15 Ways I Completely Changed My Life At 30

I wouldn’t call it a “mid-life crisis.” That would paint a rather cynical picture of my health. I wouldn’t call it a “quarter-life crisis,” either, as that would be terribly optimistic. Perhaps the best term is “third-life crisis.” Whichever you call it, one year ago today, everything changed. I shrugged off the last of my twenties and stepped anxiously into my thirties. I reflected on the past year’s meager achievements. Rather than finding solace in a year well spent, panic seized me. For days the question, “What have you done with your life?” whispered in every breeze.

I could have indulged unsavory habits, but I resisted. Instead, I pulled up my sleeves and got motivated. I didn’t turn 30; 30 turned me. Here are the 15 ways I completely kicked 30 in the ass.

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Introducing Ainsley Ann Rausch!

Well, the Miles Rausch family welcomed its newest member this week: Ainsley Ann.

Her stats:

  • Born September 23, 2012
  • At 5:59 pm
  • Weighing 7 pounds & 3 ounces
  • Measuring 19 inches & ½ of another inch
  • Tends to sound like a pterodactyl

Everyone is doing well. Older brother, Ian, is absolutely obsessed with baby sister, which is a mixed blessing that will eventually get better.