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One thing I’ve run into over and over in my writing research is this idea of a “Writer’s Platform.” The essential idea is that modern writers need to build a digital presence that allows people to “try before they buy,” so to speak.

I’ve had this blog for years. It’s always been a rather personal weblog, and over the next couple years I foresee it becoming more of a portal to my art whilst (hopefully) maintaining a personal voice. This website offers plenty of content, but not all of it is good (or meant for a broad, impersonal audience).

This falls into the “platform” part, and I need your help to bolster the “Writer” part. I want to create a clan of readers, people who will help me take my writing to a new level. I want readers who will fall into one of these categories:

  1. Someone who thinks I’m a good writer and isn’t afraid to tell me so
  2. Someone who thinks I’m a bad writer and isn’t afraid to tell me so
  3. Someone who thinks I’m a good writer who needs some work and isn’t afraid to tell me so
  4. Someone who is awesome

If you fall into any of these categories, please Sign Up to read my stuff. You’ll become a RoOMeR (Reader of Of Miles Rausch), which will entitle you to exactly one free gift which contains UNTOLD HOURS OF ENJOYMENT.

Visit the Sign Up page to learn (a very little) more!

Author: Miles Rausch

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