What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?

(Possible LOST spoilers! (depending on how crafty we are at guessing))

  • A beach
  • shade
  • Nothing (because it doesn’t produce a shadow)
  • Sunbathers
  • It depends on the time of day
  • The Time (because it’s a sundial)
  • Danger
  • Another smaller statue
  • Ocean (probably a valid answer despite what direction the show goes with it)
  • a monkey
  • polar bears
  • Ben (but, then again, he lies everywhere)

UPDATE: I was informed by a motivated reader of two more suggestions. Chris S calls him “d bag”, but the person in question says his name is “Dumb Answers”. (I’m guessing on gender, here. There’s no hard-and-fast rule for “Dumb”.) I’m not sure either name is considered valid by the U.S. Social Security Administration, but maybe Dumb had hippie parents. He mentioned having an eight year old, which (I hope) has a more traditional name like “Sam” or “John”. But, seeing as how Dumb may very well live up to his name, the 8yo is probably named “Dumb II” (or 2Dumb to friends) or “Terrible” or “Awesome”.

  • Jughead
  • The Temple
  • “d bags” (I assume Chris meant “dumb bag”, but this was a convenient abbreviation)
  • Dumb Answers

Why am I posting this update? Because I can’t imagine why anyone would take the time to post such a derogatory comment on a post that is obviously meant for comedic relief. UNLESS WE’RE TOO CLOSE TO THE TRUTH. Because of this, even though I added “Jughead” and “The Temple” to the list, I don’t think those are viable (since D-Bag mentioned them).

D-Bag mentioned “trees” and “a beach”. I mentioned “a beach”, but not trees (maybe I should have!) which has left me perplexed for now. D-Bag also mentioned an eight year old, which at first seems unspectacular. However, what eight year old has the patience and wherewithal to regularly enjoy a show like LOST? None. I think the eight year old isn’t an eight year old HUMAN, it’s an eight year old TREE. A quick Google search turned up an interesting result: 8-Year-Old Silver Tree Takes Fort Marcy. The article in question isn’t about a tree at all; it’s about a HORSE. Like the horse that KATE SAW. Kate spent quite a lot of time in the POLAR BEAR CAGES, which seems to suggest that the answer of what lies in the shadow of the statue is, in fact, POLAR BEARS.

I guess I’ll have to mark this post as DEFINITELY SPOILERS. Thanks, D-Bag.

UPDATE 2: Apparently we were all wrong. It was “sand”, but not a beach’s worth of sand. It’s a technicality, but that’s how LOST is. GO LOST!

Author: Miles Rausch

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19 thoughts on “What Lies in the Shadow of the Statue?”

  1. I think the answer will be the Temple…or something clever like the “What did one snowman say to the other” I think it all has to do with Dharma version 2.0 though :o

  2. How does that always happen to you. “Man, the new (Random Tech net thingy) sure sucks the big one” and then a day later someone hops online, finds your website and says, “Daddy make it all better, Daddy is so sorry he dropped you…quit crying before mommy gets home!”
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  3. Those have to be the dumbest answers I have seen for that riddle. The two most obvious, being Jughead or the Temple, aren’t even on the list. It’s obviously an important question; the answer isn’t going to be something childish like “trees” or “the beach” … my 8-year old even thinks that’s stupid.

  4. I read “spoilers” and thought I could handle it. Then I remembered I can’t handle Miles. So I stopped reading.

  5. My guess was the pit of the time wheel. Since when Locke was climbing down to turn the wheel, they looked up and saw the statue from where they were.

  6. in episode 16, the statue showes the thing holding male and female symbols, i think it represents (just think about this, dont laugh yet) it represents another civilazation race enslaving the humans. and as jacob sais before he dies “they are comming”

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