Announcing: An Blog!

Welcome to the blog!

So…  you might be confused. This is still Of Miles Rausch, but I’m going to be putting some development (read: boring) stuff up here occasionally. This move has been a while in the waiting. (Don’t confuse that with thinking I’ve been working on this blog for a while. It’s just been that I’ve been meaning to add a blog to this site for, well, ever.)

I’m planning on putting general programming thoughts here. It might be an “Awayken Autopsy”, where I dig into a website or webpage and try to figure out how it ticks. It might be “Get the Gist”, where I analyze a simple script or file and embed it for perusal. It might be a new project I’m working on. It might be a complaint. It might be boring. It might be interesting.

Prepare for boring.