Chad Greenway is to Pro Bowl as $5,200 is to Sanford Children’s Hospital

From the L&S blog.  I’ve only recently heard of Chad Greenway, but he seems to have his heart in the right place.  The gist of the reposting is that Chad will donate $5,200 if he makes it to the Pro Bowl.  Fans can vote more than once, so head on over to the Pro Bowl ballot and find Chad (Defense > Outside LB) and vote!

I never liked that old saying, “Nice guys finish last.” I don’t like it because often it is true. I also don’t like it because it isn’t true.

In the end nice guys finish first. Because they can look at themselves in the mirror and people respect them. Sometimes people even say nice things about them when they aren’t around. So maybe it isn’t that they finish last. It’s more that, because they are nice, they don’t call attention to themselves and don’t get the credit they deserve when they deserve it.

Let’s take Mt. Vernon, SD native, Iowa Hawkeye star and Minnesota Viking Linebacker Chad Greenway for example. He is a nice guy. I say that even though my wife went to high school prom with his uncle. I have to say it. Because it is true. Only a nice guy would have his NFL draft party at Wermers’ Lounge in his hometown while helping dad on the hog farm. And only a good guy would commit to donating $5,200 to Sanford Children’s Hospital if he makes the NFL Pro Bowl team.

That’s where you come in. Players are selected to their position in the Pro Bowl by three votes. The coaches, players and fans each have one vote. Chad is near the league leaders in tackles and forced fumbles. A number of Facebook groups and other social media efforts have sprung up in support of Chad’s Pro Bowl bid. Look them up. Get out there and join the fun. And most importantly, go to and vote for Chad. As they used to say in Chicago, vote early and vote often. On the NFL site that is encouraged. Be sure to vote soon. The deadline is December 9th.

So why has all the viral dust begun to stir in support of Mr. Greenway. Mostly, because he’s earned it on the field. And in part, because he is a nice guy. Here’s your chance to help the nice guy finish first. And then maybe we won’t have to hear that annoying old saying anymore.

Vote for Chad!

Said another way, don’t leave Chad hanging.

Sorry, couldn’t help myself on that one.

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