Acts of Nature 2008

A shot of the new Acts of Nature website (
A shot of the new Acts of Nature website (

Acts of Nature ( is not just another website for L&S; it’s more like a brother. Acts of Nature (or Acts, as we call it) is Paul Schiller’s fine art and photography website. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because he’s one of our Agency’s founders.

This redesign and restructure of the Acts website has been a long time in coming; some design files date back to 2005! But don’t call the website old; it uses some of the newest features in ColdFusion, Flash, and JavaScript, all of which combine to produce a breath-taking web portal featuring some amazing photography.

Take a look around. Peruse the Photo Gallery. Read up on The Artist and The Installations, or recommend the website to a friend. As always, feel free to contact Acts of Nature with questions or comments.

Good work, team!

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