After Spring Break

This past weekend I went to Ice Age 2 with my aunt Sue, my sister and brother – Micaela and Thomas, and my cousins – Brenna and Molly. I drove and we ended up about 7 minutes late. I’ll tell you why. This is my story.

At 4:30 mother and father went to the Gala/Gaila(sp?) and my sister had drama practice and then she went over to Molly’s to watch Pride and Prejudice. This left me home to babysit Tom and Steph.

The movie starts at 9:15 and the gala doesn’t get over until 10 so that meant mom and dad wouldn’t be home in time to watch steph. Micaela was going to the movie with me and tom as well so she couldn’t watch Steph. I called my parents and asked if they could come home early and they decided they could.

I wanted to leave for my house by 8:50. At 8:45 my dad calls and said that they aren’t coming home so i suggested dropping steph off at grandmas. My dad said grandam had just left the gala so he’d call her and if she was down with it everything would be cool. In 10 minutes he said he’d call me and let me know.

“OK” – I said.

Well, at about 8:54 as I’m getting everybody ready to go, waiting for dad’s call, we suddenly realized that there is a pool in our kitchen. A pool of water. Steph had gotten a drink from the fridge and the nozzle thingy of our water container didn’t shut off the flow of water all the way. This led to us franticly grabbing towels from wherever we could find them and doing the quickest mop job ever. The inside of the fridge was also completely soaked. At about 8:56 Tom realizes he has no idea where his wallet is with the money he is going to loan me and Micaela to even be accepted into the movie theatre. at 8:57 dad calls saying grandma will watch steph.

So we are late for leaving, Tom is running around everywhere looking for his wallet while me and steph are trying to soak up all the water. I then receive a phone call from Karin saying the O-Town crew has left and was wondering if we had left yet. I look around and the craziness is just crazy. Have we left yet? I don’t believe so.

As I’m finishing up in the kitchen tom walks in dejected from his failure at locating his cash. I then suggest he look in his room where he found it right away.

We all then hurried down to Val and Paulas where I picked everyone up at 8:11. We ended up about 6-7 minutes late I believe, but the movie hadn’t started yet. We easily found the group of Ortonville kids we were meeting there and then about a minute after we sat down the movie started. That is awsome cuz we missed all stupid trivia questions!

The movie was pretty good. Lots of one-liners and you could tell this movie was all about getting people to laugh.

So I’m on my way to Step with Caitlin and Jason, and my eye is just bugging the crap out of me.   My contacts are extremely dry cuz i’ve had them in for a few days and they are old anyways.  So we are walking up there and all i want to do is close my eyes, but when i do that it still hurts.

Its kind of like getting a paper cut and then to relieve the pain your gonna put a band-aid on it but that band-aid has lemon juice soaked into the cushiony part.  You wanna put it on and when you do it hurts more.  I can find no refuge from my pain.

Entering the building I felt like I was on the verge of tears trying every conceivable way of trying to fix the problem.

Some of the things i pulled out of my arsenal were: blinking, blink and hold for any amount of time, blink and hold while rolling the eyes around, looking down with my head tilted down and when that would hurt i’d pull a move and look up.  If all else failed I’d pull out the secret weapon: the finger.  No! I don’t flick myself off!HAHA!….idiots.

I bring my finger and on special occasions a couple fingers in a fist-like shape and rub my eyes.  I can do this while pulling any of the tricks listed as well.   I’m pretty good at giving tricks. (that’s what she said!)

All of the things I did only helped with one contact, the right one.  The left one was still going completely crazy.

On entering the aerobics room already 1/3 full, I almost thought the dam of tears was going to explode in a fury of water never before seen by man not brought on by God himself, but I saved the world once again by holding back.

Finally step started and the entire time i was blinking constantly, doing grapevines with one eye, the knee,kick, punch combos blinking uncontrollably.  All I wanted to do is take my contact out and throw it down on my step board and pull some wicked awsome step moves on it – like jumping up and down on it as hard as i can.  I would stomp on it with all my might to purge the world of its evil.  It may abuse me but i couldn’t let it abuse anybody else through its power of deception.  If your not understanding me, I want to squash it. And it is evil.
Contact lense? More like Ripoff lense!

Well, we reached the halfway point and after that all hell broke loose.

I tell you it was quite a sight.  Me, just standing there, as billions of demons came from everywhere.  They seemed to fill up the room with their evil essences.  Their breath was like a toxin to us and the world.  When all hope seemed lossed, there was suddenly a voice calling out from above, I believe it to be God, “With my super awsome wicked powers, I give you Captain Planet!”  The next thing I know I was flying through the air in spandex! And i was blue! I was so suprised.

Now that i think of it i shouldn’t have been suprised because who else would be better at saving the world than me, who saves the world from demons all the time in my off-time?

Anyways, i knew my mission right away. Get rid of the demons who were contaminating the world with their toxinous breathe.  Well, i did it.

After that i turned back into mild-mannered David, but I still had that darn left contact bugging the crap out of my eye.

We were stepping, and the next thing i know i can’t keep my eye open and my eyes are just filling with water.  While this is happening we are bouncing up and down and spinning and doing all this stuff and i’m having a hard time paying attention.  then i start feeling dizzy and really out of it.  At one point i thought i might fall over, so i just left the class and went to the bathroom.  My eye was red red red red so i took the contact out and washed it in warm water.  I put it back in and eventually ended up back to finish the rest of step.

Later that night at the Drama Club meeting it started up again.  I actually had tears running down my face.  Nobody seemed to notice and if they did they didn’t really care.  Either way it doesn’t really matter to me because i’m a mans man.

I went back to my dorm room and took them out right away and put them in with some multi-purpose solution.  They were better the next day.

game over.