Scheming on a Thing, That’s Exercise Sabotage!

If you perused our 2013 Christmas Card, then you might have noticed I mentioned losing over thirty pounds this past year. One of the largest factors in that accomplishment is the four nights a week I put in at a gym we joined this spring.

The decision, far from being motivated by the altruistic endeavors of better health and greater wellness, was instead predicated on a really good discount we could get through our insurance.

“Light body, heavy wallet,” I always say.

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Coach Tim Miles Mentions At CSU Press Conference; Sorta

Well, it’s official. Tim Miles has accepted a head basketball coaching position at Colorado State University. Below is a video of the highlights of the press conference. He even mentions!

Coach Miles joins the CSU Rams. Here are highlights from the press conference.


  • Rob Costlow – Goodbyes

Alright, I lied. He never mentioned my site, but things sure sound strange out of context!

Elsewhere, online communicants are not quite so enamored with Tim as his family is. The Bison Media Blog has one such post. It’s not that the Media Blog hates Tim, it’s that some of its commenters do. Tony Rolfes, and myself, have decided to take up the cause. Here are some excerpts from the comments page.

The conversation turns ugly in a hurry. Four comments in, and a The Haters appear.

Honestly, people in the media, and idiot Bison Fans are going too far with the “Miles moving up” crap. Its seriously getting ridiculous. What has the guy actually accomplished?

– Didn’t even win the pathetic independent league this season.

– Never won an NCC title in D-II.

– His records in D-I have been: 16-8 this season against D-I’s, and 12-12 last season in D-I. Wow, I’m soooooo amazed.

– Pretty much lucked out getting Andre Smith to sign here, after he had committed to an A-10 school. Without that guy, NDSU hasn’t had a winning season yet.

So explain to me what he’s accomplished to warrant all of these big time job offers that are sure to come his way? Gotten two upset victories by playing a zone defense and praying to God for a bad shooting night from Marquette and Wisconsin? Ohh, how do I sign him, what an amazing coach to think of playing zone against Wisconsin. Oh wait, they already got knocked out of the tournament with a better team by playing games like that.

You guys are idiots. He’s not that great. All of these big time schools aren’t calling because he hasn’t gotten crap done.

And why I’m on this topic, NDSU isn’t going to be nearly as good next season with the loss of Dre. That guy opened up everything in your offense, and was a defensive beast. You could probably play 6-5 and not get the stats from two of your players he was putting up.

I’m sure you won’t believe me though… you’re winning because of a 5’11” guard (who gets his open looks from teams doubling dre). Right.

Posted by: So Stupid. on 3/20/2007 4:30 PM

Some remark that a name like “So Stupid.” speaks for itself. Speaking to defend Tim against The Haters, is Tony Rolfes, using the moniker BigTBison.

Every school Tim has gone to he’s turned the program around. No one can deny that. Has anyone ever thought that Tim might be trying to recruit a specific type of player? What if the kid is a great player but doesn’t listen to his coaches or his teacher. Not a type of kid I’d want on my team. Something to think about.

Posted by: BigTBison on 3/20/2007 6:11 PM

Take that, The Haters! Despite the crystal clear logic in Tony’s post, the response was harsh. The Haters don’t back down that easily.

Give me a break BigT, Miles and all of NDSU were drooling over signing Quavle. Your little revision of history isn’t going to fly, because I KNOW that Miles offered him. Its pretty pathetic that you act like Miles didn’t want the kid after he signed somewhere else.

Seriously, what is the “type” of player Miles is looking for? I bet you have no idea what that even means. I guess he must not be interested in 6’11” athletic centers, huh? No, Miles doesn’t want that on his team. LOL.

Point is Miles, for all of his “amazing” recruiting couldn’t land the big man of the future for his team from ND. Thats pathetic, and was the most needed piece on the team.

Posted by: Give me a break. on 3/20/2007 6:53 PM

The response is harsh and hard, using the word “pathetic” twice and a fully capitalized “LOL”. Tony, seeing that things could get out of hand, tries to bring a certain amount of self-restraint to the conversation.

Woo settle. I honestly don’t know anything about Quavle and if Tim did offer him and he rejected it that’s to bad. Maybe Quavle didn’t like that Tim was really really rediculasly good looking and it scareded him away. God damn you Tim Miles and your good looks!

Posted by: BigTBison on 3/20/2007 7:15 PM

Honesty is the best policy, and Tony uses his trademark humor to disarm his opponent. It must have worked, because a full three minutes passes without a response. Tony attempts a further advance with another post.

This picture would scare anybody!

Posted by: BigTBison on 3/20/2007 7:18 PM

Some of you might recognize this picture. It’s one from my photostream on Flickr. This caused some confusion amongst family members trolling the site. My uncle Kevin saw the photo and recognized my Dad in the background, and he thought I was the source of the posting. This passed to my Mom and Dad, though no one knew what the website was or where it was located. All I knew was there was a website somewhere where someone posted some picture I took of Tim with my dad in the background. A little detective work, and I discovered it was actually Tony. He sent me a link to the site, and that’s where I got in on the action.

Despite being a Johnny-come-lately, I take up the Tim Miles Cause with this genius comment.

Who’s Tim Miles? Is he that guy who always takes his jacket off before every game? He’s hawt and aweseme.

BigTBison – that’s an AWESEME PICTURE!!!!!!!1!

Posted by: BigBisonFanButNotReallyUpOnSports on 3/23/2007 11:38 AM

Bamf, baby. Despite my comment taking place a full sixty-four hours after the comment it references, I obviously rended a devastating blow to The Haters. Not a single comment has been posted since. Tim Miles 1, The Haters 0.

Good luck, Tim! If you use Facebook, show your support with the Tim Miles is the BEST coach ever! group.

Not The Kind You Swim In

I'm Gonna Get You

I’m in a basketball pool on the popular social networking website Facebook. This is for that big basketball game that ends up with the Final Four. As you can tell, I’m not much of a sports fan. I enjoyed the sports I was in, when I was in them, and I guess I don’t mind watching some sports on TV. Really, I’m the last person in the world qualified to predict who will win this big basketball thing. Maybe if I was psychic or watched basketball, then I would be able to rely on the sportmanship (or the psychic ether) to make my picks. As it is, I’m left to my own devices.

Back during football season, David enlisted me to help him make his weekly football picks for a similarly run football pool. Why he chose me, I’ll never know, as I am no more qualified to pick football teams than I am to pick basketball teams. However, I did my best to help him. The way that pool was set up, you pick which team would win a particular game (you can only pick one of the two teams who are playing, but I worked around that) and then a rating for them. The rating was generally a random number. Often I tried to give multiple teams the same number and would have to ask David what numbers were left. I’m sure this engendered his confidence in my scheme.

My method for picking the team that would win was slightly different. He would read me the town where the team was from. This was a good method, since I knew pretty much all the towns or states. I was then ask for the mascot, because a town isn’t enough to gauged a team’s physical worth. The mentality behind picking mascots is that a team named “The Killer Machines” will play better than a team named “The Delicate Rose Petals”. (NOTE: This method assumption doesn’t work if one team is “The Bears” and the other team is the “The Anti-Bears”. In this case, “The Anti-Bears” will probably play better, even if they sound like eco-friendlly panzies.) The method, while quite common sense, doesn’t appear to realy sports fans to be worthwhile (at least, no one’s ever said, “That’s a great method! I’m going to use that!”).

For the record, one week, we took first in the pool. This method works! (at least once)

This method can have it’s setbacks. What if the mascots are the same species? What if they have entirely different habitats? What if one is human; does human intelligence play a part? These are questions not easily answered, and it is really per game that one must make that call. I would spend wondrous hours, eyes closed, watching Titans (building-sized statue-monsters) battling waist-deep in the ocean against a rout of super-inteligent, lazer-armed dolphins.

I’m applying a similar method to this basketball pool. My first method of elimination between teams has been which has more fans in the Facebook group devoted to the sports team. If it’s 783 fans to 37,922 fans, then I have my winner. If the difference is less than 50% of the less popular team’s fans, then I go to the mascots. It had been going just fine. I quickly and easily (and happily) cranked out my picks for Midwest and East divisions. (By the by, a “terrapin” is a turtle.) It had been going just fine until I had Villanova Wildcats versus Kentucky Wildcats, with the fan base being approximately 3,200 versus 5,800.

UPDATE: I just ran into Standford Cardinal versus Louisville Cardinals in the South. This one is easy, though, because one cardinal is nothing against a flock of cardinals. Louisville gets the pick.

UPDATE: I just finished the pick process. Duke made it pretty far, not just because they’re a good team, but because the Devil can control the minds of animals. However, not knowing what a Tar Heel really is, and assuming it cannot be possessed by Satan, I had UNC for the big win.

I’m floored. I guess this is why they made coins. What are your methods for picking pools? Want to share your own tournament picks?

Ask The Coach

I was rooting around the NDSU website, looking for the time for tonight’s game against SDSU (which is 7:00pm, coincidentally), and I found something unique.

They have a web form called “Ask the Coach“.

I asked the Coach:

A basketball is dropped from a height of 2.00 meters above the ground. On the first bounce the ball reaches a maximum height of 1.10 meters where it is caught.

Find the velocity of the ball:
a) just before it makes contact with the ground
b) just after it leaves the ground after the bounce

Also, find the total time from drop to catch (neglecting the time the ball is in contact with the ground)

And, just for fun, how much energy is lost during the bounce? Assume the ball weighs 0.2 kg.

Then, after submitting, I get a page that reads:

Each week during the basketball season, one question will be answered on The Bison Basketball Show with host Ross Manson.

The show airs late Sunday nights on ABC television in Fargo and Grand Forks, and late Wednesday nights on ABC television in Bismarck and Minot.

Archives are available to All Access premium service subscribers on

Now I just have to wait eagerly for the correct answer on live television.

Go Go Gadget!

Happiness Is A Warm PS2

If you were anywhere near a television or the internet yesterday, you may have heard about Apple, Inc.’s new announcement: the iPhone. I, like countless others, spent part of my morning watching the “live bloggers” feed the world minute-by-minute updates on the situation at Macworld. The irony: no Macs were announced. This, I’ve heard, is because it would most likely be diluted by the talk of the iPhone. It’s definately big news.

But, this post isn’t about my plans to purchase an iPhone. It doesn’t come out until June, and I don’t know if it would make any sense considering it’s on the Cingular network which doesn’t appear to support “South Dakota”. No, this post is about another kind of gadget that you saw above: the PlayStation 2 (or PS2).

I’ve been thinking about getting a gaming console for a while now, and then I talked to Bryce and found out that he and Lindsey had gotten a PS2. ‘But,’ I thought, ‘they don’t have any money!’ It was an insult that they should get a cool toy on their little, combined income, while I sit in the dark ages. I resolved to do something.

I floated the idea by Holli who, at first, seemed loath to act upon it. Then, from somewhere deep in the abyss, she heard the words “Guitar Hero II”, and it was a done deal. Saturday we sprang into action, driving to Sioux Falls to pick up our very own PS2 and related accessories. When all was said and done, we’d spent quite a lot more money than we’d planned.

One notable anecdote from the journey is that we checked many different locations looking for good prices on games, etc, but we were always on the lookout for Guitar Hero II (or GHII), a game that has had quite a lot of popularity lately. (In Guitar Hero, you have a guitar for your game controller, and you have to play notes as they scroll across the screen. You get to play along with actual songs, which makes it even more fun.) Our quest, throughout all of Sioux Falls, fell short. The last place I felt sure would have it, GameSpot on Louise, did not. It was here, disheartened, that we instead purchased Dance Dance Revolution (or DDR) Nova with gamepad. We figured, this could be a reasonable replacement. (In DDR, you have a dance pad and you have to perform steps as they scroll across the screen. It can be quite a workout.) We paid and left.

We had decided on Saturday to wait on buying a memory card. Holli thought that he brother might sell us one, so we could get it cheaper than the $25 price tag you see on new ones. After playing a little bit on Saturday, however, I decided I couldn’t wait. We went to Pamida and bought a memory card, and then we decided to see what games Lewis would have. Lo, and behold! Beneath the stack of PS2 games we found not one, but two, GHII game bundles (which include a guitar)! Lewis, in Madison, had two of what no electronics store in Sioux Falls had. It seemed a miracle, and again, we forked over the money for it.

Here are the games we have, and their capabilities:

Do you guys have a PS2? What games do you have? Do you think you can beat us? Well, you can’t.

Newsbleep 003: All’s Not Well-a In Pella

Dutch, originally uploaded by m!les.

There’s a new Newsbleep up! This one was recorded on a Gregg family gathering in Pella, IA, nearly under everyone’s nose (except Holli’s). That’s right. It was kinda spur of the moment, and I didn’t have a script going into it, so I just filmed stuff and contrived a story later on, but little ideas of what I was going to do along the way.

There is an entire other website devoted to Newsbleep: And it’s a vidcast-enabled site, so that means you can subscribe using iTunes or you can use any other Vidcast program by subscribing to the feed. And, as if that’s not enough, you can watch to the vidcasts on the website itself using a nifty quicktime player. To watch the video, go to Newsbleep 003: All’s Not Well-a In Pella.

The weekend was neat. We first went to Hawarden, and watched their Homecoming game, which they won. Marissa’s boyfriend was king, and I got a video of it, called J-Rad Is King.

Then we rose really early to drive to Council Bluffs to pick up Holli’s grandpa, Lauren Leaders. He remembered my name, which was neat. Eventually we made it to Pella, IA, where we watched Central College play The Knights (Wartburg, I think) and I got this video of a touchdown, which was completely by accident.

This Newsbleep was interesting because I experimented with changing contexts; taking a video or picture that is in one context and then using it for another. It made writing this a little challenging in that I wanted to weave a cohesive story that made sense within it’s own context by taking elements out of their context. But, I enjoy the end product, and I really like this guerilla method of Newsbleeping, where people have no idea what I’m filming them for or how I’ll abuse their likeness.

If you have a chance, watch the show Studio 60 On the Sunset Strip. It’s awesome. Pictures from the weekend are in my Newsbleep 003: All’s Not Well-a In Pella.

Newsbleep 001: Courtship, Cards, and Competition

Newsbleep 001: Courtship, Cards, and Competition

I’m certainly into video lately. I was experimenting with my iSight camera at home this weekend, and I decided that I’ll try a vblog entry. I don’t know how often I’ll do it. If I use my iSight camera, then I can do it whenever I want, but if I use a better camera (like one of them from campus), then it might be less frequent.

Shownotes: Newsbleep 001: “Courtship, Cards, and Competition”

hopefully more entertaining and saves me typing
great sound effects like this
awesome visual effects like this, and this, and this, and this, and this

3. Courtship

Alicia and Doug
tiny, lonely church
guy I called for an address used the phonebook
timed it to sit in the front
Went: “Weddingingly”; Was: “Weddingy”
no photos (crickets); moment of silence

Related News: bryce called to say that he and I have a bond that no one else can have

2. Cards

a lot of poker
a lot of peanuts
a lot of arrested development
surprise poker shark: Micaela Rausch; had Dan’s friend Jon and Uncle Frank scared of her, something I’ve been for years
Dave gave us a tour of his house (Jenny, Holli, and I); ended in philosophical discussion in Micaela’s room

Related News: I got Arrested Development 3

1. Competition

annual Labor Day softball tourney
won first game, lost second and third
Members of the team were: Dick, Barry, Keith, Unknown Guy, David, Chris Smith, Chris Fellows, John, Guy I Should Know, Dan, Uncle Tony, My Dad, Mike G., and Uncle Mike.
Nicknames: D-saster, Scooter, F-stop, and D-rail

Related News: Seeds are addicting, and we should keep them away from Holli
Related News: Tony likes to touch people’s faces
Related News: Chris Smith will answer to any nickname you give him, with a smile.

As always:

Check Newsbleep for more Newsbleeps or other info
Read other blogs
All photos from this weekend can be found at the 2006 Labor Day Softball Tournament set.

Elite Eight: Women’s NAIA Division II National Tournament

Elite Eight: Ticket
Elite Eight: Ticket, originally uploaded by m!les.

Man. What a ride! And, after all that, it’s done. What a fantastic voyage. Because this is so long in coming, I’ll shorten it up a bit.

After I was done with work, Holli, Jen, Kendra, and I turned around and headed back to Hawarden, IA. It was hard, now, to remember how frightened I had been before the weekend began. Our drive back was nice. I worked on a skit for Comedy Bytes until it was too dark to continue. Holli drove. We arrived in Hawarden, put our stuff in the house, and then we went to The Drive In for supper. After supper we watched sports highlights of the NAIA games, and we saw some South Dakota state basketball stuff. I may have possibly seen my sister in one shot. Then we played Phase 10 which started out fun, but I soon lost energy and the will to live. It might be better next time.

The next day, because the game was later in the afternoon, we didn’t have to get up until 9. On our way to the game, we agonized for a while over what to eat, and I finally said that I was feeling like Taco Bell (which surprised everyone, especially me), and so we did. I got too much Mountain Dew, and I paid for it later that day.

We arrived at the Arena dutifully early. We purchased our tickets and waited in line for them to open the Arena up to us. We took our seats, the same ones we had before, and we were able to chat with the girls for a while before the game began. I messed with the exposure on my camera.

Then the girls shot around for a while. Hastings was known to us to be a tough team, but maybe not so tough that we couldn’t beat them. We all had high hopes, and the crowd for our side was a great deal larger than last game. Finally, there were fans! Holli’s parents, Larry and Carol Gregg, had decided to come to the game, too, but they couldn’t leave until Carol and Marissa were back from prom dress shopping in Sioux Falls. Apparently, they got some good deals. I say “apparently” because I’m not sure what a good prom dress deal is.

The game began, and it was trouble from the beginning. It was frustrating. The Lady T’s just didn’t play with the same *click* that they had before. Before we knew it, it was over. Trojans: 41 – Hastings: 55. Still, it wasn’t a slaughter, and the team had a really good run with their two previous upsets. It was a good game, fought hard.

Afterwards, we offered congratulations to the team members we bumped into. Holli and I sat with her parents and watched a little of the next game, but we were both falling asleep (having no interest in either team), and we decided to head back. This would give us time to eat before Holli headed to work.

And so, what began as a Spring Break whim, ended up a heart-wrenching story of little team from Madison that just about made its dreams come true.

Round 2: Women’s NAIA Division II National Tournament

Round 2: Moving On Up
Round 2: Moving On Up, originally uploaded by m!les.

Well, we made it! The Lady T’s are officially in the Elite Eight. Here’s how it all went down.

Holli asked me, again, if I wanted to accompany them back down to Iowa. And I thought, “Why not? Maybe there will be chinese food this time.” (There wasn’t. We had Taco Bell, which, I have to admit, is better than Taco John’s, even to someone who isn’t a big fan of mexican food.) So, we all headed back down to Hawarden, again, but this time we were minus Jen’s sister, Kim. This time Jen was driving. We got there, imparted upon Larry the second season of Arrested Development (of which we watched the blooper reel and then Holli and I watched three episodes when everyone went to bed), and I showed some videos I have been uploading to my YouTube account. I’m working on finding a good way to convert my videos so they look right when they upload. I’ll keep you posted.

The next morning was much the same routine, minus the fake parking ticket, and Jen drove us into Sioux City, while I on-and-off slept. By now we were pros at this, and they escorted us to our seats. “Oh, the fans are here. Right this way, sir and madams.” They offered us dishes of chinese food, but I had to decline, it being a Friday in lent.

This time the Lady T’s played quite well. The crowd was a little thicker, but there was still a considerably larger crowd for Tabor College, across the way. But we have moxie. My own personal observations were that Tabor started out very aggressive, but they either got tired of it or they just assumed (since they were winning for a short time) that we were pushovers. In any case, the Lady T’s pushed back, and harder. We pushed up to a nice six point lead, which still felt uncomfortably close.

At halftime the score was Trojans: 39 – Tabor: 31. After halftime, it seemed like they had us again. The lead lessened and almost evaporated. But the girls wanted this bad. They fought through some poor calls, and some good basketball. There was a lot of excitement in the air. The lead stretched until, by the end, Trojans had won: 77 to 58.

There were some real suprising performances in this game by the Lady T’s. Some players who I didn’t see play in the first game really made some magic happen out there. It was really exciting to watch it all come together.

After the game, we waited to congratulate the players, who were celebrating. Holli talked to her boss, who had been covering the game, and they made plans to get her out of working on Saturday so she could attend. That means that I’m writing this from the comfort of Larry and Carol Gregg’s place in Hawarden, Iowa, and tomorrow morning the Lady T’s are doing it again.

Elite Eight: Saturday at 1:00pm.

Round 1: Women’s NAIA Division II National Tournament

Round 1: Moving On Up
Round 1: Moving On Up, originally uploaded by m!les.

I was dumb. I should have written this on Wednesday, but here it is.

I’ve never been really into sports. When I did go to sporting events, I usually cheered pretty loud, but that was more the dramatist in me than the sports fan. As such, when Holli asked me if I wanted to watch the Lady T’s play basketball in the National Tournament, I said, “What’s basketball?” But then I said “Yes”, thinking it was something chinese food-related.

I was wrong. Picture this, me in a car with Holli Gregg, Jennifer Sixta, Kim Sixta, and Kendra Weisser, and they all know about 45x more about basketball than I do. They are all talking about rankings of teams, seedings, divisions, conferences, and giving birth, and all I can do is day dream about that delicious chinese food in Sioux City.

Holli’s parents, Larry and Carol Gregg, were gracious enough to allow us to stay at their place overnight (in Hawarden) so we wouldn’t have so far to drive in the morning. We had to drive in the morning because the game was 8:30AM.

Think about that.

So, after some delicious pizza (not chinese) and some conversation, we all went to bed to get up at 6:00am. In the morning, Holli found a ticket on her car which her father had made up for her. It was funny the way shooting paintballs at a hobo is funny. Well, a little funnier. The Tyson Arena where the games were being played was pretty nice. We bought our ticket ($5.00 with student ID) and found a spot. Then we noticed President Knowlton waving at us, and we journied to find new seats on the opposite side. Eventually the game began.

From what I heard, the Lady T’s didn’t play their best. There was some bad passing, some weak shots, and some poor ball-handling. But then Holli found CiCi, a child she babysat off and on last semester and had yet to reconnect with, and then I spent my time holding things the child gave me.

The game ended with DSU ahead, which means that we won. The crowd wasn’t very big, but we were devoted. Ending score was Trojans: 59 – Shawnee State: 55. There was no chinese food, but (then again) it ended much better than I had thought.

Round 2: Friday at 8:30am.

Guess Who Lost

Tim Miles
Tim Miles, originally uploaded by m!les.

Now look at that. I could never be a sports writer. I just ruined the result of the game in the title. Imagine if you wanted some buildup, some sort of dramatic crescendo to the results of the game this Saturday. I just ruined it. Sure, you can get stats on ESPN, but you wanted a flair, a creative, artistic writeup of the event, something to captivate and entrance as well as entertain and inform.

Well, I’m really freakin’ sorry, but titles aren’t very easy to come up with.

So, Saturday. It seems a long time ago. Still fighting my illness, I purchased some new medicine stuff, hoping that it would help out. What I got was Benedryl. As it turns out, the best thing Benedryl did for me was turn me into a zombie (and not the cool kind, either). Our plan was to meet people at 5:30pm. Holli wanted to go to Wal-mart first, so we left at around 4:00 or so.

I fell asleep on the way up. Wal-mart was what is expected of Wal-mart. I don’t even remember what she got. I do remember that we walked around and ended up at the DVD arena. And I remember being angry at some DVD or something. I don’t know. Holli was disappointed that Wal-mart only had certain seasons of shows. If you’re going to have Season 4 and Season 5, why not carry Seasons 1, 2, and 3? Stupid Wal-mart.

Then we met the Circus at Z’kota. There was an enormously large number of people there. There was me, Holli, mom, dad, Molly, Laura (Molly’s friend), Brenna, Sue, Bryce, Lindsey, Chris, Kelsey, Tony, Tyler, David, and Chris Fellows. That was a mouth full. Anyway, I was pretty out of it, so I mostly just sat there and ate my gigantic burger. From there we headed to Frost Arena. Of course, we had to follow Bryce, and (of course) he was ten miles away before we pulled out of the parking lot. Never let Bryce lead the way.

Frost Arena is peppered with Daktronics Sports Marketing stuff, which Holli interns for. So, we got a picture. The scoreboard was pretty impressive, and massive, and bright. We took our seats and enjoyed the game, which was close. In the end NDSU lost by only 2 points (and it was a pretty close 2 points). It was a good game.

Afterwards, we waited to talk to Tim. He gave a press conference, then he talked to people. Then Tony stole a cowbell (those SDSUers love their cowbells). Then we drove back home.

Lazy sunday. Holli went to Mass with me. We watched the rest of Arrested Development Season 3. I gave up on medication and have taken up medical marijuana. Monday Holli worked all day, so I lounged around here and tried to get some writing done. I did get a really bad skit hacked up, and I felt very ashamed to have to Bytes perform it. Met with Megan. She took Haji for the weekend, got her wisdom teeth out, and got Haji back after Bytes rehearsal. Then Holli and I rented a movie (The Corpse Bride) which I found disappointing, and then I came back here and went to bed.

Well, that’s not exactly true. I checked my email quick, and I rediscovered some folders on my desktop that were related to web design. So, I checked them out. I decided that one of the them (BubbleTooltips) would be easy enough to integrate onto the website, so I did it. I started to integrate another one, but it proved more tricky, so I didn’t do it. Then I realized that I was hungry, so I grabbed what was left of my chinese food from lunch and my mountain dew from evening and I consumed both. Then I got to thinking about all the vast number of plugins for WordPress, and I went a-searching and I installed about a dozen of them, activated them, tested them, and then either integrated them or deleted them. I did stick with the plugin for sure, but many of the others weren’t game for 2.0, so I didn’t try to make them work.

Man, that was a rambling post.

I Had a Long Weekend

So long that I can’t possibly type it all. I started to write an outline and it got so long that the weight of turning it into a full blown post depressed me to tears.

So, here are the highlights.

Dan came up for the LAN Party (LAN pahr-tee) all the way from the School of Mines in Rapid City (that’s a long cuckfurking way).

Alan, Jeff’s friend, came up from … somewhere and ended up at the LAN Party, too. Turns out that Alan knew who I was the whole time. I used to give him a bad time in the comments because it seemed to me that he thought I was Jeff. I am not Jeff.

I am Miles.

So we all had the LAN party. It was a lot of Dan rebooting, Alan getting fragged unmercifully, and people telling me that my Counter-Strike looks like a slideshow (but it’s a hella nice fast slideshow, guys). Then disaster struck. Novelization time.

Bryce and I were involved in a game of Unreal Tournament 2003 (UT2003) and Dan was playing Dungeon Siege by himself ( :( ) again. Bryce was saying, “You’d better not let me catch you, Miles, or I’m gonna kill you. You’d better hope that you find me first,” as I eyed him through my scope. Dan saved a villiage or something.

Alan and Jeff were getting ready to leave, and, since they were our rides, we felt that we should waste as much time before getting up to leave like they were. Jeff was wrapping up his mouse and Alan was unplugging hit tower. All of a sudden…

… disaster …

… three screens go black at the same instant, fans stop turning, and above all was heard a click. We all four stood/sat there in a stunned silence. Slowly, what had happened registered on the faces of the victims. Then it registered on Alan’s. He started to stammer, and all he could say was “Oh, man… oh, oh man…”. Alan had turned off our computers.

Dan started to cry, his tears coming fast and hot on his keyboard. Bryce started to swear very violently and almost strangled Alan, who was close to tears himself. I simply shrugged and turned off my monitor.

We waited for Bryce to calm down, and for Dan to quit being such a girl. Then Alan started to say, “Dammit, I am so so sorry, guys. I had no idea… it just clicked and I couldn’t figure out what happened, I am so sorry…” over and over again. Finally, we decided it was time to go. The other kid in the three person UT2003 game we had going says, “Are you guys going?” I guess he didn’t realize that our characters hadn’t moved for five minutes.

“Yeah, we’re gonna head, I think…”

That was a supreme, super condensed version of what I was GOING to post. In the interest of my sanity, we’ll move on to Saturday.

As it turns out, waking up at 100pm was harder to realize than we thought. And as it turns out, we overshot by about 2 hours. We didn’t shower. Jeff and Alan were hungry, so we just zipped off to the The China Moon like we do every Saturday. It was quiet, then we remembered.

Poor Alan. We were relentless. I tried to let up on him, because I’d like him to visit again sometime. Then we got back to the dorm, and finally Dan, Bryce, and I took off for Sioux Falls.

We went to the Century Theatre to see the new Bond flick. We met Ryan Guse (Bryce and Dan’s friend), Todd (Guse’s roommate) and Alicia (who I didn’t know was going to be there.) We all sat down in the theatre. I was between Alicia and Guse. It was nice.

The movie was another matter.

I thought a lot of the action sequences seemed fake or cheesy. I thought the punch lines were mostly bad innuendos that got very tiring. Lots of cool cars, lots of hot babes, but little to make this a buy. I thought it was a decent action movie, but a horrible Bond movie. Maybe I missed the point, but I didn’t like the movie much.

After the movie we went to KFC and had some food. I had very very little money so I only bought a Mountain Dew (which I haven’t had for a while), but Alicia made me eat some of her potato wedges. We had extensive conversation at the restaurant. Guse even had a good comeback (his 12th, I believe) and it consisted of saying, “Firewall” and putting his hand between me and his face.

To his credit, I had nothing against that. I had a really really bad router thing that back fired, and so I just sat embarassed. Then they closed down KFC on us and we were forced out into the cold.

So, we went to Alicia’s apartment to watch Zoolander (again) and to get a quick tour. Then we said our tearful goodbyes and sped off to home. We got back late (again) and stayed up later (again) and finally went to bed in time for church on Sunday. I thought mass was at 1030, but it was at 1000.


Sunday passed most uneventfully. Dan left, and took Bryce with him, shortly after mass, and I organized my room. I tried homework, and I only partly succeeded. So, I went to bed.

On Monday, sometime, I found out that Collin has a webcam (!) Can you believe it!? Here are some ads he made for me. Just click : [ this ] and [ this ]. Those are links by the way (Erin).

I think that something like the Collin Show would be the greatest/worst thing to hit the net. There are some people you should never give cameras to. Like :ponder:, for instance.

Anyway, now I’m having a mock fight with Missa about what he said/I said/did/wanted to do when we were mock dating. It’s confusing and it’s making me very angry.

¿@CollinCam1 or [email protected]?