One thing I love about Sioux Falls is th…

One thing I love about Sioux Falls is the residential areas. There’s a variety of sociological groups here that one doesn’t typically find in a smaller town. One trip in five through the inner streets produces a scene such that I feel the need to comment on it.

Last week, for instance, I was driving home from work. A flash of green caught my attention. I turned to my right to see, in a brief moment, a man taking a picture of a woman. The woman was wearing a green sleeveless dress with texture. I’m not sure how else to describe it, other than it’s obviously a dress produced for comfort, not class. The woman appeared visibly annoyed and put off. The man, by contrast, appeared to be zealous in his photography, despite the obvious age of his camera.

My mind concocted a scene.

EXT. Lawn – Day

MAN is arranging equipment on the ground. He scurries around the yard, seeking the best light and wind locations. He plots, somewhat audibly, good, better, and best positions for photography.

WOMAN (O.S.): This dress doesn’t really fit me. Where did you get it?

MAN: The dress, like my inspiration, was given to me by the Muses themselves. Calliope, muse of epic poetry, Erato, muse of lyric poetry, Polyhymnia, muse of choral poetry, Melpomene, muse of-

WOMAN (O.S.): Did you steal this dress?

MAN: No! It was a rummage sale. Six dollars and a song. Are you ready yet?

WOMAN exits the house. She appears uncomfortable, and she awkward in the sleeveless, green, textured dress. She has obvious misgivings about what is about to happen.

WOMAN: Where do you want me?

MAN is struck by her beauty. It takes several moments for him to catch his words.

MAN: You’re beautiful. I knew it! I knew that dress was the one! Ha!

A moment of jubilee more, and then he composes himself.

MAN: Uh, right. Here! You need to stand here, and face here, and I’ll be right over here.

MAN instructs Woman where to stand, striking the pose, himself, that she will take. Then he takes his place. He begins taking pictures immediately, far before she’s ready.

WOMAN: What do I do? Just stand here.

MAN (to himself): You are gorgeous. I can’t stand it! These are going to be beautiful.

A car drives by. Woman has forgotten how close to traffic they are, and she instinctively covers herself.

MAN: I’m telling you, when I get this film developed, these pics are going to be museum quality. You, right next to the Mona Lisa. I’m telling you babe. Beautiful…

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