Buy “Wisdom for Dad” by Hugh Weber (and Me!)

Wisdom for Dad, Hugh Weber’s latest parenting book, is on sale, and you should buy it today, April 15th. It features the bite-sized wisdom of Hugh and a number of other dad, including myself.

We’re trying to get this thing to number one, and to help encourage you to buy today, Hugh is giving out free eBook versions when you email him your receipt.

How to get the free eBook:

  1. Visit
  2. Purchase the book
  3. Forward your receipt to hugh [at]

That’s it! Hugh will take it from there, and you’ll have Wisdom for Dad on any digital reading device you own. This is particularly handy when you’re having a panic attack and need to read some comforting words from men who have been there before (and had their own panic attacks).

Help this book get to #1. Buy it today!