Was It Saturday?

Have you ever had a date in your head, and wondered to yourself, “Did that happen on a Saturday?” Then, did you wish that there was a web app dedicated to just that, but not a calendar?

Oh, you didn’t? Not at all? Well, I did, and that’s what this project is.

About the Project

Let me give you some background. We were working on a project where the creative direction called for the very quick, specific knowledge of whether a date happened on a Saturday.

Obvious techniques would involve clicking over to a calendar, and browsing or searching for the date in particular. This works great for a small number of dates: one, two, a dozen, twenty-five. What if you have hundreds of dates to check? Then it might be nice to have a little app that gives you the skinny on the Saturday.


Demo the app at awayken.com/saturday.


The app is written in CFML and uses a Google webfont. Otherwise, there’s nothing significant about it. Fork it at github.com/awayken/Was-It-Saturday.

Never wonder whether ’twas Saturday again.