Lawrence & Schiller 2008

A shot of the new Lawrence & Schiller website (

So as not to be forgotten in all this “refresh”, “redesign”, “rebranding” merriment, Lawrence & Schiller ( has gotten a face lift. Orange is the new black, as they say, but we’ve kept some of the old black as well. This new design was aimed at making our agency seem more fun, because that’s what our clients said we were. Once the flattery buzz wore off, we knew that we had a honey (pun) of a task ahead of us, and this website “refresh” was just a small part of that effort.

Talent from a number of teams was pooled, and extensive work was done on not only the web design and development but the SEO, copy, and information architecture as well. We’ve added a new homepage flash that is more informative as well as being flashier (pun, again). We’ve also created a Team Culture page to better showcase the habitat within which we work. Not only that, but our client teams (Mint, Phoenix, Fuel, and Synergy) each get a page, giving clients a better idea of who it is they’re working with, even before they’re working with them! We’ve also improved our What We Do section, better showcasing how we Understand, Plan, Implement, and Evaluate for our clients.

For the most part, the site is unchanged. You can still read how we go 5280, view some of our work, and, of course, apply for a job (hint, hint). Whatever your fancy, head on over and take it for a spin (pun, again – I’m awesome at this!).

Author: Miles Rausch

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