Slides and Demo for Building Progressive Web Apps using CFML

Thanks everyone for coming to my talk at cf.Objective() 2017! If you missed my talk, or just want to learn more about Progressive Web Apps, feel free to browse the links below.

Browse the slides at

Find the code at

PostCSS: A Dumb Name For an Awesome Thing

Bolstered by my reception at the South Dakota Code Camp, I updated and presented my PostCSS talk at dev.Objective() 2016, one of the best web development and CFML conferences in the states. I think it went well, despite my quickly expiring laptop.

You can view the slides on

You can browse the demo repository on

You can learn more about my postcss-placehold plugin on

Thanks to everyone who came!

Loading Baby Rausch…

You might be wondering what that strange progress bar is in the sidebar. It’s a Baby Progress Bar! It’s actually a little JavaScript that I put together. You give the script your baby’s due date and (optional) gender, and it creates an updating progress bar, showing just how much baby growing your baby has to do! Blue is for boys, pink is for girls, and a calming green is for genderless children.

I’ll put up a more technical write up later.