January 2006

Today was the day of Corination for Ortonville.  I, being the Spring Fling King from last year, was asked to come back this year and hand off the crown/decorated ice cream bucket.  I said yes, so after my last class I hit the old dusty trail.

After Art Design 2, I went back to the dorm, got dressed, and then took off for Ortonville in my dad’s van.  Along the way I listened to bands Story of the Year, All-American Rejects, and Cursive.  The problem I thought of on the way up was that I was missing a belt.  Getting dressed up and then not wearing a belt feels really weird.  WWLD?  Well, I decided to call Chris Fellows and see if he could hook a brother up.

David,”Hey, not really important, but i was wondering if you had a belt I could wear?”

Chris, “Chuck Norris!”

David, “Uh…yeah, i heart Chuck too, but i really could use a belt to make me not feel dumb.”

Chris, “Chuck Norris!”


Then I hung up and turned my attention to the road.

Through much daydreaming, snapping out of a trance wondering when my exit is, then realizing it is right ahead of me, headbanging to music, and nailing old ladies as they cross the street in towns, I arrived in Ortonville at 6:30, 30 minutes ahead of the ceremony and with a high score of 330 points(hit 3 old ladies and a cat owned by an old lady).
When I got there I just milled around, chatted with the locals, got my mission instructions, and then when Fellows got there, I got the belt from him.  Alas, it was too big, and we couldn’t poke a hole in it, but it really wasn’t that big a deal.  I’m the King, I can where a belt or not whenever I want!

Well, Sabrina and I were the first introduced.  My crown was new this year, a bit smaller, but it still didn’t fit on my head.  After our introduction I made a decree that I would like to be called the Minister of Magic.  Well, then they introduced all the princes and princesses, then they called up all the King and Queen candidates including Karin and Kelsey.  After this the Serendipity group came on and they sang “Colors of the Wind” and they did an excellent job.   After this there was this game where the girls were asked questions about their escorts and then vise versa.  After this it was time for the main event.  The crowning.  Well, the King was Mathew Koval, a Big Stonian, and then the Queen was Rebecca Hillman.  I’m sorry Karin and Kelsey. Game Over.

They forced me to give the crown up by knocking me unconcious, which was pretty cool cuz there was a huge duel.  I didn’t want to be called the Minister of Magic for nothing cuz I handled myself pretty well taking on at least everybody in the auditorium.  Spells were flying everywhere,  then Chuck showed up.  That is right, his last name is Norris and his first name is Chuck.  Chuck Norris.  I did a spell, he absorbed it in his beard, then roundhouse kicked my face. Game Over.

When I came to there was a Hypnotist right after the crowning for all to enjoy.  He did a pretty good job getting a lot of people to go under.

Afterwards there were pictures with all the new royaltee.  Then the DQ run, kinda.

Only Fellows and I made it there.  Karin and Kelsey got lost somewhere. I’m not sure what happened.

I then went home, got some stuff, and then set out for Madison at 10:30.  The ride home went really well, with me being pretty awake for the drive. No deer, bears, or moose to interfere with me and my destination. I listened to a mixed CD with a ton of different bands on it.  It’s pretty sweet.

Needless to say, I returned back safe and sound at 12:30.  Coronation was pretty fun and I’m pretty glad I came back just cuz it was fun seeing everybody again.

I was sitting at my computer and it was about 10:10 at night.  I was minding my own business doing some Visual Basic when all of a sudden the MSN conversation box pops up and some guy starts talking to me.  This guy’s name is Mike.  Anyway, he asked me if I wanted to play poker.

My reply was “Now?”

His reply, “Yes now”

I spent all of two seconds thinking to myself,  WWLD  (What would Lonie do)? That’s how I decide to do anything in life and look where it’s gotten me.  I’m unemployed, living in a  very little room with another guy.  Good grief.

Well, she’d say no, so I figured I’d better go do it. I was wearing shors and a t-shirt so i threw on some sweats and some warm headgear for the 30 second walk down to the TC (cafetaria/study area/do whatever you want are).

Before I left I typed “Ok, i’ll be there.”

I then headed out on this crazy walk to the tc.  It was so crazy that nothing really happened, but the thought of something happening made me feel like something really big was about to happen, tricking myself into thinking something was really going on.  A few minutes later I reached the buildiing.

I walked in and then started walking real slow and cool like, like I was listening to Bryce’s walking music from Kill Bill.  Through much, peeking around corners, jumping behind obstacles I eventually made it to the main room where everybody was playing poker.( i didn’t really do any of that)
The game didn’t go so great.  I started out winning some, but then lost 3-4 big hands on the river that really killed me. I lost them mostly to the same guy too.  His stack seemed to be mostly comprised of my chips, my…preciouses. Gollum*cough*! Gollum*cough*!

Well, I was the 2nd one out.  Didn’t really matter to me, I got rivered a few times so i felt like I played good, I just got screwed. I mean, i’d bet big so he’d fold, he’d call with a hand i had beat, and then Wham! Chuck Norris roundhouse kick in the face! He gets his card on the river.

I immediately left the party, making my way back up to the dorm.  Once back in my room I finished my VB.  I went to bed at 2.  Bill and Clayton came in and woke me up at 2:30.  They were very much awake and enjoying the night if you know what I mean.  They made another special appearance at 4 in the morning.  Clayton went to bed after a while, but Bill decided to warm up some salsa and He then started watching Oceans 11.  I feel asleep and when i woke up he was in bed, the tv was off, and so were the lights.
Game Over

The weirdest thing happened last night.  I went to bed before 1 in the morning.

Now, that may not sound too weird, but it is for me.  My normal bedtime is around 3.  That’s when the tv is turned off and we actually try to sleep.  Last night, all the lights were on, the tv was on, Bill was doing his homework, it was 12:30 and I was almost asleep.

I’ve had a cold the past week so I’ve been really tired lately, and last night I went up to the gym and played basketball for about an hour and a half.   Played 2 full court games with a bunch of guys, and then I shot around for a half an hour by myself.  I pulled off some pretty tight dunks as I was shooting all by myself.  One of the guys I played against was really good and he looked like the Russian boxer from Rocky.  I can’t really remember what that boxer looks like exactly, so maybe he really doesn’t, but I think he probably does.

Anyway, i’ve been playing basketball pretty regularly now so maybe it caught up to me or something.

I think the reason for this sudden tiredness is because I didn’t eat cereal yesterday morning.  All last semester I skipped breakfast but now I’ve been eating cereal most mornings.  That stuff, if i was popeye, is like my spinach.  That stuff, if i was mario, is like my star.  That stuff, if i was Legolas, is my elven bread.  It gives me focus, it gives me strength.  I denied my body cereal condeming it to tiredness.  Oh well, sucks to be it.

That long sleep is feeling pretty good right now.  And i ate cereal this morning so now i’m doubly ready for the day.  Step aerobics  today.  I say bring it on.

my shoulder really hurts too. a lot. Damn step aerobics.

Today I had to go to class at 8 for some visual basic.  I didn’t have any fun in that class.  Then immediately after that I had Bio Lab for the first time.  This class is suppose to go until 12:30.  I got out a bit early because I’m on the “super cool” list back home.  I don’t like science and i really don’t like doing labs.  That class sucks to say the least.  I know a couple kids in that class.  Mike Miller’s cousin is in that class with me. 

  After those 2 classes i’m done for the day left to rot wherever I choose.  Lucky me.  Well, i’ve eaten lunch, watched some tv, played some guitar, thought about inventing something cool, decided not to, and I’ve listened to music.  I’ll prolly go play some basketball or something later.  Might put in a movie cuz there is nothing on tv as usual, but i want to listen to music which i often do when the tv is on but if i put in a movie then i’ll want to watch the movie so i can’t listen to my music.  That will probably the biggest problem in my life today.  Kinda sad.

Sorry, this post is pretty boring.  I’m just not feeling like putting much effort into it.  I’m going to go listen to some downer music now.  F movies.

Do you know what is weird?

When you come to your room at 2 in the morning, flip on the lights, and then very unexpectatly you notice somebody asleep in your room that is not Bill. Bill is gone, and this person is passed out on his bed. I walked over to the bed because I prolly know the person, but the way he was lying down and the angle I had to look at him I couldn’t tell who it was, and I wasn’t going to wake him up.

I set my backpack down, went to the bathroom and drained the main vain, and then walked downstairs to a different Bill’s room to see if there was a drunk Billy Voecks there. Well, Big Bill who lived in that room was lying on his couch watching tv. Big Bill told me the person sleeping in Bill’s bed was Ryan Sexor, Big Bill’s roomate. Sexor is a pretty cool guy. Most of the time i see him he is wasted. It’s just a weird feeling having someone sleeping in your roomates bed who isn’t your roomate.

Another time I came back to my room Joe Bachus, who is 6’8″, was passed out on our floor, and there were 2 girls I had no idea who they were sitting in our room. Bill was there though so it wasn’t weird or anything. just kind of a funny story.

Always makes me wonder what I’ll come back to when I get to my room. It’s kind of fun.

It was a beautiful day with a temp that could almost be said to be a bit too chilly but with a sort of perfection to it. The sun was out and the wind itself was quiet in awe of the ever growing, blooming flower of a day. It was the last class of the day and nothing could be going better for David Rausch as he walked up the steps of the Community Center. But even with all this, he could not shake his bout of uneasiness. The only reason he was not in full panic mode was that his friend Caitlin Spors was at his side heading for the same destination.

If we were a bird flying after them we’d see David and Caitlin enter through clear glass doors heading towards the front desk. Then, because we’re birds and we’re kinda made to be noisy and entertain old ladies and not made to think, we would have run right into the door. This suprising impact most likely would have broken our necks leading to paralysis and death, but not before some beautiful girls cried over our injured bodies. Our last glance up would have seen David and Caitlin making their way up the stairs. This last glance up probably would have hurt so badly we have yelled but all would come out would be a chirp which, instead of attracting the ladies, would attract the attention of a cat. Game Over.

Going up the stairs they ran into the running track, with the coat area on the other side of the track around the corner. The sound of heavy breathing could be heard from somewhere around the corner and then the pounding of feet could be felt. Much to David’s suprise Caitlin stepped out onto the running track to cross over. He had not choice but to use the force to lift her out of harms way. Then he had to pull out his wand and erase everybodies memories. Wow, talk about a chore.

After they got out of their sweats into their Step Aerobic clothes, they set out to find the room. Around the running track they ventured looking into different rooms as they went. Finally, after seconds of awkward lostness they found the room. They opened up the door with a silent dread, and nothing could prepare poor little David for what his eyes beheld next.

Girls. The room was packed with women and this music was just blarring and there were girls everywhere. David’s was expecting it, but walking into that room felt very weird to him. Instantly David put on his Blue Steel look so as to captivate the women. David and Caitlin started over to the other side of the room where they picked up their little step that they used to step on and found a spot on the floor to put it. David was near the wall in front of a window that connected to the weight room so all the weightlifters could see his face. His RA was standing their and the two saw each other through the window, exchanged looks, and then both started laughing. Then David turned on magnum and his RA started crying because it was so beautiful.

The instructor introduced herself and then asked who was taking this class for credit and those who were in there just for fun. Well, much to David’s dismay, only about half the class was there on for credit. David felt proud as he raised his hand claiming that he was taking the class just for credit. The reason for this proud feeling was the fact that by raising his hand he was making a statement “I am not gay.” If you doubt, David did not ask for an Elton John book from his mom, but Ben Folds (see david’s post “Busted” and comments).

Step Aerobic class started and right away David felt very out of place. Step Up, Step Down, Step Up, Step Down. The teacher was moving her arms around and just doing that felt very awkward and weird for David. As the class went on he learned more complicated stepping patterns such as Step Up, Knee Up, Kick Out, Step Side, Kick Left, Step Up, Step Down. There were many other things having to do with Rumbahs, pivots, shuffling and many other things. It took some time, but by the end David had mastered many of the complicated step moves. He was quickly going from Step Aerobic Apprentice to Step Aerobic Master.

During these periods of stepping were also little periods of stretching the legs by having one foot on the step and the other stretched way back. David is not flexible and that really pulls on the ACL. Halfway through the class they had their first break and David was drenched in sweat. He got a drink, conversed with Caitlin, and then got right back into it. After a few minutes they stopped stepping, the weights came out and they did weight excersises, and then later they used a medicine ball to work the abs.

Many friends found out about David’s Aerobic Stepping abilities and now Aerobic Stepping is now one of the coolest things ever. Sucks for many people cuz the class is full. He became like Matt Leinhart and Ballroom dancing. David was already famous and now he’s put Aerobic Stepping on the map. Boom-baby!

A few weeks ago I asked my mom if she thought she could order me some Ben Folds piano music for Christmas so I could learn how to play some songs. I’m not a very good piano player but I thought if we could get super dumbed down version of his songs then I could fool around with them and try to learn them. Well, my mom has no idea who Ben Folds is but she thought it sounded like a good idea. She made a few calls to her people in Watertown and they were able to order a book of Ben Folds for me.

On the 1/16/06 Mom went to Watertown and they were able to pick it up for me. On the way home Tom was looking at it and reading the words. Rugh-Ro! He found the words Bastard and Bitch and other not so nice things in there. I had thought of this problem like a week after we had ordered it, but then i forgot about it until my mom confronted me with this discovery. She wasn’t very happy with me. I could see death itself in her glare.

She read off the lyrics of some songs and Ben Folds doesn’t seem to have a very good outlook on life. My mom wanted to know if I was depressed, if I thought that the world sucks, that I hate myself, and all this other stuff.

My reply was, “No, ets ok! I have ze titan! No, ets ok!”-(Alfred French Accent Applied).

My mom was pretty livid and I told her that his songs were actually bouncy and happy sounding songs. He may use some foul language now and then but he’s not too bad. Anyway, my mom is not keeping the book. She’s taking it back to the store where I should go and buy it after she does that.lol.jk.

Well, my mom I think is very dissapointed in me, actually i think she told me that, and I think Tom was pretty suprised that I actually listened or wanted music with those type of lyrics. I’m sure he’s pretty dissappointed in me too.

Before I left I played my Theme Song for mom and I think that helped smooth out a lot of her fears about me. During the song the sun came back out from hiding, a rainbow came over our house, a family of bunnies started dancing on our deck, and some pretty birds came out and started tweeting to the song. I know it made me happier.

Last night around 3:30 or 4 in the afternoon I got a cell phone call. It was Karin Anderson, or Karin as i call her.

David,”Sup dawg?”
Karin, “You are so weird.”
David,”Cuz I’m white? Whatever!”
Karin,”Let’s watch Star Wars and eat stuff!”
David,”Your weird but that sounds like a good idea.”

That started what would become a night of total awsomeness.

Well, people started coming to my house from all over the galaxy kind of like Field of Dreams. Actually, it was exactly like Field of Dreams. Only I was smart enough to call up my buddy Chuck Norris to roundhouse kick everybody not my friends in the face. They all went home with matching bootmarks on their faces leaving me and my friends alone.

Well, Chris Fellows and Tyler Rolfes showed up first. We started reminiscing about the days of old and then we remembered how one day we made an Ortonville Punk’d video. We found the video and watched. Hilarity insued. The victims punk’d and scarred for life by this event were Chris Smith, Kelsey Watkins, and Karin Anderson.

Then, when Kelsey and Karin arrived we watched Episode IV. This means 4, Molly. Afterwards we ordered a pizza and then waited about 20 minutes for it to be done. During this time Steph became the center of attention. That’s always fun. Oh yeah, Chris Smith was there by then.

Well, Tyler and I went on a quest to get the pizza. This was the toughest ride to Ortonville EVER! All of Chuck Norris’s roundhouse kicked victims were angry and wanting a piece of us. Fortunetly for us, it was foggy out and everbody kicked by my buddy Chuck had become mentally challenged. At Pizza Ranch we found an ally in Megan Croatt who was able to get our pizzas quickly. We talked to her, made her day, and left. The trip home flew by and just like that in nothin flat we were back.

I walked into the house to find everyone downstairs watching Episode V. That means 5 molly. The movie went pretty badly. It never changes, C-3PO gets shot to pieces, people are tortued, Han gets encased in Carbonite, Luke doesn’t seem to understand anything Yoda says, Yoda gets depressed and sad, and then Vader cuts off Luke’s hand. Nobody is happy. Except for Vader I guess. I’m happy for him.

After the end of that movie everybody hung around for a while. We talked, shot hoops with my Little Tykes hoop, and then I figured I might as well put in my wrestling movie from the 2nd grade just for something to watch. Well, needless to say, I think the guys kind of liked it cuz I dominated and even appeared to have injured a kid, and the girls couldn’t get enough of it because, hey, it’s me in tights. Kelsey and Karin, you really need to get your mind out of the gutters. I mean, I was really young.

Then after sitting around and realizing it wasn’t even 10:30 yet I asked people what they wanted to do. Fellows left, and Karin said she’d watch the Return of the Jedi, and Kelsey and Chris were both tired but decided to stay for a while and watch. Well, they left partway through so our party of 6 was a party of 2. It should be noted that Tyler left for college as soon as we returned from with the pizza.

Episode VI turned out to be really really good like it always does. The Ewoks were a huge hit. This is a fairly happy movie. Chewbacca meets his long lost, shorter kin, Han realizes that Leia truly is his princess, Luke gets to cut off his father’s hand in retaliation to Episode V, Vader finally finds himself by killing some Emperor dude, and some Chinese guy made the film. Way to go you Chinese guy! Karin really enjoyed this one. Molly, VI means 6. I think Return of the Jedi was the Karins favorite out of the 6, but I don’t know for sure. Just for the record, 6 is one of my favorites.

Karin said she thought they were pretty good overall and she was glad that she had seen them. I’m glad she liked them because I think, for most people, unless you’ve grown up with Star Wars, its just kind of a weird movie that people don’t really get into. For those who grow up with it it’s kind of on a shelf all by itself or only accompanied by the truly great movies of all time. Such as Zoolander. No, maybe not. Magnum is a pretty wicked awsome look though.

Well, that was the last thing of vacation for me. It was freakin sweet and thanks you to all who were a part of it.
Peace Out Dawgs!

Christmas Break is over. Game Over.
This is the last weekend of freedom before me and my fellow collegians head back to college. Some, well, most college kids are back in school already, but a few of us are still around. We are scarce though, like the tree people. Lets look over what I did this month of break
*Save the world
>A lot
> Star Wars I,II,III (1,2,3-for you molly) Hitchhikers Guide, The Interpretur(SP?), Princess Bride(at least 2x), Kronks New Groove, Runaway Jury, Sneakers, Bewitched, Star Wars III(3 -for you molly) Special Features, and The Skeleton Key. I bet I prolly watched 42 more movies than that but i can’t remember them all.
*Fished for COD
*Games Card/Board
>Apples to Apples (Shiznit Game)
>Balderdash(funniest game ever)
>Trivial Pursuit (played it about 10x)
>Speed(card game-I dominate)
>Sequence(I get dominated)
*Played Piano
>Learned “Come What May” and worked on “Hedwigs Theme Song” a bit
>Played at Unity Square, Big Stone Gym, and Ortonville Gym (it felt like i was part of the Globetrotters traveling all over the place, inbetween states and stuff)
*Cured Cancer (told no one)
*Played Age of Wonders 2 with bro’s and by myself
*Listen to a ton of music
>I’d turn the music up so loud in my room that i couldn’t hear my cell phone go off right next to me. Id then listen in my room or go shoot some hoops with the little tykes basketball hoop. I did that a lot.
*Watched a lot of boys and girls basketball games.
>Played pep band at games
>DQ’d it up after games
*Went to the movies
>King Kong (pretty good)
>The Chronicles of Narnia (alright)

I kind of went into this post agreeing with what a brilliant man wrote earlier,”But really with posts I think people just like having something new to read. I know I get excited whenever anyone posts even if they are just posting about how they got in some homoerotic situation and things went down real real bad.” This means people just like to read new stuff. This break went by too fast and I don’t really want to go back to college now. I feel like going back to the days of highschool where I see my hs friends everyday. College is awsome, but after hanging out with everybody again, i’d choose highschool. Oh well, sucks to be me.

Break is over.

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