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Author: Miles Rausch

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5 thoughts on “KINGS”

  1. So I got to episode 4 … and they say that prior to there being a king, the country was nothing but “stone age clans, waring.”

    So, the went from the stone age to the internet in less than 30 years, with skyscrapers and a huge city in less than 10?
    (The queen allegedly designed the flag, goes to Silas being the first king, and thus before must be stone age. The king can’t be more than 60, figure 40s with the kids all being about the same age — only known is David is 18. And his father died defending ‘Port Prosperity’ in a previous war.)

    Since the port is what ‘made Shiloh possible’ and the fact that David remembered (and had some feeling, assuming it wasn’t engineered into him, he was old enough to remember, so say at least 8 years old for argument’s sake). Shiloh was built in less than 10 years; and they got the internet, cars, industry, all the other ‘stuff’ you notice — in about 10 years.

    That kind of ruins it for me … unless I missed something obvious.

  2. Opello:

    I’m not sure the line “stone age clans” is meant to be taken literally. As we’ve seen in the Pilot and subsequent episodes, the country of Gath appears to have at least, if not superior, military technology.

    One could probably consider the feuding rebels of Afghanistan or Iraq as “stone age clans”, but how long would it take us, once their forces were subdued, to wire it up and build skyscrapers? What if trillions of dollars could be put behind the effort?

    Anyway, that’s my take on it. I’m not sure if that’s what they mean, but knowing the king’s ego and sense of destiny, I think he’s taking poetic license in describing what peoples he conquered for Gilboa.

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