New Semester

Two weekends ago was Pete’s wedding to Sabrina Strege.

It went extremely well.  The weather was beautiful. I was the best man and I was beautiful.

For real though, it went well.  Pete and Sabrina couldn’t see each other that day before the wedding so we had to keep them away from each other while pictures were being taken before the wedding. After the wedding went without a hitch we took more pictures.  We then drove to Big Stone park and took even more pictures.  After that we were supposed to go to Appleton (24 minutes away) for the reception. Instead the groomsmen went and found Sabrina’s car, which was the car they were taking back to Rapid City.  We trashed it.  Oatmeal on the floor, baby powder in the vents, shaving cream all over the car, syrup on the windshield, nasty smelling oyster thingy under the seat.  After it was all said and done we arrived really late to the reception and when we showed up they were halfway through announcing the wedding party.

My speech kicked butt!  I forgot a story but other than that it went without a hitch and I think everyone really liked it.  It was probably about 3-5 minutes long.  I was pretty nervous. I didn’t eat much of the dinner because I was nervous.  Once I got going though it was a piece of cake.  And that is what I got after my speech. Cake.

We were there until about 12:30 and then Bill Voecks (groomsmen) and I headed back home.  In the morning Pete and Sabrina sat behind me at church.  Turns out they didn’t even get to see the car because Sabrina’s parents had cleaned it up for them. 🙁   I feel bad because they delt with it. Oh well!

So on May 16th, Houa and I had our one year!  Yeah us!

So it was a Saturday, we both weaseled our way out of Finals that we had that day so we could do stuff together.  I worked for dad at a show in Minneapolis until 2 and then skedattled out of their.

I had a few things to do before I picked her up at 4:30.

I got home around 2:30, got dressed in my nice dress pants, shirt, and tie.  I then loaded my pictures for my final project onto a cd for photography class.  I then drove to school, dropped by the classroom and handed them to my teacher who was with my class going over their finals.  I then went to Target at about 4.  I got a card, and looked for the movie Phantom of the Opera.  While looking for Phantom, I found My Best Friends Wedding which is also a Houa Lee So I ended up getting her both movies.

I then ran over to Rainbow grocery store where they have a bunch of flowers. I was thinking about getting her orchids but there wasn’t any there I liked so I got her a more expensive bouquet of flowers which I thought looked pretty.  I then ran out to my car, signed the card I got, and then drove to her place to pick her up. Got there just at 4:30!

Houa and I then went downtown to eat at Belinote.  Super nice, super expensive.  Everything was really great except it was really loud in there because all the tables were squished together.  We sat next to a couple who it sounded like were on a blind date.  They talked about all kinds of things.  The lady doesn’t want to mary a garbage man.  She wants someone who has more ambition than that.  She was also concerned on how the guy would handle nutrition with his kids.  Kinda heavy for a first date.  She seemed way to intense.

After supper we walked over to the Orpheum theatre where we watched The Phantom of the Opera musical.  Houa has been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting FOREVER to go watch this play, her favorite musical.  It was a fantastic experience and a pretty good play.  We agreed one of the voices didn’t fit, Christines childhood friend who likes her (the good guy).  Houa didn’t think the Phantoms voice fit too well either but I disagreed.  During intermission some lady fell down the steps by us. I missed it.  She was OK  though which I knew she would be which is why I didn’t save her.  I have a 6th since about women falling down things.

After that it was back to her apartment where we exchanged gifts. I got season 3&4 of The Office, a watercolor painting, card, and letter. She got my movies and card and flowers. I actually gave her the flowers when I picked her up.

It was a fantastic day!

Miles and Bryce,

Thought you guys might be interested if you haven’t already seen this.

The artists who got laid off are putting up artwork and renderings of the game on their blogs as they look for new jobs.

So yeah, Finals week starts on Monday.  I already have handed in one final project and have taken one test in Marketing.  I have a project a day for the next three days (M, T, and W).  I was up until 3 this morning working on one of those projects.  We are making a book based on a concept map about the Gestalt Principles of Design.  Fun stuff.

I have project due for Color and Form which we have a poster to hand in, a big sheet of fabric to hand in, and a t-shirt that I dyed and screen printed on.

In photography we needed to have a project that was a series.  Our pictures had to be a series of work that had a specific relation to each other.  Pretty easy, only problem is I haven’t started it yet and I have to print it out Monday afternoon.  I don’t think it’s going to be overlly hard. I’m not exactly sure what I am doing, something with people, nature, and photoshop.

On Monday the book that I was talking about earlier is due.

I can’t wait until those three days are done.  Then on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday I’ll be working at a show selling countertops for Minneapolis Granite.  That is always pretty fun hanging out with either Katie Brass, Joe Peters, or Dad.  A lot of good talks.  Sometimes it is really boring, but overall I like it.

David is sleepy. He is going to bed.

So Bryce just told me I don’t blog or twitter so it feels like he doesn’t even know me anymore. I decided I’m going to try to blog once a week even if its about nothing. That seems reasonable.

I have one more week of school before Finals week begins. I have a book project due, a photography project due, another book project due, and a t-shirt & poster due for another class. Plus a test although it isn’t a Final as much as a normal 6 chapter test.

In my Graphic Design class we just finished up a brochure that the entire class worked on for the College of Design. We had a $2400 budget for printing. Once it is done, which it now is, it’ll be mailed to prospective students. The class was split into groups: Interviews, Images, Layout, and Printing. One group had to interview students from the seven different majors the college offers and learn what they like about their majors are, what they do in a day, and what their dreams and aspirations are. Based on their answers the image group will create highly photoshoped images to go with a person’s story that is featured along with the image. Once the images and stories are done, the layout group figures out where to place everything and what typefaces to use. Once that is all done it is ready to print. We just finished it up last Tuesday and hopefully our clients, two old ladies who are high up in the College of Design, like it.

I was a part of the image group and the interview group.
This project took a lot of time and it is nice to have it done, especially since we have our own book to make for our final so we were working on two projects at one time for about a week. Doesn’t seem like a long time but it feels like it took a lot of time away from working on our final project.

I went to the driving range for the first time this year on Saturday and it was glorious. A guy from work texted me he was going with a buddy of his so Houa and I drove there, I got dropped off, and she went off to get a pedicure and a manicure which apparently was amazing as well. Anyways, it was awesome. Nice sunny day out just hitting golf balls. Now I am extremely sore. My entire back is messed up, my arms, my sides, and my inner thigh. I am very sore and stiff…but excited at the same time. I want to golf!

Quite a lot happened this Spring Break.  The weekend started out with Pete’s Bachelor party.

Houa and I drove down to Sioux Falls where I dropped Houa off with Miles and Holli while I went on to the Holiday Inn to check into the rooms.  Then I drove to Famous Daves about 45 minutes before everyone showed up.  There were 8 people coming from Rapid City, 3 guys coming from Big Stone, and 2 guys from Sioux Falls.

Like I said before I was there before everyone else to get our name on the list, an hour after everyone showed up we got seated. I was there for 2 hours waiting before we were able to sit down.  The guy who was taking peoples names told us that the group we were waiting for had mostly left but there were still 3 people there and they couldn’t ask them to leave legally.  He said they were being jerks because they didn’t like something so they wanted it free, Famous Daves said no, and so they wouldn’t leave and were being jerks.  I decided I had enough waiting so I walked over to where the guy said they were sitting and asked if they would leave so we could eat. They left nicely saying if they had known we were waiting they would have left right away.  As they were walking out, the workers at Famous Dave’s began to  They gave us free appetizers for kicking the people out and for the long wait.

After eating it was about 10 o’clock so we went back to the motel and went swimming and let the food settle before we went to the bar. After swimming we went to the bar where we met up with Pete’s fiance’s bachelorette party which was going on at the same time.  There we stood around, talked, drank, and socialized.  It was nice catching up with some kids from high school that I haven’t talked to in what feels like years.  After that we went back to the hotel to sleep, but not before security got called to tell us to be quiet.  Everyone (not me) was kind of tipsy so they had a hard time not wrestling and being loud.

Saturday morning we went to Perkins where we met up with Sabrina’s party and we all ate breakfast together.  Afterwards I went back to Miles and Holli’s to get Houa and before we left we all watched an episode of Lost where Ben kills all the Darma initiative because I had missed that episode. Then we played Little Big Planet to give me a taste of its goodness.  Then we went out to eat at DQ and chatted which was quite delightful.  Thanks again Miles and Holli!!  Houa said she had a good time and everything went well!

Houa and I then went to Big Stone and hung out with the family. On Sunday was Houa’s birthday so mom made her a cake and she got her gift of flowers from me and a scarf from my family.   We left on Sunday and headed back to Minneapolis where we worked all day on Monday through Wednesday.

Wednesday night I got sick so I stayed home from work on Thursday and watched the beginning games of March Madness.  It was awesome.  On Friday, with me still slightly sick, Houa and I left for Onalaska, WI to visit her mom and 2 brothers and half sister.  Onalaska is a beautiful beautiful area and it was a pretty good weekend other than the fact that I felt like crap.  I got sick becaue of going home to visit my family in which Tom was sick.

In Onalaska we did some shopping where Houa got some clothes that were her Christmas and Birthday gifts from her mom.  We also visited her grandma where they spoke hmong and I had no idea what they were saying but apparently they talked a lot about me. Its weird knowing afterwards that an entire conversation about you transpired right in your face without you having any idea.

We then headed out and got back Sunday night in which I got a really bad fever.  I am better now though.  Hopefully her family didn’t get sick like we did.  Then school started again.  Lots of traveling and lots of sickness.  It was a good break but didn’t really feel like break which was too bad.

So I don’t like having to wait for the bus in this super cold weather. My house is in-between the East Campus and the St. Paul Campus with about a 8 minute ride to either campus. When I go to St. Paul, i get dropped off on the edge of the St. Paul campus and its a 10 minute walk to class and that means a 10 minute walk back.

When it’s cold out, that really is not fun. What I don’t like about the bus is EVERY SINGLE TIME I come back from class I am about a half a block from the bus stop and the bus drives by. This means I have a 10 to 20 min wait for the next one. I miss it every time!
It doesn’t seem to matter if I leave class early, on time, or late. I miss it by about 30 seconds. It is very annoying.

I like the walk when its nice out, when its cold its not so great.

So the mild mannered David went into the heart of the wild to behold the great slaughter of some very beautiful creatures.  The morn was crisp, the forest was silent, the suns rays were shining through the trees in golden joy that made the hills and forest looked surreal.  I looked at an owl sitting on the tree watching me, the massive rock formations with the mold growing all over one side, old branches lying all over the ground, it was a testiment that at least here, time stands still.  It was beautiful.



Boom!  Boom!

Then shouts broke through the forest and the sound of crackling as large things brushed past trees and the grass and rotted logs cracked and broke under the footsteps of pursuers.   The chase was on!

I broke over a hilltop to see a group of humans running off over another bluff and so I followed.

As I broke over the next hilltop top I could see what had happened.

Bambi’s mom was dead, lying in golden weeds next to a clear blue pond that lightly sparkled from the reflection of the golden sunlight.

Well,  she was not really dead at. It was still alive.  They had to shoot it like 2 more times and kept missing until Chuck walked up to it and shot it in the head.

And like that, hunting season was over because everybody killed their deer.

I took a trip to the cities to see Pete and hang out with the family in the annual deer hunting trip.  On the way I stopped at Holli and Miles place to sleep.  It was a lot of fun catching up, watching episodes of The Office, and sleeping in that amazing bed. I don’t see or hang out with them anymore so it was nice to kind of relive the old days which really aren’t so old, but they still feel old. I really enjoyed seeing them.

Then I made it to Rapid the next day and met Pete there.  Saw his house and his new dog Sasha which is a super cute beagle.  He and Sabrina made that investment and she sure is sweet but the thing pee’d at least 6 times (AT LEAST) in a couple hours.  I think that is its favorite game to play “What can I make wet now”.  You guys know what I’m talking about, we all used to play that game.

That night Pete and I went out into the hills for about an hour to do some quick hunting before he, Tim Rausch, and I headed up to the cabin to meet with “the others”.  While we were out there for that one hour, Pete got his deer.  We probably were hunting maybe 15 minutes when he shot it.  When we got to the cabin it turned out everybody there had gotten theres except for Chuck.  I guess its the quickest everybody has gotten their deer and the easiest it has ever been.  While there we saw a ghost town, watched some movies, played 2 games of poker, and ate a ton of food.

Overall it was a great weekend.  It was nice to see people I haven’t seen in a while and spend some quality time with the family.  I guess it was also good to see how to gut a deer if I ever get the urge.

So I’m back in the cities working full time until school starts on the twentieth.  Christmas was great.  Went sledding and was brought back to the world of computer games.

Dan, Tom, MICAELA, and I beat Diablo II exp. again which was a blast and then Micaela, Tom and I beat Titan Quest which was very very cool.  Like Diablo, but 3d.

Houa came out for New Years in Alexandria with the fam and then stayed the rest of the weekend until that monday.  On New Years Eve my family wen to Alexandria like they do every year.  That day my car, micaela’s van, and Tom’s car all refused to work and they all had to be towed in and worked on. Mine got a new battery.

I got a new camera for Christmas.  It is really nice adn I like it a lot.  Dan got me ipod headphones because the speakers in mine were blown out, the rubber around the speakers was worn out, and I didn’t have my speakers anymore because I lost them.  The new earbuds rock!!

I read the new Eragon book called Brisinger.  It was muy good!  Every chapter seemed worth reading and it was fun, pretty well paced. One more to go in that series.

Saw the movie 7 Pounds.  Was super disappointed which is weird because I LOVE 90% of the movies I see and I haven’t seen a Will Smith movie I didn’t like.  I would tell you not to bother with the movie, waste of time and money.  Tyler liked it which makes me want to say, go see it because you might actually like it a lot.  Very dramatic movie.  The choice is yours.

Just finished Heroes.  The season is over and it was pretty good.  Really intense for the most part and really crazy.  Its a show that I just shrug my shoulders at and enjoy. Waiting for LOST to begin.  Started watchig The Fringe which is part produced by JJ Abrams.  So far so good.  At times I’m closing my eyes it is so gross and at times I’m at the edge of my seat figuring out what is going on.  All in all a good time.  Sorry its been so long!!

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