Friday Fun: Yelp Review

Update: Bryce won. Read his entry.

Have a Yelp account, plan on eating out today, and want to have some fun? Well, you’re uniquely suited to play Friday Fun: Yelp Review!

The rules:

  1. Have a lovely meal out, but it must happen today
  2. Make or sign in to your Yelp account
  3. Write the funniest or most creative review you can before midnight in your timezone
  4. Leave a comment on this blog post with a link to your review sometime this weekend
  5. Repeat 1 – 4, if you want
  6. Come back on Monday to vote
If you win:
  • FAME
  • FORTUNE (in the form of ADDITONAL FAME)
  • A whole bunch of losers will post links to your review (see FAME and FORTUNE above)
If you lose:
  • You must post a link to the winning review on your social media with the explanation, “My Yelp review wasn’t as funny as this!”

I’ll put up a PollDaddy poll by Monday morning, I’ll leave it open for a couple days, and then announce the winner NEXT FRIDAY! Want an example? Check out Christopher Miles’s review of The Patriot Saloon.

And, have fun!