It’s New Year’s Eve and, so far, most …

It’s New Year’s Eve and, so far, most of our conversation has been about snowflakes. It’s a long story.

We’re about to watch 9. We had a couple plans for tonight – one was to watch episodes from our favorite TV shows that take place during New Year’s Eve. That is a fine idea until you endeavor to figure out which episodes those might be. IMDB plot searches proved fruitless.

The next plan was to watch a movie that takes place, at least in part, during New Year’s Eve. This, too, was largely fruitless for the same reasons. Also, I couldn’t recall a single movie we own taking place (in whole or part) during New Year’s Eve.

Our final plan was to rent something from iTunes. We enacted this same plan over Christmas at the Gregg household. There we purchased “Four Christmases”, which took about sixty minutes to download (and produced about three minutes of laughter). Tonight we’ve purchased “9”, which took about twelve minutes to download. Thank you, MidcoNet high-speed broadband internet.

So far I’m enjoying “9”. Check it out. As Holli put it, it’s kinda fitting that we’re watching “9” on the last day of 2009. That’s totally what we meant to do, yo.

Dumb post.

UPDATE: After discovering that Hulu’s ball drop was truly a livestream (and not being re-broadcast for Central Time), we rung in the new year with a fireworks display in the city of Funchal in Madeira, Portugal. Thank you, Ustream. The action starts about 3:00 into it.

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  1. “9” is the next blu-ray I’m getting from Netflix. I really wanted to see it when it came out, but there weren’t any theatres around here that were showing it. Hope you enjoyed it!

  2. I was less of a fan than Miles was. Looked good – didn’t get too sucked into the story. Let us know what you thought of it!

  3. This is no longer relevant, as New Years has passed, but “When Harry Met Sally” has a New Years Eve scene.

    I want to see “9.” To bad my iPod doesn’t play videos. Guess it’s off to Hollywood Video for me.

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