Why my hip-hop posse would include Mike Billeter

Mike Billeter
Because I would need him to explain to me what the other rappers are saying.

Because I love her.





Author: Miles Rausch

I've made a smart playlist of all the songs with 0 plays. I listen to them because I feel bad for them not because I like the music. I'm THAT guy.

5 thoughts on “Why my hip-hop posse would include Mike Billeter”

  1. Miles,

    I’m honored to be a part of your hip hop posse. I think, between the seven of us, we would be able to handle some business in the hip hop community in a way that it’s never been handled before. A little bit because of you, and a lot bit because of God and Holli (two of hip-hop’s finest).

    The only thing that could have improved this posse was your loving underappreciated mother, but that’s another rhyme for another time.

    Glad my skills in the hip-hop translation industry aren’t overlooked.

    -Mike Beezy fo sheezy.

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