Loading Baby Rausch…

You might be wondering what that strange progress bar is in the sidebar. It’s a Baby Progress Bar! It’s actually a little JavaScript that I put together. You give the script your baby’s due date and (optional) gender, and it creates an updating progress bar, showing just how much baby growing your baby has to do! Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, and a calming green is for genderless children.

I’ll put up a more technical write up later.

8 Replies to “Loading Baby Rausch…”

  1. That is so cool!!! 70% holy cats! You are going to be a papa soon!!! as soon as your’s and Holli’s son is born I will call him champ and he will call me FAM. (It stands for favorite Aunt Molly!)

  2. So… what happens when it hits 100% and there is no baby, or what happens if the baby occurs before 100%. Does that mean you only get like 93% of a child?

    1. I’m hoping God doesn’t decide to start using my counter as the literal countdown to Baby. If so, that puts a lot of pressure on my web host.

    2. Technically, though our baby wouldn’t be missing parts, he could be considered less than 100% in gestation. But really, anything in the 90s is still an A, so it’s all good right?

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