May 2006

So yesterday morning I was dreaming about fluffy bunnies and Chris Fellows when all of a sudden I could hear my alarm very faintly in the background.  I sat up quick and looked at the clock.  11:00! Crap, I just missed church!

“Ok Ok,” i thought to myself, “WWLD.”   So i called up my dad to see what he suggested.  We talked for a bit and then he suggested going online to look up church times in the area.  The only time left was in Sioux Falls at 4 o’clock.  I called my dad back and it just so happened that he was going down to Sioux Falls so he picked me up and me, him, sue, and grandma went down to sioux falls.  Sue and grandma came down for my band concert later that evening.

I walked into mass and noticed it was all the servers, priest, and most of the congregation was African American.  They played this weird African music and half of the time they spoke a different language.  When they did speak english it was hard to understand.  Luckily, they didn’t hold the past against me so they didn’t hurt the little lonely cracker.

Then came the band concert as 7.  We needed to wear all black.  I didn’t have any so I wore Miles’s pants and one of his shirts while sporting my white lugz.  I was trippin dawg.

Before the concert Dan rolled into town.  I saw his car and ran to it.  when he rolled down the window I couldn’t see him with all the smoke rollin out.  It was trippin dawg.

The concert was pretty crazy cuz this one guy that never shows up for practice was there and he took all my parts so I wasn’t sure what I should play for the songs.  I played bells for a song i’ve never played bells for before, then we shared a song, then i played bass drum for a song i’ve never played bass drum for before.  It all worked out good though cuz i’m AMAZING! I’m not gonna lie.

Then after that our drumline performed.  That was a mess.  I know i screwed up a lot more than i should have.  It was pretty fun though.   After that i showed everybody my room and then they brought a bunch of stuff back for me.  Then they all went home.

It was pretty trippin dog.

Tonight was the fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Carlos Mayorga.  Oscar hasn’t fought anyone for 20 months and the last fight he had he got knocked out for the first time in his career.

Last week I watched a special on him and Carlos Mayorga talking about the upcoming fight.  Mayorga used to be a gang leader back in his hood.  He was trash talking Oscar about his manhood and his family, saying things in press conferance I’ve never heard before.

Needless to say, this kinda ticked Oscar off accepting the challenge to fight.  Watching the special made me super pumped for a boxing match for the first time ever.

Oscar De La Hoya proceeded to beat the crap out of Mayorga.  I guess it wasn’t very close.  I seriously thought Oscar was gonna get the crapped beat out of him cuz Mayorga looked super insane and tough in the special preview i saw.  I’m glad Oscar wone.

Game Over.