Last year for band we had to write one review a semster either on a music cd or on a live concert we had attended.  This made me go to my first choir concert and then I wrote this review which you will read in a second.  This review is probably the best paper I have ever handed in a to a teacher.  A couple days later my band director came up to me, shook my hand, and congradulated me on such a great paper.  He said he laughed, he cried, it was amazing.  I can tell you I was a pretty happy with myself.  This in turn led to me writing several other things that i sent out in e-mails and I think it inspired me to come out more with my own personal writing style.  So, in a sense, it was the beginning of my writing career, if you can call it that.

Listening Assignment


A month or two ago, my buddies and I participated in the mass gathering of onlookers for the Ortonville choir concert. There I received my first live view of the Ortonville Choir – or any choir concert for that matter- in its full splendor. I quickly made a scan of the participants entering on stage. I must admit my quick scan was not concentrated on the choir as a whole, but more the female participants within the choir body. Many had gotten haircuts for the event while others had spent more time doing their make-up than they would had they been just going to school. I could tell all of this from up in the balcony, surrounded by many annoying younger children. If you look nice and sound nice, the music will most likely sound much better than it is, but that probably also works in the opposite way. If you look nice, people will most likely expect you to sound nice musically as well. If you don’t live up to their exaggerated expectations, their feelings of being let down will most likely make them feel your musical or vocal abilities were much worse than they actually sounded at the time.

The choir itself looked great with the nice, sleek robes that they wore. The music itself that was emitted from the choir was pretty decent, although not up to par with their appearance. In light of my earlier theory about looks and the expectations that arise from such sights, I believe my first impression cannot be entirely correct; therefore, I feel it is my personal obligation to give them a bit more credit than I think they deserve allowing me to say that they were great.

There were individuals that stood out among the rest. Often times this was because they were singing solo’s by themselves so technically no could be singing better than them because no one else was actually singing. Then there were those that stood out above everybody else because of their sheer volume and captivating voices. Understand now that these people weren’t singing solo’s like the “other” individuals I had spoken of.

These melodious sounding peoples not only were fun to listen to, but sometimes it made the kids around me shut up. This allowed me to feel the peace that one should feel listening to the natural musical talent that God has bestowed upon mankind…err, some of mankind.

To end this, the evening was quite an experience and to tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind going to another one as long as I’m not alone. If I am going to be alone though, forget it. My totally unbiased opinion of the night due to the corruption of the mind from the arisen expectations that really can’t be controlled is that that night I felt like I was in a balcony filled with emotion from the emanating melody of the choir. It was like a magical presence that I had not felt since I had last boughten a new computer game. I’d compare it to Darth Vader feeling Obi-Wans presence for the first time since….(sorry, he never finished the sentence in the movie). There must have been some magical experience in that presence. Anyway, with this said, Ortonville is the finest live choir I have ever listened to in my entire life.

That, by far, is the greatest piece I think i’ve ever written.