I Can’t Cry Anymore (A Web Developer’s Tale)

(2:50:45 PM) Miles Rausch: Have you ever seen a baby bird die?
(2:51:01 PM) Coworker: no… but i have a strange feeling i will soon
(2:52:39 PM) Miles Rausch: Each change requires some rewriting. Sometimes it destroys beautiful code, sometimes it creates more beautiful code. But, there will come a point when it will create evil code, code forgotten by God, warmly embraced by Satan, that will taint and poison the site.
(2:52:42 PM) Miles Rausch: Be ye warned.
(2:54:08 PM) Coworker: i’m crying. i hope you’re happy.
(2:54:24 PM) Miles Rausch: I cried. The day I watched that baby bird die.
(2:54:27 PM) Miles Rausch: I can’t cry anymore.

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