Drama Club Banquet

Oscar, Holli
Oscar, Holli, originally uploaded by m!les.

Fear the Turkey, the Drama Club, had a banquet on May 8th. Pictures are here.

Welcome and Introduction of MC

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (It Don’t Mean A Thing (If That Turkey Can’t Swing)) (video 1) (video 2)

Freshman Showcase Best Male Performer: David Rausch

Freshmen Showcase Best Female Performer: Carrie Bonine

Holly Smith and Lisa Stien hand out Drama Club gag gifts.

Theatre Service Awards: Miles Rausch, Holly Smith, Lisa Stien, Holli Gregg

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (Fear Thy Turkey Poem) (video 1) (video 2)

Best Cameo Award: Holly Smith

Best Supporting Actor: Andrew Welbig

Best Supporting Actress: Sara Harp

Best Actor: Miles Rausch

Best Actress: Adrienne Boese

Entertainment – Bob Jackson and Barb Hegg (video 1) (video 2)

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (My Oddisee Through DSU Theatre)

Outstanding Technical Theatre Award: Tiffany Rice

Outstanding Performer Award: Miles Rausch

Outstanding Turkey Member Award: Miles Rausch

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch and Holli Gregg (Exploring The Race Issues Between Two Prominent Nations)

Theatre Appreciation Awards / Recognition of Student Employees and Departing Students

Lively Repartee: Miles Rausch (Whatever Will Be, Will Be (Hey Sara, Sara)) (video 1) (video 2)

Following the banquet, there was a meeting. We decided on officers for next year.

President: Lisa Stien, Treasurer: David Rausch, Secretary: Sara Harp. Homecoming Queen: Sara Harp, Homecoming King: David Rausch.

Then I went home and washed that gunk out of my hair.

In other artistic news, Beadle Hall published it’s latest edition of New Tricks, the literary magazine. Holli and I were both lucky enough to get works published. Holli had a photograph (which became the cover) and a graphic design (which you people have already seen) published. I had a poem called Hope and a short story called “Casio’s Dream” published. For the sake of curiousity, I discovered that the New Tricks site has an online version of their 2003 publication, in which I had a poem published.

I Am the Very Model of a Modern Miles-Rauschable

Lake Okoboji United Methodist Camp and Retreat Center

Three Crosses
Three Crosses, originally uploaded by m!les.

So, first there was the Okoboji camp, with Holli. That was nice. I got to meet those people in Holli’s life. I met Bryan (website here), Deb, Mandy, and Keith (website here), and one night we played Outburst at Mandy and Keith’s place (and I really suck at it). Felt a little like a hero when I fixed a computer issue in five minutes what Keith had tried an entire day previously to fix. It was largely because I had had the same problem earlier that week.

We prepared food, cooked food, set out food, brought back food, ate food, washed dishes, dried dishes, put away dishes, washed counters, and bleached counters. In the meantime, I finished The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (and I think it’s my favorite so far). Did some homework, went to Catholic mass in Spirit Lake (the priest forgot the name of the mass intention – *eek!*), got a tour, and then came back to Madison. Also, while cutting onions, I chopped into my finger. Then, minutes later, Holli did the same thing. We hate onions.

Pictures are here.

Honors Banquet

Holli, Mom
Holli, Mom, originally uploaded by m!les.

There was a banquet. They handed out awards to the students. It was a good meal, catered by DSU of course, and we all had to get all nice and dressed up. Mom managed to make it down for this. I got a certificate for graduating Cum Laude, for being a College Student Leader, for being an Outstanding DSU Artist, and for the Drama Club’s achievement of getting the Certificate of Merit (which I got because I’m the president). I am most proud of Outstanding DSU Artist, because I really devote a lot of my time to the arts and because (ironically) I’m not an art major. Afterward I made mom buy me a huge Mountain Dew, and she bought Holli something, too. It was SNOWING when we left.

Pictures are here.

Drama Club Stuff

The Drama Club had two meeting last week. One, on Monday, I couldn’t attend, but one on Wednesday I could. The major topic was Drama Club Kids Camp, which (despite being on the agenda since November) kinda snuck up on us. The Camp was set for Saturday and was geared toward middle school kids. In the end, only one girl signed up, so we had to cancel it. This left me feeling really let down, because I had high hopes for the Camp. I hope next year’s president decides to run with it again. It’s a good idea. On Sunday, then, we went to Augie to The Pirates of Penzance. It was a good show, very packed (good thing we reserved tickets), but I had a hard time understanding what was being said. It might have been the mic usage or our seats, but we made the best of it. I did really enjoyed the “I Am the Very Model of a Modern Major-General” song.

Pictures are going to be up soon.

And, as always, I have some video up, too.

Nightmare on Washington Street

Blank Stage
Blank Stage, originally uploaded by m!les.

Well, the curtain has closed on what is my final DSU production as a student. How did it go? Well, if you have to ask, then why should I tell you? Because that’s what I do. I tell.

We did 4 nights of the show. The show consisted of 15 Minutes (a monologue starring Adrienne Boese), The Actor’s Nightmare (a one-act starring: Ben Fox, Holli Gregg, Sara Harp, Monica Jacobsen, and Miles Rausch), and Comedy Bytes (improv starring: Mike Anderson, Ben Fox, Holli Gregg, Miles Rausch, Holly Smith, and Lisa Stien).


This was, by and large, our first rehearsal with lights. It’s a pity that it had to be a performance, too. The technical crew seemed less than thrilled to be there. It gave off a bad vibe, and I really didn’t like it. What added to problems was that Chris Zieg, our technical director, had to be back at work. See, he had chosen to use a two week vacation to construct a set and set and design lights and sounds for a play, but every vacation must come to an end, and his did the night we had our first performance.

According to memory, the play went pretty well. We had a decent turnout. Holli‘s parents and sister showed up. One problem we did have (and had every night afterward) was with a change I have where I go from standard accountant garb to Hamlet attire. This requires tights, which are just like they sound, and usually proved fairly difficult for me to get on in the short amount of time allotted for my change.

After Comedy Bytes, we stood in the entry way and waited for people to file by. We said goodbye to Holli’s parents and sister (who said they enjoyed the show). Then I bought a brownie, and we waited until 10 o’clock for our next Comedy Bytes show. 2 people showed up. Then they left. We cancelled the show, and then Holli and I went and got ice cream.


My parents came to this one. It was a matinee performance. This one went well, too. I was feeling a little less energetic at this one. Holli and I did have Chinese for lunch, so that was nice. We tried something new with the costume change. This time I changed into tights and shorts, and then I rushed out on stage where Holli (who plays a stage manager in the play) helps me continue to get ready and berates me for wasting time. The play went pretty well. Mom said she was laughing so hard that she had tears in her eyes. The Comedy Bytes part went well, too. This crowd was a little quiet, and it was mostly relatives and some friends. It was also Picture Call, but Mom and Dad had to go, so Holli and I said goodbye to them, and took pictures, and went to mass, and then we went to Ben Fox’s place for some awesome ribs and beans and roulette and blackjack and horses. There’s a whole RIBS set on Flickr.


Slept in! Lazy Sunday. Probably did some homework and relaxed. I can’t really recall.


Second to last show. I bought Holli flowers and hid them backstage and never even came close to hinting about them. This crowd was good. You can tell how good a crowd is going to be by how much they laugh at Adrienne’s monologue. The change on Monday night was blazing fast. We almost didn’t need to do the fake change on stage thing. There was a problem with me and my falling out of a garbage can. It wasn’t intentional, but I see how it could have been (I would do something like that). Holli did a good job of keeping character, but I saw Monica laughing (tsk tsk). Then, when they were pushing the executioner out, they almost ran into Holli and Monica. It was after this performance that the decision was made to switch the Private Lives wagon with the Executioner wagon as far as sides of the stage go.

Comedy Bytes went well. We had our normal 8ish showing. Then we had a break, during which I spent most of my time on the ground. We thought we would only get two people again, but the turnout was greater than that. We also didn’t have our tech crew (they all left except for Tiffany), so Sara Harp ran sound instead. She did a good job. Our second show was fairly dirty. I guess it wasn’t so much dirty as it was disappointingly immature. You’re only as good as the suggestions you get. I tried to filter as host, but there is only so much you can do.


The final performance. We switched platforms. The change didn’t go as well as it could. I really didn’t want to do it. I was tired and ready to be done. But I did it. I gave my all, and I gave my final performance. This crowd was very quiet. Probably the worst crowd we had, just in that they didn’t seem to find anything funny. Idiots. Anyway, I think we were all at our end. When we were finally finished, we tore the set apart. I took pictures and a video, even. Of course! To top it off, the audience mentioned “Chuck Norris” as an improv suggestion.

Hey. Remember when I said that Acting Is A Threat To My Health? Well, that holds true to this day.

  • Canker Sores
    • Mouth (one)
  • Abrasions
    • Right hand (one)
    • Left elbow (two)
    • Left arm (one)
    • Right knee (one)
    • Left knee (one – big one)
  • Bruises
    • Right arm (two)
    • Right hand (one)
    • Left arm (one)
    • Chest (one)
    • Right knee (one)
    • Left knee (two)
    • Left ankle (one)

All in all, I enjoyed it. It got a little frustrating, and I know I’m suffering from some sort of exhaustion, but I think I gave the best performance I could, and I hope the audiences enjoyed it. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to get it taped, so there’s no video record of the performances. One highlight (for me) was the inclusion of a sketch I wrote called “Happy 125 Years, DSU [redux]”. I had originally written a skit titled “Happy 125 Years, DSU” which was about the school bringing General Beadle back to life, as a zombie, to celebrate 125 years as an institution. The first plan was to perform it at the Spring Convocation, but it didn’t work out. Then we were going to perform it at our Spring Production, but time contraints didn’t allow for that, either. So, I wrote a largely improvised skit (a sketch) based on the same ideas, and we opened the show with it.

Be sure to check out the pictures from the shows on my Flickr account in a special Nightmare on Washington Street set. Also, I’ve uploaded some videos to Google Video. And now, back to my life.

Sonny Silverman, Life Extender

Fortune Cookie
Fortune Cookie, originally uploaded by m!les.

Some skits are really hard to write. Really, it comes down to the fact that what helps the skit really be funny is the character. Hopefully. I wrote a skit / sketch called “Sonny Silverman, Life Extender” for Comedy Bytes, and one of the funny things is the way he says stuff. He has a speech impediment. And differences are funny. I wrote three skits last year, as you may remember, but this is my first time writing a skit that I’ll be surrounded by. This is a horrible thing.

So, here’s the deal. I printed out the skit on campus and gave copies to everyone. Then I donned my brand new suitcoat (thank you, free clothing table at St. Thomas Church in Madison!) and sat down. Then I realized that I was probably going to have to act as Sonny Silverman. So, it largely became a one man show with everyone except Mike on stage. Which makes me think that maybe I should write in another character to get the full six involved. It’s not very fair otherwise.

Last night, after setting up Tony with some FTP, I finished another skit. This one is called “Zombie General Beadle”. If you don’t know who General Beadle is, then you should click the link at the beginning of the sentence. I got the idea when Holli and I went to the Madison Revue. There was a guy there who did a “Living General Beadle” routine, where he acted as General Beadle giving tidbits from his life. It was neat, (albeit a little less than gripping) and I thought, “How great would it be if they brought the real General Beadle back?” And, of course, if they brought him back, after being dead for 91 years, he’d have to be a zombie.

This is how my children are born.

I was gonna write about the exciting upcoming stuff for The Drama Club, but Holli already did. I think that lol will be good for us. It really came together pretty quick, with everyone putting in good ideas. We also got quite a nice list of people willing to perform for the Beverly residents. I’m super psyched.

Uhh. I’m hungry. I have to figure out what my lunch situation is going to be on Tuesdays and Thursdays. With Choir at 12:30, it’s hard to find time when my class gets done at 12:00 to get food. I think I’ll stop by the TC after Choir at 1:20 and grab something. But you guys don’t care.

I’m out of here.

Tippin’ and TAPpin’

Front Door Photo Collage
Front Door Photo Collage, originally uploaded by m!les.

What’s the picture about, Miles? Well, that’s my new photo project. I wanted to cover the glass in my doors, and what better way than with pictures of friends, family, and inaminate objects? My front door is not done, but nearly so, and then I start on the bathroom window. After that, I’m going to reorganize all my “flesh photos” (not digital) and try to keep track of the ones I like the best.

I’m sitting in my Technology Assessment and Planning class right now. We’re discussing web presence, and how important it is that you have a good web presence. Tell your employer “google me“. Get a web page. Register a domain name. And all that jazz.

I think, if you want to get into the web, be prepared to be constantly learning things. The internet is an always changing, dynamic medium. If the internet is an ocean, then it is an ocean of waterfalls. Or something. Anyway, don’t bother me right now.

First half-week of classes! It’s been a crazy week so far. On Saturday Holli and I had our one month. We hit up Sioux Falls and ate at Culver’s (and I saw a Senate Intern there!) which was weird because neither of us really eat at Culver’s much, nor was it a food place that we particularly love, but it was good food. After the food, we went to The Chronicles of Narnia. This is a movie I’ve been waiting for ages to see, but I’ve just never found the proper time to go until now. We bought our tickets and the lady announced that “The theatre is half full.” We didn’t know how to feel about this. Was it “It’s half full, so hurry up.” or “It’s half full, so you’ll have a relaxing movie experience.” It really didn’t matter because the theatre was 90% full, and we had to sit kinda close up.

The movie was good. It didn’t blow me away, but I was in awe of the job they did on Aslan. I wasn’t, however, very awed about some of the other CGI creatures. I particularly didn’t like the hooved animals pullling sleighs. They were kinda fakey. I can only imagine what the movie would have been if Peter Jackson had taken it over. I know that WETA was involved, but I’m not sure in what capacity. It was nice to see on the big screen with Holli. That girl is really something else, and she’s always doing sweet things for me and surprising me with how thoughtful she is. She’s just great.

Then Monday was my first day of classes. Actually, it was my first class: Advanced Discrete. Thanks to a book that Jeff gave me, I was all set to learn about graphs. Berman gave me a weird look. Apparently, he thought I graduated, but I assured him that I had not and dearly wished to learn from him. And so I did.

Then it was work work work. We had our yearly awards banquet at work, and I wrote all about it. Ok. Nothing happened.

That night was the first Drama Club meeting. Our big item of discussion was the election of a new secretary, to be filled by Sara Harp, as Megan Flynn moves on to greener pastures. She was here, then she left, then she realized how friggin’ kick-ass awesome we are, and now she’s back. Never to leave again. Ever. In the world…

Monday night Holli Gregg and I tried watching Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark but she fell asleep a couple times, and I’m pretty sure I did once, too. We called it quits, having no idea what was going on in the movie. I think right before we turned it off, Holli said, “There’s Nazi’s in this?” Time for bed.

Tuesday was classtime crazy. AJAX in the morning. This class will (hopefully) be neat. I think it will be. It’s a Tom class, but it’s a Tom class about stuff I understand, for once. I already know what book I want. It’s called Pragmatic AJAX, and it’s not even out yet. I’m THAT ahead of the game.

Then was my TAPpin’ class, which I started this post in. We talked about websites a lot, and so this post was live for a very short period of time, during which Bryce managed to post a comment.

Then I almost went to Choir, but I lost my confidence, panicked, and spent the time doing other errands instead. Got my check from the Man. Headed to WAPII, which should be far less frustratingly easy thatn WAPI. We’re learning ASP.Net, which is okay (at least it’s something I don’t know) and Shan is teaching it, and I like him.

Then I did tutoring with Tom Bouwman, my dream man, and Holli came by to visit. It was awkward, because Tom and I usually spend most of our tutoring time making out, and we had to cool it in front of the lady. Then CRESH, then Band, then food, then this.

And all the while, a tippin’.

A Whorse Of Course!

Wow. What a day.

First off: Happy Birthday to Jeff Gabhart (Saturday), Sue Rausch (Saturday), and Tony Rolfes (Sunday). They all earned it. ;)

Second off: apparently our Homecoming Float kicked ass. We all got in costume, we all stood there waiting forever, and then we were just about to start on our path when one of the Homecoming Committee members stopped us. Then she said, “You guys won. Good job” and tossed a cowboy hat / trophy into our cab. We won “Most Humorous Float”! This is big for our club. Bloody huge. Hopefully it’s a sign of good things to come. I know we acted some pretty good whores up there.

After we rocked the Homecoming Parade (I saw the KJAM guy laughing so hard he almost fell off the crane) a bunch of us headed to Ben Fox’s place. I have to say, Ben Fox is my new hero. He has a nice place, and it’s not far out of town. He’s renting from his parents while he goes to DSU, and they have put a lot of work into their property. We ate some burgers and brats, and Bob and I played guitar. I have to start learning some more songs. Bob has a very large collection of memorized, singable music. I only know that songs I make up, and no one knows those.

After relaxing for a bit, Ben had to move his horses back into the stables and asked us to help him. I got a lead a magnificent horse named July. He was massive, and beautiful, and I was petrified. Horses inspire a certain awe. I can totally see what my mom finds so fascinating with them. Then Ben asked if I wanted to ride one. I wanted to play it cool, so I waited patiently until Holly wanted to ride.

Ben rode July first. After he rode him for a while, it was my turn. It was awesome. The trick of it is that, even though you are at every mercy of that animal, you have to make it believe that you’re in control. I did some trotting, some turns. Nothing really fancy. Just enough to tire me out. It was great. Then Holly rode for a while and, finally, Lisa rode. Apparently she’s had quite the bad luck with July, but things seemed to go fairly well with her today, though she did get a little frustrated.

Now I’m exhausted. Ben said I could come ride again some time, and I may just take him up on that. Right now I smell like horse, and I should shower tonight, but I probably won’t. I didn’t even get to play Sims today, but it’s okay. Wait. I wonder if you can buy horses in the Sims. Please say yes!

My Life As A Woman

I’m tired. And I’m doing some math modeling.

Worked on the Drama Club float tonight. The turnout for this, despite the many emails I had sent out, was extremely poor. What was even more disappointing was that only one person had responded to me giving me an excuse for not being able to help out. Everyone else just decided they had better things to do, apparently.

What they missed, however, was me in a dress, stockings, wig, bonnet, and boobs. Add makeup and a bottle of beer and you have my typical Saturday morning. Bob and Ben made sure to take plenty of pictures which should be on the internet soon. Now, in fact.

Oh, well. We had pizza. We got David on the float. We are looking pretty kick-ass.

This music video from the new Sigur Rōs album makes me want to go to Iceland. Does anyone know what Glōsōli means?

My Shadow Tags On Behind

My dreams have been really frustrating lately. I tend to wake up in the middle of them. So, that means that there are these gaping holes of plot, continuity errors, and illogical character behavior that I know would all be explained if I could get to the end. But, by the time I’ve awaykened enough brain cells to tell time, the dream is gone, and I’m left feeling a loss that I cannot grasp nor can I fill.

This week was totally crazy. Monday, of course, was the first Drama Club meeting. Then, on Wednesday, we had the Activities Faire. I spent Tuesday night working on a prop-up backdrop and decorating it with quotes from movies. Oh, yeah, and Drama Club info. We had two raffles going: one was “Guess what ‘Fear the Turkey’ means” and the other was “Guess the weight of the turkey”. I had thought that we weren’t going to do that one, but that’s what it said in the minutes. So, not having enough time to actually purchase a turkey, Tiffany suggested that I tape a sign to myself, instead. I did. Everyone had to guess my weight.

Some people were very nice in their estimates, and other people were either trying to be funny or trying to hurt my feelings. In any case, those people did not win. I just picked the five closest guesses for both questions, placed them in a baggie, and drew one. The winners will be announced on Tuesday.

Later, Wednesday, Lynn Ryan asked me to present to her Spanish class about the trip to Costa Rica that I was on. I was supposed to present with Jordan Morren, but he had to “work” and “was really sorry” that he “couldn’t make it”. Lynn had requested that I do as much of the presentation in Spanish as possible, but I was so fried from the day that I wouldn’t manage more than a greeting. Besides, I figure they need a day off. ;)

That night I didn’t get home until 8:30, and I’d never had lunch. Then I had to call my dad because we couldn’t get his internet to work in his office. Then we broke it inside the house. We worked on this forever, for hours, it seems. As of our last conversation, it still didn’t work.

Friday and Saturday I played host to Bryce, Tony, Chris Smith, Tyler Rolfes, and David. They all showed up for the LAN party on Saturday. Friday we didn’t do much. We ate at Lon’s Cocktail with Carl, Dotcom, and Jeff. It’s always a good meal there. Then we headed back and watched some Aqua Teen Hunger Force before trying to sleep through the loudest thunder I’ve ever heard in my life. The thunder would shake all of my windows. Then I looked out at the street and there was no rain.

The next day we eventually made it to the LAN party. Then we hit China Moon only to be quite disappointed with the spread. Collin was with us, and he goes, “Boy, this place sure went downhill, didn’t it?” The truth is, it hasn’t, but the buffet was so bad that I couldn’t help but feel ashamed. Chris Smith didn’t even eat there, despite the fact that I got him a plate of donuts and a plate of fried chicken. Ungrateful…

We were almost done with our first game of the day, a round of AoM (during which I was doing really well), when the phone calls started. Bryce get a call, then he gets another, then I get a call. It’s my dad. While I’m talking to him (while the game’s still going), my mother calls. Then Kelly sends me a Yahoo! Messenger message. And everyone has the same thing to say, “Dirk’s team is playing your team.” Well, no kidding. I think we already knew that. “You guys should go see it.” Well, no kidding. I think we were already going to do that. I was a little short with my father, and I really wanted to finish the game. We went and watched the game. Dirk’s team won, though he didn’t get to play. We did get to talk to him for all of ten minutes as he walked off the field. Then it was back to gaming.

The rest of the party went okay. There were very few major glitches, we managed to get things installed with little difficulty, and I think we all had fun. We packed up. Tony and Tyler headed home. Bryce, David, Chris and I headed back to my place. Then the creepy, annoying kids who live next door to me knocked on my door wondering if we wanted to “combine parties, not like alcohol, but, like, people, to mingle”. I managed to say “No” in a socially acceptible way, then closed the door. Then we practiced giving speeches the rest of the night.

The next day we hit church, then 2nd Street Diner, then I hit homework hard trying to learn this math markup program so I could turn in a late Discrete Math assignment. I didn’t feel like cooking, so I got real China Moon, watched some TV, did more math, and still haven’t set my computer back up. It just sits in parts around my apartment.

And now it’s Homecoming. Cowboy Up. I don’t see my life getting any less crazy any time soon. Megan’s going through the same sort of thing, which is probably why I only see her or hear from her when we have class together. We’re just too busy for each other. Oh, well. Maybe it’s better that way. If you never spend time with someone, you can’t fight with them or hurt them or get hurt by them. Though, I don’t think Hitler spent one day in Israel, and he still didn’t appear to be that big a fan of Jews. I’m not saying that I’m Hitler and that Megan’s a Jew or something.

Oh, just nevermind.

I’m scared of this Bell Jar bell curve

Oh, The Drama

Last night was the first meeting for Fear the Turkey this year. And also, my first attempt at being a student leader. I could tell by how often Megan corrected me, reminded me, or told me to get moving, that I’m not very good at this. Hopefully, I’ll improve as the year progresses.

This week should prove to be busy. Wednesday there is the Activities Fair, which I’ll be at from 10 until 1. Then later on Wednesday I’m going to present in front of the Spanish class about our trip to Costa Rica, complete with pictures. Then on Friday the Marshall group (plus Tony) is coming down for the LAN Party. I might spend a couple hours on Saturday gaming with them. It’s not like TV’s any good on Saturday anyway.

Then next week is Homecoming. We’re gonna have a kick-ass float for the Parade. Plus, there is the Freshman showcase auditions sometime during that week. That means that I have to pick or write a script quick. Probably not write. I’ve been thinking too cinematical lately. I wrote a short screenplay called “Simply Talking” that I want to start working on filming. I don’t know if I would be right for the lead part, though, and it’s so hard to get people together to film things. Because of time constraints, I might have to rethink main character casting choices, because the person will probably not be available.

The new EP, This Is Bigger Than You And I, by The Secret Handshake was released today. I preordered it, so I got it yesterday. Check out this media page for an AIM icon and even a wallpaper.

Ok. I’m in class, so I should go. The teacher just spent 15 minutes explaining hyperlinks. Oh, wait. There are more slides.

Let’s drive across the country