Hello World

It is currently 3:01 at nite and I am currently not in my dorm room as I should be. I am currently in Emry in Sara Bethke’s room. The path that led me here is one big adventure. It all started tonite at 9 with the beginning of the hilariously funny Comedy Bytes performance. Many of you know Miles is in this group and he did a brilliant job posing as Rosa Parks, starting a rumor that Ben’s mom is a hoar, and he also gave birth to a child. Holli, another Comedy Bytes performer, also did a fantastic job. Oh yeah, Miles also developed a second penis as well. It was awsome!
I was like “That is my cousin!
The entire crowd “That guy? The one with the two penises?”
And I was like, “Heck yes he is the guy with 2 penises!”
After the show I ran over to Miles, shook his hand, and then I broke down crying in front of a ton of people over the birth of his baby. He gave birth on stage in front of everyone and it was pretty cool. I had never seen a guy give birth before so now I know what it will be like for me if I ever get pregnant.
Speaking of babies, I am going to be a dad. Me and one of my friends, Marci, decided we were going to have a baby so I got her pregnant over the internet. This high tech world is so cool. Didn’t know a girl could get pregnant over the internet, but we did it somehow. Only problem is she has a boyfriend, but since the baby has started baking already she can’t going to abort it. She doesn’t know how to rewrite the encryptions. I’ve been playing a lot of online poker so if I win enough play money chips I can support her and our newly concieved baby.
After Comedy Bytes me and a group of people went to the Higbie Hall and we were in Marci’s room when a scuffle broke out about me looking in her underwear drawer when all I was really doing was looking at movies. This then led to us people being scolded for being too loud 2x in 5 minutes. This outburst also led to the belief that girls put movies in their underwear drawer. Girls are so weird. Sucks to be them….about once a month for sure.
We then moved on to another hall which then led to us driving around the town listening to Disney Christmas music. I then went to Emry Hall where I played online poker(gotta support that new baby of mine) and played Sara in 2 games of backgammon, losing for the first time in about ever.
Well, i’ve gotten closer to making my sucks to be you sign. I made a sign for my msn picture and for my background. I just gotta make a really big one because I see or hear of people it sucks to be all the time. Maybe I should make t-shirts or something. Go mainstream with it. Try to sell it to the American people. They are suckers for anything. Its hard to believe they’ll spend money on some shirt with just a quote on it. I’ll overcharge for the t-shirts and Americans will buy it. It sucks to be them.

Last night I was writing this post when my browser froze up, so i’ll try to rewrite and relive the moment just for you.

I was talking to Tony when he asked me. “Do you have a lot of finals?”(or something like that cuz i can’t remember because the conversation was last night).
I replied,”I have no idea.”(or something like that cuz i can’t remember because the conversation was last night)
Then I thought to myself, “David, you should ask Caitlin because it is probably important to know how many finals and when your finals are?”(or something like that cuz i can’t remember because the conversation was last night).
Then I replied to myself within my head, “But David Rausch, you were in those same classes with her so you should know whats going down?”(or something like that cuz i can’t remember because the conversation was last night).
—————————————–Browser says “Screw You David!”————————————————
(I shall now finish what i never got to)

So I thought very very hard going back, back into the past.
Past the poker I played last night, getting bumped by some guy on the river, past the Chronicles of Narnia, past the TMNT movie I watched, going way back to each class.

I then realized that in 3 of my five classes we don’t actually have a final test, its more of an assignment that counts as a final. One of those finals is a group project we just started doing in art. Shiggity-Shiggity Shwa!

So my finals are totally under control and I’m sure I’ll pass them all with perfect scores without studying.
The funny thing is I put so much thought into my finals that I didn’t even think about looking to see if I had a listening quiz for this morning.
I walked into Music Appreciation baffled because people were sitting on the outside of the aisles(SP) of the auditorium-like-room. I was then told we had a listening quiz. Well, I regret to say I’m sure I bombed it.
Just like I bombed Heroshima and Nagasaki Japan back in WW2. That was almost as bad as Nam. Almost.
Sucks to be me.

I am testing the blog for Miles. He must have changed something that crazy guy.

I have for the first time in my life, my own blog. I know what your thinking, how on earth did David get his own blog? Well, to answer your question i’ll have to type it. Miles gave me this blog of mine. I’m at his house and we’re about to eat some supper and watch some Naughty Nuns 9 but that it besides the point. Earlier when i first arrived, he asked me if i wanted my own blog and i said yes. It was as simple as that. I hope that whoever reads this will read other stuff that i write later on. We are about to eat some teryaki pork, mushroom, and broccali shishkabobs. We made a real mess getting everything on the shishkabob sticks what with the teryaki sauce and all. Oh yea, there are also pineapples involved in this holocaust roasting. We made several references to American Psycho(good movie) because how the sauce looked like blood on our hands. Well, the food is out so i’m going to go. Thanks for reading this and i hope you enjoy whatever part of the day it is for you.