Welcome, 2014.

There’s something about a beginning that gives people hope. A fresh year brings with it fresh goals for the future. I suppose it’s something innate to the birth/re-birth cycle that such a boundary illicits a desire to transform oneself. Across cultures and centuries, there has been worship of the dawn, whether that corresponding to arbitrary milestones from our trip around the sun, to agricultural events like harvest, or to natural events like the solstices.

I am no less susceptible to this hopeful worship. Caught within the ephemeral energy of genesis, I, too, compiled an ambitious and naive list of goals for 2014, one of which you’re currently being subjected to. I will blog more this year. Gone are the days of wholesale social interaction via weblog, but that doesn’t mean they don’t still serve the purpose of self-regulated, personal publication.

The posting will be weekly. The posting will be myriad. I anticipate the posting will be less journalistic and more editorial than in its history. And, if this is any example, the posting will be pompous and highfalutin.

Just what the Internet needs.

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