard of him. is Google’s “oops” post. is a Google book with scanned pages of the comic book. It’s a great read, and the web browser is explained in a way that is entertaining as well as informative, all without being technical. is the URL at which (presumably) we’ll be able to download Chrome for Windows when it’s released.  Apple and Linux versions are in the works. is John Resig (creator of Javascript library jQuery)’s take on what Chrome can mean for web developers in particular.

It’ll be interesting to see how Mozilla, Microsoft, Apple, Opera and others respond to this.  What do you think?  Is the browser market too cluttered?  Is there room for improvement?  Would you consider switching browsers?

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  1. First and foremost, I’d like to state that I had a clever, witty response to this post but it didn’t work. So now I’ll just have to roll with this mediocre one.

    I would say that I would certainly consider switching browsers if Google Chrome was a better browser than what I currently use. At the moment, I’m running Flock, which has been nice because it keeps all of my social networking stuff organized and has my RSS feeds in a collapse-able browser sidebar. However, as someone who believes in jumping ship for greener pastures whenever the item in question is a free service, I would certainly switch browsers if Chrome can provide browsing capabilities that Flock cannot. There’s always room for improvement, if you ask me. Except with me as a human being. I’m as perfect as they come. So there’s *usually* room for improvement. Anyway, we’ll see how this pans out, won’t we?


  2. I remember when I was in 7th grade computer apps class. I told all my friends about this search engine I had just “discovered.” That’s how I remember it happening anyway… It had a cool name and the webpage was very simple. It amazes me how far Google has come since then. I’ll probably use their browser too.

  3. I’m leaving you a comment on it right now. I like how simple it is, but with no Mac support as of yet – I can’t imagine me using it as a personal browser. Plus I kinda have been enjoying Safari, but I’m always up for a switch.

  4. Sometimes it won’t let you browse pictures on facebook. I click to go to the next picture and it does nothing. Also, while my home page is loading, if i click on one of my bookmarks the browser closes. Whats up with that!?

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