April 2006

Well, as of right now i’m on movie number 5 of today. I started watching right after lunch with the movie Kung-Pow!

Kung Pow! pretty much sucks. About 3/4 the way through I basically quit watching and played Amy Jo in a couple games of Minesweeper over MSN. If you check on Flixter you’d see that i’ve given it a 1 star. Yeah, pretty bad.

The next movie I watched was Madagascar. Ben Stiller and Chris Rock voice a lion and zebra in this movie. I found this movie to be not really that funny and the story seemed kind of dumb. I was pretty much bored all the way through it and eventually ended moving from sitting on the futon to laying down on my bed. I was happy when it was over. On flixter I give it a 2 stars.

After that movie I napped till band and then after band I went with Miles back to his apartment where we ate pizza and I finished the rest of Arrested Development Season 2! Season 3 here I come! So actually, if you count the 4 episodes I watched there as one movie, i’ve watched 5 movies today! Arrested Development is muy humorous and funny.

After getting back to my dorm room I inserted the movie Unbreakable staring Bruce Willis and Samuel L. Jackson. I discovered that the wife of Bruce Willis in this movie was actually the person who played Princess Buttercup in Princess Bride. Miles, i figured this out! But it took over an hour of pondering:( This movie I liked very much. Has to do with Bruce, with the help and constant stalking and badgering by samuel, coming to realize that he is a sort of superhero. NOt like having mutated powers or anything, just unbreakable bones, he’s somewhat strong, superior genes basically. It’s cool. 4 starts i think on flixter.

After that movie I watched Hitch. This movie is fantastic. I find myself kind laughing/giggling through it a lot. i know, i sound creepy, but it’s funny in a giggly sort of way. I give it 4 1/2 stars on flixter. Good story, acting, and i love when a person just doing a good thing is misunderstood, maybe humiliated, and then BAM! the humiliator realizes they are wrong and the person who was humiliated is actually a good guy. If you understand that, then its awsome for you too.

Now, as i’m writing this, I’m watching The Last Samuri. I think i gave this movie 5 stars. I really really liked it. I laughed, almost cried 2x, and just watched in amazement. This movie is about 3 hours long and its currently 1:10 in the morning.

Mom, if your reading this, should just let you know you should worry cuz I’m not sure i’m going to get all my work done for finals. I work good under pressure though.hehe WWLD?

Well, that’s that
Game Over.
Especially for the Samuri.

So normally after band practice Miles, Holli, and I go eat together. Normally we just go down to the TC, get some TC food, and then it’s feasting time. Well, that’s not how things went down Tuesday.

On Tuesday it was decided we were gonna get subs from Holli’s friend who makes the best subs ever! It’s a place called One-Stop which is a nice gas station.

Well, we walk in like we own the place, then we grab a slip of paper where we have to circle what kind of cheese we want, what kind of bread we want, ect….

I would circle what I wanted, and then proceeded to write above the circle exactly what I wanted. Ex. I’d circle “white bread” and then above it I’d write “I want white bread”.
Now, when I get subs I become ridiculously vulnerable to ridicule and I receive weird looks often.

The sub maker (looking at the sheet i handed her): “You don’t want any cheese!?”

Me: “No thank you”

The sub maker: “You don’t want any toppings at all!?”

Me (blushing): “Nope”

The sub maker: “You don’t want any condiments!?”


Me (feeling super stupid)- “Uhh..not really.”

The sub maker: “All you want is chicken!? That’s it!?”


Me: “Give me my damn sandwich women!”

That’s how it is every single time.  I always get weird looks and asked tons of questions because they can’t believe i like just my buns and my prime meat.  It’s the looks they give you and the occasional snicker or disbelieving “okay” that make you feel extremely aware your surrounded by complex sub lovers.

Subway is the worst cuz they offer you ten different types of everything and i have no clue what any of it is.

They ask “what type of bread out of the 5,000 kinds do you want”

Me:  “I guess i’ll have that one there” pointing with my finger.

They know i’m just pointing and i have no idea what’s going on.  then they pass it on to the next person who has felt the vibe that a sub-idiot is in the building.  they ask me what i want on it besides the grilled chicken.

me: “nothing else”
then there is the 5 minute pause where they just stare at me wondering if i’m trying to be funny.  When they begin to realize i might be serious they ask

subway worker from hell: “you don’t want anything? are you sure? nothing? your sure your sure?   you don’t want any of this additive goodness? none of this sweet tasting subway lovin toppings? your sure?”

When i start blushing and look down at my shoes they pass this sandwhich to the next person in line.

subway person: “is this it?”

me: “yes” i say, even though i really want a cookie.

I don’t order one because i just want to get away from the counter as fast as possible

Needless to say, i don’t eat at subway often.

So this weekend had really nice weather.  Only problem is that it was also pretty windy much of the time.

However, none of this stopped me from going and playing a few rounds of golf this weekend. I’m a man’s man.

The first round came on a friday afternoon.  The players in this event happened to be Kelsey and Micaela.  I ended up wearing shorts for the first time this year.

It really wasn’t too windy this day if my memory serves me right.  I remember I bravely stepped into the tee box, took a couple deep breathes, flexed my muscles which tore my cuttoff t-shirt, and then put my tee with my ball on top of it into the ground.  I then stepped up to the ball, do the same routine, and then I swung!

Kaboom! was the sound as the ball flew off of the tee with lightning speed and raging fire strenght!  As I looked on in amazement, amazed at how this ball was not tearing a hole in the fabric of the universe, I saw it begin to slice.   The golf gods, apparently jealous of the strength, distance, and speed my ball possessed, decided to make it go sideways instead of straight.  This completely messed up the hole for me.  Instead of going in the hole off of my drive, I ended by the road, so close to a tree I couldn’t take a backswing.

The rest of the course went like that as well.  Me hitting tear holes in the fabric of the universe hits while the golf gods make my ball go nowhere I want it to go.  Me and my sister tied with 49’s.

The next time I went out was with Tyler, Chris, and Chris(Fellows).  We only played six holes.    Why?  Because that’s how we roll.

Then today me, Tony, Sue Rausch, and Amy Jo went golfing.  IIt was super windy almost blowing me over several times.  Come on wind, i’m only a little guy!  Well, it started out really good with a 3 over after 6.  I should have only been 2 over after 6 but one of my 4 foot putts was thwarted by some divine influence (golf gods).

Then everything went to hell.

Got a triple bogey on 7 by hitting it over the road into some persons lawn, then I hit it on the road again and watched it bounce down the road for about five seconds until it landed on the side i wanted it to by using the force. Screw golfing gods!  Force conquers all!

I then proceeded to scew up everything else. Or was it me screwing up everything else??

golfing gods? or me? paradox?

I say yes!

This weekend I returned home full of great anticipation of Ortonville’s school musical The Fiddler on the Roof.  Me and my mother went to the highschool where i then met up with Chris and Tyler.  We sat for a while in the corner, minding our own business, when all of a sudden the lights went out!  Talk about freaky!

Then the play began with a big musical entrance full of joyous song, body shaking, and arm waving.   Sike!
The play actually began with Christopher Fellows having a minor monologue.  Then the dancing starts.

Chris played the main character

Kelsey played his wife

Karin played the Fiddler on the Roof

Well, Karin nailed her part, Fellow’s nailed his part, Kelsey nailed her part, then Fellow’s nailed Kelsey.  It was great.

The play i mean.

It ended up being really good.  It really impressed everybody I talked to and some dubbed it the best play they had ever seen. Fellows had a beard that got glued onto his face that was pretty sweet.  I guess it was real hair too.

After the show we all conjugated in the commons area, then we went over to Fellows’s house and hung out in his basement swapping stories, trading baseball cards, and eating food.

In the end i got dubbed Tyler and Chris’s fiddler that’ll guide them through life.

Well, tyler can’t stick himself with needles anymore and Chris only has a slight heroine addiction so it shouldn’t be too hard.

This past weekend I went to Ice Age 2 with my aunt Sue, my sister and brother – Micaela and Thomas, and my cousins – Brenna and Molly. I drove and we ended up about 7 minutes late. I’ll tell you why. This is my story.

At 4:30 mother and father went to the Gala/Gaila(sp?) and my sister had drama practice and then she went over to Molly’s to watch Pride and Prejudice. This left me home to babysit Tom and Steph.

The movie starts at 9:15 and the gala doesn’t get over until 10 so that meant mom and dad wouldn’t be home in time to watch steph. Micaela was going to the movie with me and tom as well so she couldn’t watch Steph. I called my parents and asked if they could come home early and they decided they could.

I wanted to leave for my house by 8:50. At 8:45 my dad calls and said that they aren’t coming home so i suggested dropping steph off at grandmas. My dad said grandam had just left the gala so he’d call her and if she was down with it everything would be cool. In 10 minutes he said he’d call me and let me know.

“OK” – I said.

Well, at about 8:54 as I’m getting everybody ready to go, waiting for dad’s call, we suddenly realized that there is a pool in our kitchen. A pool of water. Steph had gotten a drink from the fridge and the nozzle thingy of our water container didn’t shut off the flow of water all the way. This led to us franticly grabbing towels from wherever we could find them and doing the quickest mop job ever. The inside of the fridge was also completely soaked. At about 8:56 Tom realizes he has no idea where his wallet is with the money he is going to loan me and Micaela to even be accepted into the movie theatre. at 8:57 dad calls saying grandma will watch steph.

So we are late for leaving, Tom is running around everywhere looking for his wallet while me and steph are trying to soak up all the water. I then receive a phone call from Karin saying the O-Town crew has left and was wondering if we had left yet. I look around and the craziness is just crazy. Have we left yet? I don’t believe so.

As I’m finishing up in the kitchen tom walks in dejected from his failure at locating his cash. I then suggest he look in his room where he found it right away.

We all then hurried down to Val and Paulas where I picked everyone up at 8:11. We ended up about 6-7 minutes late I believe, but the movie hadn’t started yet. We easily found the group of Ortonville kids we were meeting there and then about a minute after we sat down the movie started. That is awsome cuz we missed all stupid trivia questions!

The movie was pretty good. Lots of one-liners and you could tell this movie was all about getting people to laugh.