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A number of weeks ago, I moved into an office. It’s an office that had had a curse of departing WebWorkers cast upon it, but I saw no fear in it. My only concern was the “stomach lining” wallpaper. I didn’t like it. In particular, I wanted smooth walls upon which I could hang my project folders. What I had inherited was a topographical map.

My original goal was to strip all the wallpaper and paint the walls beneath. Time, and resources, however, were a concern. After doing some testing in a discrete corner of the office, I discovered that the wallpaper was both easy and fun to tear from the walls. I soon found my discrete corner a ravaged half-wall. I had to come up with a decoration style that made sense with this. Eventually, I decided to take the large prints I had had done for my apartment in Madison, and I would treat them as if they had been hiding beneath the wallpaper all along.

It worked pretty well. I put up two New York and two France photos. Actually, they were this one, this one, this one, and this one. It was a pain to get the photo to hang seemingly without assistance, so I opted to add some artist and functional bands of tape across each one. Time will tell how long everything holds up.

I have more plans for the office. One wall, in particular, is lacking full appreciation. I’ll add more pictures when the time comes.

Do any of you have a unique work space?

Author: Miles Rausch

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  1. Unfortunately no; I have a cubicle that looks like all the others. However, I try to make mine unique by having Mr. Fishy in there with me!

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