Civil Innuendi

Below is a collection of place names (typically cities or towns) that can be used (however easily) as sexual innuendi. This list is compiled from my own observations and the help of users.

Others have comprised similar lists, but I don’t entirely agree with their choices. Hence, I’ve set some rules for my considerations.


  1. The name must be inappropriate within the context of the most commonly used language in the area within which the place resides. This rule eliminates false-positives resulting from linguistic coincidence (i.e. The word “nova” in English is an astronomical term. The phrase “No va” means “Don’t go” in Spanish.  This is a linguistic coincidence.)

The list:

  • Plentywood, MT
  • Pukwana, SD
  • Intercourse, PA
  • Bird-In-Hand, PA
  • Blue Ball, PA
  • Lansing, MI
  • Woody Creek, CO
  • Mount Pleasant, TN
  • Virginville, PA
  • Horneytown, NC
  • Climax, MI
  • Clitlick, Leeds, England

More to come soon.

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