Wilbur’s Space Race Kickstarter

Empire Comic Press has launched its first Kickstarter: Wilbur’s Space Race. Check out our ? promo video below:

After the successful self-financed releases of Robot Dance Club and Franklinstein, Empire is launching its first Kickstarter to raise funds for its latest project, Wilbur’s Space RaceWilbur’s Space Race stars a pizza-slinging Sioux Falls celebrity, Wilbur the Coyote. One of Wilbur’s original artists, Jason Folkerts, lent his talents for the Wilbur’s Space Race cover art. Featured in the comic, Folkerts has provided a reflection on his time and experiences helping to bring Wilbur to life as one of Wilbur’s original artists for advertising. Sioux Falls artist Kat Jackson contributed inks to the cover, and interior artist and inker Mikey Martinez provided colors. 

Visit the “Wilbur’s Space Race” Kickstarter page to see all the sweet swag you can get when you back us. You have until February 4th. Go. NOW!

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