New Semester

On Saturday Houa was baptized, confirmed and received her first communion.  She has been going through the RCIA process since September and this weekend it all came to fruition. My family, except for Dan, came down as well as Sue and Grandma to celebrate this special event. After mass we went back to my apartment, which the family helped clean up the night before, where we had cake, pop, candy and swapped old war stories about Nam.  Sunday morning around nine I drove to the hotel and sat in the hot tub for an hour or more with dad and Tom. Then everybody went to Old Country Buffet where we pigged out.  We had pretty nice weather all weekend which was nice since I had heard earlier in the week it was supposed to rain. Luckily, we still suck at predicting the weather.  Houa and I later went to Lake Calhoun where we went for a walk and looked at all the nice houses and dreamed about winning the lottery and buying those houses. All of them.  Actually, not really. Just one or two. But its a dream so yes, all of them.

I realized that Lent was pretty easy this year. I gave up pop and candy and normally the pop just kills me. This year I found that it really didn’t have an effect on me. I never really ever craved it. I believe it is because I have been buying apple juice for a while and I’d take apple juice over pop most days. Now that I can drink pop I realize how amazing it really is.

Duke won tonight. Boo! I like Mike Czhceifesky but I don’t like Duke. Never have, never will. Burn baby burn!

Game Over!

So far I haven’t been overly impressed with Lost this season. I’ve found myself saying after most of the episodes, “It was ok”, with a ho-hum attitude. Not great, just ok.

I feel like either the episode is really good or really boring. I think there are two main reasons for this:

1. Sawyer needs to quit crying.  What a baby! For the last five seasons he has been one of my favorite characters because of his sarcastic nature and the guy who is a total jerk but you know is actually a good guy. Now all he is a depressed whiner.  Awww! Juliet died! WAAA!  Cry your eyes out, then grow up! I realize she was basically your wife last year, but people have been getting killed throughout all of LOST. It is not a new phenomonon. I just dont’ think the writers should change one of my favorite characters in the very last season. He has now become boring and pathetic. Boo!

2. Claire:  For me to even care about Claire, they need to explain some things and until so she is dead to me. So she’s been living in the forest for the past how many seasons? Claire? Right. That makes perfect sense. And NOBODY has been able to find here even though they have been all over the island.  She just disappeared and became the new Cruso or whatever her name is.  I realize there is more to it than that, but until they give me an explanation, I don’t care to even wonder. Apparently she became infected. How? Has she always just been chillin with the smoke monster? Is she somehow a product of hitting the nuclear bomb? I just don’t like the fact they pulled her out of LOST suddenly, now she’s back and they haven’t explained anything. Yeah, whatever.

3. Kate is pretty dumb. I find the fact she came back to the island to find Claire a really stupid excuse. So far she seems different from past seasons and basically worthless.

So I don’t know. I feel like this season has not been very good. I feel like the story is OK so far, but the characters’ behavior have been awkward and not believable for me. Some episodes have been really good, others have been just kind of filler episodes. I don’t know. I feel like the writers so far have dropped the ball as far as the characters are concerned, but I think the overall direction of the story is still good.

What do you guys think?

So today Tyler, Tony, and I watched Avatar at the zoo in their huge 3d Imax theater.   That movie was awesome!! I am going to go watch it again.  I think regardless of 3d or not, it was a beautiful movie to watch and it was interesting as well. I liked the characters, I liked how this story was actually an original idea for once, graphics are astounding, and the I liked the love relationship (I’m a big ‘ol softy).  Definitely worth checking out and if you were ever gonna spend the big bucks on a movie, I’d say this is probably it.  I remember after watching for about an hour I thought, “I hope this is a really long movie”.  I don’t think I’ve ever thought that before during a movie.  The world Cameron creates seems so real and so awesome that I couldn’t wait for the main character to get into his avatar and go back into the other world.

Now, for the downside of the day… I have a final project due in 7 hours exactly (it is 3:30 AM right now). The project is a Flash project. I have spent probably close to 15-20 hours working on it this weekend.  I just got done about 15 minutes ago. About 15 minutes ago my entire project got erased.  Talk about bad timing.

I’m not sure what happened. I was working on it for a while and then I tried to save and it told me I couldn’t save it because  a duplicate was open and I’ll have to exit out and try again. That would suck because it had been 30 minutes to an hour since I had last saved.  I tried to save it in a bunch of different folders under different names and nothing worked. Well, it wouldnt’ be that bad because it is only about hour to make up and it should be quicker right?  Wrong!

With my file still open but unsavable, I looked at my desktop to see if it was there. It wasn’t. Uh oh.  I then went into my Flash drive which was plugged into my computer because I knew it was there. But it wasn’t.  All the .swf files were there, but all my Flash files with all my code were gone.  Something had erased them all!  And what sucks is I had the program open the entire time but the computer wouldn’t let me save it.  I tried a search, the search found the files, but when I clicked on it to open them, it said they couldn’t be found.  Now my computer is lying to me.  What a terrible electronic companion.

So I pretty much have 6 hours to make this thing, then make it to class. I probably can do it, but I’m really tired, I’ve already struggeled through making it once, and it would probably be a  crappy job.  I almost wouldn’t mind not doing it and just showing the teacher my .swf files, but this teacher isnt’ normal.  She counts things off for the tiniest little thing. She is super nice, but she does not deviate at all from her rules. Example: We had to hand in a cd for class one day. It said on the assignment it was due by 8:30 am which is when class starts.  During class sometime I walked over to her desk and handed her my disk. No big deal.  Got grades back and I got docked for that cd because she noted I handed it in at 9:30, not 8:30. No sane person would give a crap about that cd. It wasn’t a project or anythign like that, just an accumulation of our practice files. Yet I got docked.  She is a super nice lady who doesn’t deviate from her standards at all. So if I don’t do this I could get a lot docked off but I don’t really care as long as I’m not going to fail the class.  So decisions, decisions.

I was done too. 🙁

So last night I get home and I need food. I walk across the street to the grocery store, get a shopping cart, and start grabbing food off the shelf.  The deal of the night was Tony’s Pizzas for 2 dollars a piece!  Tony’s is probably my all time favorite pizza and it only cost 2 dollars! So I bought two.  Normally when I go to the grocery store I get 3 party pizza’s and then buy one tony’s pizza to treat myself for that night.  Last night, I just flat out went a little crazy and bought 2!

So I get home, make my beloved Tony’s pizza and ate the whole thing with a glass of milk.  It was the best.  Then an hour later I was thirsty so I got out a glass, put in a few ice cubes, and had a delicious cherry coke.  Then Tyler and Aaron Zerhinger were going to Legends to watch the last quarter of the football game so I came along.

This is when the second best deal of the night was.  Two cheeseburgers for $2!!  Who does that!? Two for two!?  It’s crazy!!  I was already stuffed from my pizza and two beverages, but I couldn’t resist.  I bought two cheeseburgers for $2.  I only could finish one. 🙁  I also got a very large sprite and I couldn’t finish that either. 🙁   It was all delicious though!

When I woke up this morning I realized that I still felt full like I had just eaten.  It makes me wonder if that is what bears feel like when they hibernate…always being full.  It is pretty sweet.

It also makes me think of how some Americans are so wasteful and consume so much and how last night, it was totally worth it. I love being an American!

So I have been thinking about posting for months and just haven’t done it. Now I am going to do it quickly before class because I am thinking about it.  I have 3 minutes.

One thing that happened recently is Houa went through the Rite of Welcoming at Nativity Catholic Church this past Sunday. She is the only one getting baptized out of the group so she and I had to stand in front of the congregation all by herself.  I went up as moral  We have now completed two months of the RCIA program and so far so good. I really enjoy it. We have gotten past the whole “this is humans believe there is a god” into this is what the Catholics practice.  Its a bit more interesting.

2nd thing: The big boxing match between Pac-Man and Cotto is this Saturday. I am super pumped and am partly not going home or to Houa’s mom’s this weekend so I can stay and watch the fight. Mainly it is because of homework, but this is part of it as well. It is going to be awesome!

Alright- 30 seconds left…

Hope all is well with everyone.  Hope the pregnancy is going well Holli. I’ve heard it isn’t the best time in a persons life but I hope you are making it through alright. Oops! I am now one minute over but class hasn’t started yet.

I am doing a project repackaging a beverage. My beverage is called Eternal Enery and the theme is Pirates vs. Ninjas.  It is pretty sweet. It is vector art, except I did it in Photoshop so it isn’t really vector art, but it is that style.  Why did I do it in Photoshop?  Because I can.  But why? Because.

It looks kind of Disney-ish but still should come out alright.  Class is starting!

Game Over

Summer is over.  Life is over.  Boo hoo.

School began last Tuesday and won’t end unless the Swine Flu becomes extremely fatal.  However, since that is very unlikely, I will be stuck here being taught things.

I have four design oriented classes this year:  Graphic Design II (GDII),  GDIII, Computer Applications II, and Travels in Typography.  These classes I think will be both fun and challenging.  I will be dealing a lot with marketing, branding, and packaging design in GDII and GDIII.  In Computer Apps II we will be focusing on Photoshop and Flash which I think will be a lot of fun.  I’ve heard that the class is really time consuming because the teacher expects you to do a ton of different mock ups for each project. Eck!

Travels in Typography is interesting.  It is once a week and deals with ancient books and the origins of writing.  We meet in a library where we will be looking at, holding, and reading books from the 1400’s and on.  In last class we got to look at a book from the 400’s.  It is cool that we have those books at school here.  I don’t think I’m going to like the class though because it is a lot of hands on projects which I do not like at all.

I then have a Business Accounting which is for internal business use. My last class is a careers class that will help me with my coverletter, resume, and finding a job.  Very useful.

Then I will be working about 24 hours a week.

Two of my classes are just once a week which is really nice.  It keeps it manageable.  I am living with Tyler this year in an apartment.  It is a sweet little bachelor pad.  It is a little ways away from Minneapolis campus but pretty close to the St. Paul campus.  We live right on a bus line which will make it easy to get home.  Maybe when people come up here for Katie’s wedding or Bryce’s marathon you can check out the digs!

So two nights ago something bad happened.  Something kinda bad, but not totally. 

I was walking to my car.  It was early morning, around 8 o’clock.  Everything was wet from the storm the night before and it still looked bleary out.  At the first site of my vehicle I knew something was wrong.  My running shoes were lying on the floor as well as my running shorts along with a bunch of junk.  They were completely soaked as if they had been out all night.  Around all of my things were a thousand pieces of glittering greenish bits that could only be the remains of what had been my car window.  My car had been broken into. 

Naturally, my first impulse was neither fear nor anger, nor sadness.  It was one of acceptance. I thought to myself, “Oh, ok.”  and then “And that happened!” (which is from a clip of John Mayer – worthless singer – calling a baseball game which is really funny). 

I got to my vehicle, saw that my backpack which had contained my shoes and shorts was gone, and decided that was okay.  It could have been worse.  The probable reason for the break-in was because Houa had two crummy purses back there she was going to get rid of but hadn’t yet.  It’s kind of weird though because the thief, I’ll call him Aladdin, didn’t take the purses.  They were obviously empty so if that was his target he must have forgotten them in the excitement of seeing my extremely boring and worthless backpack.

No, I know Aladdin was hoping their would be something in the purses.  It is kind of funny though because for about a week I had four garbage bags of Houa’s stuff in my car.  One full of purses, two full of nice clothes, and one full of nice shoes.  What is even funnier we got rid of those bags the same day as the break in.  Aladdin breaks into my car because of two purses when we had about 20 of them in there earlier. 

Because of that, I feel like I won.  Aladdin doesn’t know what he Sucker!

Aladdin didn’t even take my ipod. 

After I examined my car, called the police who had me fill out a report online, and talk to my dad, I got annoyed for the first time.  I had to stop and buy duck tape because Houa didn’t have any, the  keeper of  keys at her apartment didn’t have any, and I didn’t have any.  I just didn’t feel like parking my car and running into a building to buy something. It seemed like so much work.

In the end though it was pretty easy.  I bought the duck tape, picked out some nice thick plastic from Home Depot, and I had my girlfriend patch up the hole while I watched the Vikings game.  She did an amazing job. It’s almost like having a window again because I can’t hear the wind at all when I drive.  I’m terrible at that hands on stuff…especially when the Vikings are playing! 😉

Then the next day, actually like an hour ago, we drove the car back to her apartment and there was a homeless guy digging through the dumpster behind her apartment.  I’ve never seen that in the real world.

This weekend was one of mucho traveling.  Traveling to Miles’s and Holli’s.  Traveling to Me-he-co.

First things first though.  I actually bought clothes.  I went to a store, picked out new clothes, and laid the plastic down.  I don’t go clothes shopping, i don’t care for clothes shopping, and I feel like clothes shopping is a waste of my money.  I have finally gotten to the point thought where I need new clothes.  My jeans are either ripping or disappearing, one of my running shorts broke, and as I somehow become a smidgeon more mature, my khaki cargo pants just don’t quite cut it all the time.  So, Houa and i went to Kohls where the sales were huge.  Everything was about 50% off.  I got two pairs of jeans, two pairs of running shorts, a nice pair of khaki colored slacks, and a nice plain shirt that can go with my new dress pants.  After this, the trip began.

Houa and I went to Miles’s and Holli’s for the game night.  When we got there we got a tour and the house is really nice!  A nice backyard, the basement is very comfy, and the house has a nice feel to it.  And it is all cheaper than any apartment I will be renting here in the cities. 🙁

After the tour we ordered some pizza, got started on our sugar rushes with some pop downage, and then waited the arrival of Mike and Sanya, the former bossman of Miles back in the day.  I had actually met Mike a couple years ago.  We played a game, Pop 5 – i’m guessing, which is based off of Cranium. I liked it way better than Cranium.  I’m not very good at those types of games but thanks to Holli she was able to guess the answers to most of my crappy

After that we started playing Mexican Train.  Big Brenna showed up on her way back from Chamberlain.  It was a battle to see who wasn’t going to get last.  Mike basically had the game won from the getgo.  But last place was close.  I did not get last.

Then it was bedtime.  Got up in the morning, went to mass at 9:30, ate some delicious brunch prepared by Holli, and then watched Brenna’s slideshow of her and Chris’s honey-moon vacation.  I decided I want a geo-thermal, all natural hot tub in my backyard.   They have that in Iceland.  Wicked awesome!  I would work there if I lived in Iceland.

We ended up getting home around 6.  It was a great weekend full of laughs and then more laughs.  Thanks Miles and Holli!

So I saw the movie on Wednesday and overall it was good.  Nothing really bad about it.

Things I liked:

Funny, I laughed a lot.  I like laughing.

The girl who touched the necklace. That scene was creepily beautiful.

Overall, the move was decent.

Things I didn’t like:

The main focus of the movie, other than the memory, was based on relationships.

Skipped the final battle in hogwarts – anticlimatic

No focus on the half-blood prince.  Snape declares himself the half-blood prince. Based on what they showed in the movie, who cares.

Time to roast.  There is a lot I am frustrated about.

My major beef was the skipped battle scene.  How do you have a major motion picture and skip the big climactic ending?  Bryce said it was to keep the PG rating and I agree with him.  I feel like it goes hand in hand with the focus on the relationships.  Watching the movie I felt like I was supposed to be a junior high girl.  They kept it cute, funny, and mostly innocent which I think is too bad for anyone who has read the books and isn’t in junior high anymore.

Why did they choose to focus on the relationships anyways?  They are basically pointless as far as importance in the book is concerned.  I’d  say much more important is learning voldemort’s history which I think would have been really helpful for an audience in order to understand and/or connect with the antagonist of the whole series. Instead he is still a mystery and the audience will never know why he is the way he is.  Also, why name the movie “…the Half Blood Prince” if they are hardly going to mention it at all. It is barely in the movie.  At the end of the movie Houa asked me “what’s the half-blood prince means and why is snape called that?”  That’s not a good sign.

Halfway through the movie I realized I was bored because the movie wasn’t going anywhere.  Every scene that didn’t have harry alone with dumbledore or slugworm(sp?) was about some junior high awkwardness.  Funny, but not very exciting and when that is all the movie is focusing on it leads to a pretty monotinous movie.

Then when it does get to the end they cut out the only exciting point of the movie other than when they figure out the memory.  When the cupboard they showed Malfoy working on about 6 times during the movie actually is used, it is for no reason other than breaking the windows in the hall and blowing up hagrid’s hut.  Thank goodness Malfoy figured out how to use the cupboard *sarcasim*.lol  The problem is the movie really has no high point and when it finally gets to the end battle, they skipped it totally, making the entire movie without a high point.  That killed the movie for me.  Why’d we have to wait an extra 9 months for a movie with no major action scene?  Dumbledore in the cave was cool, but that lasted about 30 seconds.

So, to recap.  Very little to no backstory of Voldemort or Snape.  Very little Half Blood Prince explanation. No fight at the end.  Found out Ginny and Harry like each other and so do Ron and Hermione even though they have basically shown us that in every other movie.  The great hall needs new windows.  Hagrid needs a new hut.  Dumbledore still needs a funeral.

That all being said, the movie with the angle they took wasn’t bad. It was pretty enjoyable for the most part.  I can’t say for sure what I wanted would be better because I can’t remember the books exactly. I’d give it a 6 out of 10.  i”m disappointed with the angle they took and that they got rid of big fight in the school. I still don’t know how you can get rid of that in such a big motion picture.  It’s like Lord of the Ring’s The Two Towers sidestepping Helms Deep.  I know, I know.  A little extreme, but still. That is what it feels like.

Overall, not a bad movie but there is nothing in it that makes it worth watching it again.

So, having a real life, meaning not being in school…is pretty awesome.  Granted, working takes up most of the day which sucks and before I know it it is time for bed which sucks as well.  However, awesomeness is always around the corner because whenever I think of how sucky that work and bedtime is, I remember NO HOMEWORK!  Immediately my blues turn into reds and David is happy.  With no homework means I can do whatever I want after work.  Even though it seems like I eat supper, it is 9 o’clock already, I can always get in a good movie.  I think even better is on the weekends when I have nothing to do except what David Rausch most truly desires at that point in time.

Two weekends ago Houa and I watched Paul Blart Mall Cop which was funny but a so-so movies. I like Kevin James which helped. We then watched New in Town with Renea Zellwiger which was good.  Very typical stereotypical represnetation of Minnesotans with the weird accents and lots of scrapbooking  Kinda insulting almost but kind of funny.  We also watch Bride Wars (I only saw the end) and It’s Hard to Find a Good Guy which I did not like and neither did Houa.  The next day I watched Rocky II and III and then on Sunday I watched Rocky IV.  It was awesome!!!

Then this past weekend I watch 3:10 to Yuma which was decent. I really like Christian Bale and Russel Crowe. Pretty unbelievable but still satisfaying .  Tonight I buypassed watching The Transformers. I really really wanted to but I opted to watch the Twins blow a lead late in the game.  Two nights ago Houa and I watch The Proposal which was really funny.  Houa loved it and I laughed quite a bit.  I  like Sandra Bullocks humor and Ryan Reynolds is a pretty funny dude so overall pretty funny.  Get to see a whole lot of naked Sandra Bullock.  A lot more naked than anyone needs to see her so I probalby won’t watch it again which is too bad because it was good.

Going to Transformers 2 tomorrow.  Watching Signs tonight and going to try to watch The Others in the near future.

So, if you have  a full time job and it sucks having a full time job, just remember you have no homework and you’ve forgotten how much that sucks when you really have no control over life if you want to do well in school.  Movies are awesome!

Game Over

I watched the end of Bride Wars and then I watched It’s Hard

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