February 2006

Well, I guess my weekend started a little prematurely with a phone call around 2:45. It was karin seeing if I knew of anybody going down to the wrestling meet on Saturday.

I replied with a negative, but I did have connections with this one guy that was going down Friday. If she went down with this one guy, she’d have to spend the night with a bunch of other guys and stay at this other guy’s house. She agreed to calling up this one guy to see if she could go down to stay with this other guy with a bunch of other guys. It all worked out.

I said my weekend started a bit prematurely because that phone call was like the beginning of the weekend, but i wasn’t even out of class yet. I felt the weekend calling my name.
The weekend was looking for fun and it just couldn’t wait for me to be apart of it.

At 3:10 amy jo picked me up and off we went. Now the weekend and great imaginative thoughts about the weekend had officially begun. On the way down we listend to Story of the Year and Armor for Sleep. I forgot how good Armor for Sleep is.

When we arrived we went straight to the gym where we found the Ortonville section and then we seated ourselves. Chris Smith came moments later to join in the ongoing sight seeing of manly men wrestling other manly men. At about 7, maybe, Karin and Tyler suddenly showed up. I say maybe cuz i guess i’m not sure. It could have been 7:15. They joined the possy and then we were complete. Ortonville seemed to do pretty decent Friday and after it was all over, Karin and Amy left with the cheerleaders while the rest of us went to Bryce’s.

At Bryce’s I really met Schaeff for the first time. Then Lindsey came over and then we all went to Applebees. Bryce gave me this cool hat that I wore partly backwards and partly sideways the entire time we were there. Needless to say I got some looks my way, most of these looks were by women who would then walk by and drop napkins with their phone numbers into my lap. Not realizing the phone numbers were there, i thanked them, and would use the napkins with the phone numbers to wipe my face and hands which were sticky from the bar-b-que ribs that i had gotten.

After that exquisite supper we left and bryce talked to buddy Bartley. Buddy Bartley said that we had to “get over here” so we thought about, called amy, talked to her about it, then we all voted and it was decided we’d just go over and check it out. Well, we got their, Bartley was all alone with his shirt off and his house full of smoke, and he was drunker than I’ve ever been. The night eventually became all about ping-pong. I was the one that was beaten by a guy who was so drunk he couldn’t even remember playing. PLUS he was wearing bowling shoes. Now, I may be president of the ping pong club in ortonville, but that’s not saying much. Bryce won the tournament, so kudos to him. I never won, so i guess that means something. Such as winning doesn’t mean everything, its how you play the game.

After that we went back to Bryce’s, watched some Arrested Development which was pretty decent, i was kind of stoned though, and then we hit the hay. I think i was awake most of the night and most of the morning cuz my damn brain wouldn’t shut off! So i pretty much made out with all the girls while they were asleep. If that doesn’t gross you out, well, I pretty much made out with all the guys too! Girls were much better.

In the morning I ate some cereal which made my day right there. Then Bryce and i played tennis in the house. I’m not sure who won, but it was really intense and by the end i was almost exhausted and almost sweeting. We had an audience of Tyler, then it doubled with the attendance of Karin. Needless to say, the audience grew pretty quickly. Before we hit the wrestling tournament, karin and i played Mario Bros. which brought back memories, but I was able to hold back the tears. I then played duck hunt without any mercy on those ducks. I got on a role which held the group back.
We then hit the wrestling meet where we found out a lot of the wrestlers had lost making it either very difficult to make it to state or impossible to make it. We watched for a while, then when it came time to eat, we went to Bryce’s.

At Bryce’s Karin and I hit up on some other interesting games we hadn’t really played before and we had battle upon battle. Yoshi’s Cookie’s??? was a sweet game like Bejeweled where i dominated her and then we played Doctor Mario where she dominated me. During this time Tyler and Bryce were having a battle of their own. The Mac and Cheese battle. Who made the best Mac and Cheese? I say Tyler, not because of the taste, but because his was a little more runny where as Bryce’s was a bit thicker. I’d eat either of your guys’s Mac and Cheese any day.

We then headed back to the tournament where we sat and watched, and watched and sat, and daydreamed, and sucked on mr. freezies/lightsabers, and then watched some more, then sitting hurt a lot, and then Bam! Bryce and I had a semi-wrestling match in the stands! First we grappled eachother, then I tried to switch manuevers and hook legs, a secret move I had just learned earlier that day. Very dangerous because if you’re not a pro, things can go bad fast! In the end, nobody won and I hurt my neck/spine. Now I may be a pussy, and if mrs. kunde read this and i were in her class right now she’d be choking me to death, but it really hurt. Woke up this morning and i couldn’t turn my head our bend over with out immense hurting. I got over it by drawing on the force to loosen my muscles and block out the pain. Later that day Karin and I saw something that would change our lives forever. We saw some dude grab this other dude’s junk. And he did not let go for what seemed like eternity. Sadly, we had the perfect angle and sadly, it was a bit mezmerizing. We looked at eachother in shock, and I could already see the scars of this event in her eyes. In the end, Dustin made it to state with complete and total domination.

AFterwards Chris, Amy, Tyler, and Karin ate at Pizza Hut. Bryce and I ate at Hardees??? I don’t even know. Bryce at there cuz doesn’t like Pizza Hut, I ate there because I was poor. I had to wait for about 15-20 minutes for Bryce cuz he had to go to Lindseys. It was worht it though cuz he had coupons for cheap food which is exactly what i needed.

After that Tyler and Karin followed me and Amy home. Amy and I talked about life, the universe, and everything while listening to several cd’s. It was quite enjoyable. The in Ortonville, I rented The Exorcism of Emily Rose, and then Tyler and Karin joined us. We drove around a while waiting for the bus to get there. When we found it, we honked a lot and screamed at the trees. I guess we determined her honk was gay, but i didn’t think it was that bad. Amy also opened up all the windows so we could yell at moving vehicles, buildings, and at each other. It was really cold. We then went to the school to meet everybody on the bus and decide what was going down that night. We decided : Movie, Tylers house, be there, be square.

Once there Karin got the tour, I got reaquanted with my childhood house of fun, and then other people started showing up. When everybody on the list made it, we started the movie. It was freakin awsome. Really good story, pretty nerveraking, kinda scary (I jumped once), and just all around good. It’s hard for me to judge scary movies cuz i don’t ever really feel scarred during the movie, its more afterwards when i’m all alone or something. When I get really like nervous, suspenseful i start to tear up, and i did during this movie. I don’t cry, i just start tearing up. That hasn’t happened for a long time. I can’t really explain what it is or really what i feel that makes me do it. When i was little and was reading suspenseful books I would have tears streaming out of my eyes, but its not like crying. One of the parts everybody jumped at the most was when this dude got hit by a car. I’m proud to say I didn’t move at all nor did it even make me jump on the inside. After that moment it was dead silence, so i tried to lighten the mood by say “i told him to try and stay alive” cuz i had sort of predicted his death earlier. No one laughed.
When the movie was over everybody went home. The next day I hung out at home and me, tom, and steph finished our amazing uno game (its gonna be the next post). Then we went to Fellow’s house and hung out. then i went back to college with amy where i kept on dozing off. I tried hard not, but i did sometimes nevertheless.

The weekend was prolly an 8 or 9. A lot of sitting, but with friends anythings worht doing and everything is pretty fun no matter what. I’ve never watched wrestling and I have to say I wish i had gone to a lot more matches back when I was in high school. It is pretty entertaining, especially when you know the people wrestling. It’s awsome when two wrestlers are tied and its going down the the wire and the two opposing crowds are both screaming at the top of their lungs. It’s great.

So one day I was minding my own business when Bill suddenly addresses me.

“David, your gonna need to play for me tonite. I have too much homework to do”

I replied, “Yeah, I got your back you busy guy.”

Then, 1 hour before gametime, I took the liberty of going to bed and falling asleep.

The next thing I know I”m being woken up by one of the players on the team, Caitlins roomate, Amy Zerfus.

“Davy, its time to go”

“Wha?” – I reply with complete dumbfoundedness.

Amy – “I need to go to my room and get some things so talk to clayton and bear and see if they are ready to go and meet me downstairs.”

Well, i did that. Mission accomplished. We all carpooled down to the gym in her Neon. We had to be careful of her dress she has to wear at work- she works at a clothing store- for Prom.  Green.  One of the guys riding with us actually is going to go get a red bowtie from her sometime soon. I know you all need to know that. Once there our basketball teamed assembled and we watched other games finish up.

Turns out this game is a playoff game so losers go home crying. I was sick of crying so I was going to try hard to be a winner. Time for the Secret Weapon to unleash his weapons of secrecy. We had about 5 minutes to shoot around before the game so I stepped on the court feeling the juices of excellence flow. My confidence was high and my commitment unshakeable as I received the ball for the first warm-up shot. I cocked the ball, jumped into the air, and released the ball in one smooth flow. Let me tell you my dissapointment and partial embarassement when, not only did i not get close to the rim, I did not even come remotely close to touching the net.

You know how some people can really attract attention for how good they do things. They perform incredible feats nobody has ever seen. Well, I turned heads with my ability to perform astonishing feats of airballing while trying. Now, you might say, David, if your airballing it, step in a couple steps. Start closer and work your way out – baby steps. Well, right you are people thinking that, but i was already at least 5-8 feet inside the three-point line. Any closer and I might as well be missing layups. I decided that I would not be shooting anything that wasn’t right under that basket.

I started out on the bench cheering on my team and trying to alter the other team’s shots with my mind.

Eventually I made it in and that’s when I noticed that step aerobics doesn’t really prepare you for lots of sprinting. The first time down the court I came around the baseline and received a pass, where I then made I nice pass to Bear in the blocks where he scored.

Assist to David.

Then on the next play or 2 on D i stole the ball and took it coast to coast. Almost. I dumped it off to a girl who scored.

People might have been cheering, and maybe not. I had been on the court for maybe a max of one minute and i felt like i was going to pass out. My head was kind of swimming and all of my muscles burned like the fires of hell on a hot summers day. Let me tell you that Hell sucks. I don’t know personally, but I’ve heard.

Also, it should be noted, that almost right away I got an offensive rebound and when I attempted to put it up it got blocked. Really badly. Just like old times. Just like everytime.

And then again on a fast break, I was a wing going down the side and the ball was passed to me as I came up to the basket. The lone defender flew past me as recieved the ball. I then took two steps and soared to the basket. I could feel the wind rushing past my ears, I could almost see the court getting smaller, and then out of nowhere, a voice from heaven or maybe I said it, I heard this voice say “WITH MY SECRET POWERS, I AM CAPTAIN PLANET!” I felt like i was flying and like i had turned blue and glassy. I decided to kiss it off the glass in a layup type fashion, when all of a sudden before the ball and glass could kiss, some guy, most likely Superman in disguise, came out of nowhere launched the ball almost into orbit. The ball landed almost on the far side of the court next to us. It was quite an amazing feat. All it meant to me was that I really wasn’t Captain Planet.

In the end, the game was won and they went home crying. We were winners and we went home not crying.

Game Over.

Zakota Party!

Things I did this weekend:Friday: Nothing

Saturday: Basketball game in Brookings. Chris and Kelsey passengers.

Sunday: Church – Bingo (did not win) – Birthday Party at Grandma’s – Movie at Karin’s house with Megan, Kelsey, and Chris.

Monday – Ate out with dad for lunch – Went ice-skating for first time in about 10 years with Chris and Kelsey

NDSU Basketball:

On saturday night the big NDSU vs. SDSU game was going down. Therefore, i called up a couple of my home dogs – a.k.a Chris and Kelsey – and we headed down to Brookings. There we met up with all of you people who are reading this. If your reading this and you don’t remember meeting us in Brookings, then you weren’t there. Well, we all met up at Zakota where the service was free, the food was free, and the company was free too! Then after eating some of that energy filling substance we drove off to the college. At the game we found our seats. Tony and I risked our lives going out scouting ahead of the group. We met a guard at the top of the steps checking tickets so I pulled a Jihad on him and then we headed back to the group.

After finding our seats the game started and we cheered and yelled and watched and sat and ate ice-cream. Then I decided to mix things up by sending dirty text messages to Fellows and Miles. Why them? I hadn’t talked to Fellows the entire game cuz he was so far away. I chose Miles because he’s so silly.

In the end NDSU lost but they had a chance. They had a last second three point shot to win and in my mind I was saying “MOOONNNNEEYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!” and then it rimmed out. After hanging around for a while, conjugating, talking, and just raising the coolness level of the gym by our meer presence of coolness, Fellows, Kelsey, and I left. On the ride home I missed the exit cuz i wasn’t paying attention and so that was weird. I think taking off from Brookings instead of Madison threw off my internal clock and my groove. Got back at around midnight i think, and then i stayed up until three drinking steph’s birthday present I never gave her.


Sunday I went to Bingo with my mom and steph. I went because I hadn’t played bingo in a while, but mostly because Sue was putting it on. Well, I walked in and was suprised to find I was either 10 years older than the all the people or 20 years younger than all the people there except for Amber Eustice. Well, we got settle down, and then in walks some girls a grade older than me and then in came Karin Anderson, or Karin, as I like to call her. I can’t tell you how suprised I was that she came to bingo because I couldn’t believe anybody from Ortonville knows where the Big Stone School is. Well, I didn’t win and I never win because I really suck at Bingo. Afterwards I talked to Karin and we talked about possibly watching a movie. If your interested about that read what is coming up next!

Movie at Karins:

Sunday night I headed out to Karins to hang out at her house for the first time in over a year and a half. Kelsey and i drove out together, didn’t get lost!, and met Megan and Karin there. Fellows showed up a while later and then the party really got out of control. We watched a couple movies, some parts of movies, learned about Sudiko(sp), and just hung out. I learned more about terrorism than anything i’ve seen on the news. Jihads are awsome! It was a pretty fun time.


On Monday Fellows and Kelsey and I went skating. Fellows and I didn’t have any skates so we used some that were there at the rink that nobody used. They were pretty old school. I hadn’t skated since Nam, so it was quite an experience. I fell quite a few times and practiced trying to skate backwards without much success. My feet were really sore, but it was a ton of fun. Whenever I got depressed from falling i’d do my triple axles and double sow-cows just to release some of my sadness. After skating we hit the DQ, ate some ice-cream and french fries. I then headed home for the ride back to college.

Last year for band we had to write one review a semster either on a music cd or on a live concert we had attended.  This made me go to my first choir concert and then I wrote this review which you will read in a second.  This review is probably the best paper I have ever handed in a to a teacher.  A couple days later my band director came up to me, shook my hand, and congradulated me on such a great paper.  He said he laughed, he cried, it was amazing.  I can tell you I was a pretty happy with myself.  This in turn led to me writing several other things that i sent out in e-mails and I think it inspired me to come out more with my own personal writing style.  So, in a sense, it was the beginning of my writing career, if you can call it that.

Listening Assignment


A month or two ago, my buddies and I participated in the mass gathering of onlookers for the Ortonville choir concert. There I received my first live view of the Ortonville Choir – or any choir concert for that matter- in its full splendor. I quickly made a scan of the participants entering on stage. I must admit my quick scan was not concentrated on the choir as a whole, but more the female participants within the choir body. Many had gotten haircuts for the event while others had spent more time doing their make-up than they would had they been just going to school. I could tell all of this from up in the balcony, surrounded by many annoying younger children. If you look nice and sound nice, the music will most likely sound much better than it is, but that probably also works in the opposite way. If you look nice, people will most likely expect you to sound nice musically as well. If you don’t live up to their exaggerated expectations, their feelings of being let down will most likely make them feel your musical or vocal abilities were much worse than they actually sounded at the time.

The choir itself looked great with the nice, sleek robes that they wore. The music itself that was emitted from the choir was pretty decent, although not up to par with their appearance. In light of my earlier theory about looks and the expectations that arise from such sights, I believe my first impression cannot be entirely correct; therefore, I feel it is my personal obligation to give them a bit more credit than I think they deserve allowing me to say that they were great.

There were individuals that stood out among the rest. Often times this was because they were singing solo’s by themselves so technically no could be singing better than them because no one else was actually singing. Then there were those that stood out above everybody else because of their sheer volume and captivating voices. Understand now that these people weren’t singing solo’s like the “other” individuals I had spoken of.

These melodious sounding peoples not only were fun to listen to, but sometimes it made the kids around me shut up. This allowed me to feel the peace that one should feel listening to the natural musical talent that God has bestowed upon mankind…err, some of mankind.

To end this, the evening was quite an experience and to tell the truth, I wouldn’t mind going to another one as long as I’m not alone. If I am going to be alone though, forget it. My totally unbiased opinion of the night due to the corruption of the mind from the arisen expectations that really can’t be controlled is that that night I felt like I was in a balcony filled with emotion from the emanating melody of the choir. It was like a magical presence that I had not felt since I had last boughten a new computer game. I’d compare it to Darth Vader feeling Obi-Wans presence for the first time since….(sorry, he never finished the sentence in the movie). There must have been some magical experience in that presence. Anyway, with this said, Ortonville is the finest live choir I have ever listened to in my entire life.

That, by far, is the greatest piece I think i’ve ever written.

I’m in these clubs: the Newman Club and the Drama Club.  Well, both clubs had plans to visit assisted living homes Monday night.  I knew about the Newman Club visit before the Drama Club’s so I went with the Newman Club.  The Newman Club dropped off valentine cards and balloons for all the residents and then we sat around and chatted for a while.  We talked about life at the hall, the college, where they grew up, and the birds and the bees.  Casual stuff like that.

The Drama Club went to a different assisted living place where they performed great feats of talent.  Some people played the piano, guitar, some sang, one guy did dog tricks, and one dude was suppose to juggle.  I don’t know if he did or not because I heard he forgot to practice for it, but he does have a dog suit.  Why is that relevant? Because one time at 4 in the morning he ran into our rooms and woke us up while wearing it.  It’s a pretty sweet mascot uniform if i do say so myself.

After talking to all the people in assisted living we went to Sr. Teriseta’s apartment and had a big pizza party.  There was a ton of pizza to eat so I ate a ton of pizza because I can.  Thats the way the world works.  If there is pizza to eat you eat it. If there is more pizza than can be eaten by the people at the party, then you eat a lot of it.  I eat pizza almost 2 times a day because it is really quick and easy to get and i like it.  Most people get sick of it but not me.  I just go with the flow and right now pizza is flowing like a river of cheezy goodness.

Anyways, I left the party with a my final gestures being a wink and a kiss towards Sr. Teresita before I closed the door. I could hear everybody laughing all the way down into the entrance of the apartment building.
I went back to my dorm.


I love cereal. Plain and simple. Let me explain. No there is too much. Let me sum up.

I grew up eating cereal about 3 times a day at my house. We eventually ended up with a “cereal night” where the family would just eat cereal for supper whenever we felt like eating.

In the beginning our cupboards consistently consisted of Wheaties, Crispy Rice, Raisin Bran, and Cheerios. All of those taste pretty good when a spoon full or 2 of sugar are dumped on it except i didn’t put sugar on Raisin Bran. Over the years our selection of cereal has changed. Wheaties, Raisin Bran, and Crispy Rice will forever remain in our cupboards, but regular Cheerios has been dropped, and a newer type (Triple berry and Banana-or some ridicules name like that) of cheerios has replaced it. Let me tell you right now us guys don’t eat the new and improved Cheerios. We’re old school. Another cereal that invaded our cupboards quite a while ago was Frosted Shredded Wheat. This quickly became a favorite of the kids, and is still a popular choice. It has been dubbed as “Micaela’s cereal” because she is the pickiest of the kids and doesn’t like to eat anything else for cereal. Occasionaly we’ll mix things up with some Wheat Chex which are pretty sweet, Quacker Squares, and some Smart Start (or it might be GrapeNuts, or both) which mom and steph like to eat mixed with vanilla yogurt. Another cereal that we get every so often is Cracklin Oat Bran. This cereal I used to refer to as “Dog Cereal”. It comes in a square shaped that is hollowed out in the middle. It is muy excellente.

Anyways, I’ve been a cereal lover for a long time, taking the liberty of eating cereal of other peoples whenever i’m at their houses. It all started at Tyler’s house. They’d have cereal that they would never eat. It’s like they were buying cereal just for me! I remember when Rice Krispie Treats were big. I loved eating that when they had it. They also had Lucky Charms a lot which in turn led me to saying “There always after me Lucky Charms” a lot more than I should have.

Eventually Tyler and I started hanging out at Chris’s house. Chris’s house is where my career in cereal eating took off. At Chris’s house I specifically target the Cinnamon Toast Crunch cuz it’s my favorito cereal. I also like it when they have Cookie Crisp.The first time I ever ate Cookie Crisp was at Adam Gangler’s house. It’s pretty sweet stuff. Eventually it became common practice for me to eat at least one bowl of cereal almost every time I came over. They had such a sweet selection it was like opening up a closet of golden goodness. I could almost see halos above every cereal box. Then the hang out place moved to the Rausch house.
At Bryce’s and Miles’ house it was great. It always starts out the same at every house. First I ask if I can have some cereal, then after a while i just start eating their cereal without asking because I know they’ll just say yes. At the Rausch house-the place more popular than the lower- they have these really deep big bowls, and I tended to load it up with Cocoa Puffs. At the end of one of these bowls i’m usually pretty full. Then, during Christmas Break, I moved on to eating their supper instead. I’d usually end up at their house right after supper and there always seems to be leftovers and I’m more than willing to help out. I like their leftovers because it usually consists of a whole meal and is extremely good.
Now that i’ve moved out of all these homes I’ve had to find a new cereal source. Thank you TC (Trojan Center)! The TC has these really neat cereal containers where you just peel of the top, pour your milk in and you have breakfast/lunch/supper/snack. It’s a container AND a bowl! Ingenious. Afterwards you can just throw it away. I tend to mix it up a bit with Corn Pops, Apple Jacks, Fruit Loops, Cocoa Puffs, Lucky Charms,Cocoa Crispies, and Cinnamon Toast Crunch. This is always eaten with 2% milk. I’d have to say 2% or 1% are my favorite cuz they both taste the same:good. Skim is best avoided, but over the years I’ve had to adjust to different household milks and Skim has become acceptable.

that is my cereal history in a nutshell. Guess what i’m going to do now. EAT CEREAL! Forizzle!

Peace out dawgs!

-Boy of Destiny-

Well, it is 3 in the morning on a Sunday morning and I am bored out of my mind.  I got back from chillin with my homies and thought about what I could do. 

1.Play Diablo 2

2.write some stuff (not posting)

 3.listen to music

 4.go to bed

 WWLD? She’d go to bed no doubt.  She would have went to bed a long time ago.  That option is out.  Sleeping is for Lonie, not for those striving to be like Chuck Norris.

I chose to write some stuff(not posting) while listening to music.  When i got done with that i just listened to music while playing Minesweeper.  Then i decided to write this post on the weekend and possibly other stuff.

Well, Friday at 5:30 Miles, Holli, and I piled into Miles vehicle.  That was the start of some crazy road trippin.  Miles brought the alcohol, Holli brought herself, and I brought my tablet.  Needless to say, things got a little crazy.  A little crazy between Holli and Miles and between me and my tablet. 

I know what your all thinking.  Get your head out of the gutters.

Miles and Holli were talking up a storm, so me, not being really in the conversation or being able to hear anything anyway, decided its about time someone started saving the world so I played Diable 2 Exp. where I started a Necromancer call GameOver.  I just started playing Diablo 2 Exp. again and I’ve been playing on Battle.net.  On Battle.net I have this sweet Assassin (ChuckRHNorris-the RH stand for Round House) who pretty much assissinates things all quick like.  She is really good with blades. Now, back to GameOver, I originally thought Necro’s were the weakest character, but I think getting to where I am now has been the easiest it has ever been.  He really dominates his opponents by killing them, but then I make him be nice by raising their skeletal bodies. I also have this Teeth ability which shoots out these things that kill people. If the game was 3d you’d prolly see these teeth stab enimies in the soul.  But he gives some of them their bodies back so *eets okay!*  He’s such a good guy!

Anyways, saved the world, made it home, then I immediately left with Tyler to go to the girls basketball game in O-town.  I sat with my family watching future childbearing mothers duke it out in a game of bball.  A few things were found out that night.

1. Christopher Fellows is sick.

2.  You get in free when Fellows’s dad takes the money box.

3. I am the slowest person at getting a ringing phone out of their pocket.

4. Its pretty much not cool going to a high school dance.

After the game tyler, I, kelsey, and karin conjugated together to talk about life, the universe, and everything. And also about watching Fiddler on the Roof the next day. 

Kelsey and Karin were going to the high school dance after the game. I was thinking about going  because I heard that a lot of 7th grade girls were going to be there, but Tyler said “David, no.”  I was kind of dissapointed because I wanted to show everybody my super cool step aerobic moves.  We then headed to Fellows house to talk and eat some crumpets and bong some tea. 

After that little date we headed off the most popular place in the area. No, not the lower, to Miles and Bryces house.  There was Holli, Miles, Tony, Me, Tyler, and two girls, Jenny Maas and Sally Helgeson.  There we watched a couple specials on ghosts, miles was funny as usual, and the rest just kind of talked whenever we felt Chuck Norris would talk were he in our situation. 

When I told Molly that I had invited Sally and Jenny over, it was decided that I come home to her house more than her brothers do so I kind of am her brother so if I invite people over to her house its like i’m really inviting them to my house.  Its funny cuz that is kind of what it feels like to me too.  Kinda Weird.

Well, I went home at 1 something, maybe 2 something.  i then played Diablo 2, killed some people, raised them up again, and then they get killed again (sucks to be them!), killed Andariel, and saved the world.  Then i went to bed.

Saturday I got up at noon, ate some food, then Tyler came over and sat around while I played some Diablo 2 with GameOver.  I totaly rocked!  My army of undead vs. whatever the game throws at me.  I’m sorry computer, but Game Over.

Then we headed off to that one place more popular than the lower and as we walked upstairs Kelsey called, telling us that she was going to watch The Fiddler on the Roof now, so Tyler and I ran over to her place.  Did we actually run? HAHA! No… Idiots.

There Kelsey, Tyler, and I watched tape 1 of Fiddler on the Roof.  Really enjoyed it I did. Music good, story good, humor it had. 

After that we decided to eat some food. We pretty much made a feast of pizza, teriyake chicken, some other chicken things,and some beef tortillas.  It was quite good and we were all well feed for the second half of the movie.  The second half was also good although it had a sad ending i wasn’t really expecting.  Papa got pushed a little too far by one of his daughters and as Papa was getting pushed, so were the Jews, all the way to Mexico or wherever they wanted to go that was far away from where they were. If i ruined the ending, well, SUCKS TO BE YOU!HAHA!

I’m sorry.

After this, we just hung around, i tried on one of her little shirt/jacket thingy that was really small, we talked about cocaine, crack, meth, tested each one of those out on the dog and then used them ourselves. 

Her bathroom is not good for doing cocaine. 

We then took the time to ponder WWLD.  Well, I think she’d decide to hit the ol’ dusty trail all the way over to Miles and Bryces house, so that is what we did. 

There we played Apples to Apples where one minute, Miles and Holli were making out or something and then Miles totally rubs in Holli’s face how terrible her use of red apple cards were and then she totally round house kicked Miles in the face.  Totally, it all happened just like that.  Make-out, burn, round house kick in the face.  Just like that.  Needless to say, I was a bit freaked out, which i’m sure is the reason Kelsey left during the second game and I didn’t win a single green apple the last round. 

After that semi-friendly game of hilarity, love, and hostility, Tyler and I hit the ol’ dusty trail and headed home.  This has in turn led to this chair that i’m sitting in typing on a keyboard that is in turn putting these letters on this screen.

So that has been my weekend so far and I’m sorry but i’m not going to talk about other stuff. I have church in 5 hours. That gives me 41/2 hours to play Diablo 2.

Game Over.