House Keeping

1) What Lies In The Shadow Of The Statue has become my most popular post, at least recently. Only a small percentage of readers of that post realize that I have no deep insight, no knowledge to share within it. A small percentage of the rest have actually been adding their own theories, seemingly trying to help me with my lack of deep insight. I, ever uncouth, mock them for hours with my thoughts and then move on to something else.

2) Be sure to read Holli’s update on our latest news, if you haven’t already. Some pretty awesome updates.

3) has a purpose once again. What had originally started as my personal blog has found a new life as my web playground. Everything personally associated with me will be here and at, but any projects that I want to show off or open up, any concepts or demos I want to test out, will live on  I’m calling it “an odyssey of learning and growth, a menagerie of strange web trinkets.”

Those of you who do web development  may periodically find it interesting. I don’t find much time to work on these trinkets, but I’ll add things as I do find time (or as I dig them out of the depths of my old “test” folder). Right now, there are only two real projects: LinguaFranca.js, an inline language translation project for javascript, and The Latest Blog Post (Jetpack for Mozilla Firefox), a simple extension for the Jetpack API.

4) Tired. Mega-tired. But I thought you all should know.

5) Sad that LOST is done for the season. I’d forgotten how empty and cold life is without a LOST episode to look forward to.

6) See #5 above. But, very happy that Kings will be back in June.

7) Holli and I have started watching Star Trek: The Original Series. No, we weren’t inspired by the movie; we haven’t even seen it. Don’t bother asking me why. We’re just weird.

8) Also, I’m listening to more This American Life, so I can justify my obsessive monocle adornment. Blame my brother.

9) People comment that I’m losing weight, but I know that I’m not. This is puzzling, and it can only mean that I’ve been gaining weight, and at such an alarming rate and density as to bend the very light around me. This would cause me to look thinner, theoretically.

10) For some reason, I just thought of the pool at Unity Square in Milbank, SD.

11) I feel very fortunate that my job has allowed me to program in ColdFusion, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and Classic ASP. Most people probably don’t understand why having to learn more languages would be something I’m thankful for. I can’t explain it. I just love languages: foreign and domestic, natural and constructed, human and machine.


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