August 2006

So i moved down here on Saturday and I wasn’t here for more than 15 minutes when Miles drives up!  What are the odds?  Pretty f’n good.

Got stuff all moved up and then he, holli, and myself went to Pizza Hut where we had the clumsiest waitress i’ve ever seen.  She was not smooth, but she did serve us our slices off of the pan before she set it down on the table.  that was almost a disaster too.

Yesterday I bought books and payed for school.  So far its cost me about $2200, its prolly gonna cost me around 2500 overall though cuz there are still some stuff i need to get.  2500 is what i was hoping for so that’s good.

Ryan Krcil is my roomate and I knew him from last year.  Yesterday we rented Smackdown vs. Raw and Metal Gear Solid 3 for the PS2.  Both games are frickin sweet!  He has a multi-tap so we get a few guys in here and play Smackdown.  Its insane in the membrame!  Way better than actually watching wrestling.  Oh burn!

Today i have 2 classes, on is already done, Photoshop, and then i have another class this afternoon.

So far college is going smoothly so ya.  I’ll post something funny next time.


Just writing ya something so you have something to read.  Been thinking about you alot, in a not gay way.  No fantasizing or anything going on in my mind so don’t worry about that.
  Yesterday I took a bunch of stuff over to Dan in the Rausch Bros. pickup truck in Minneapolis for his duplex.  His place is pretty small, but its nice.  He has a nice bathroom, kinda big as only the best bathrooms are.
  Today I bought a 20 inch tv witha dvd and vcr player built into it for the dorm room. 
  I drove with it in the cab so I couldn’t see my right side mirror, but i made it out of the cities all right by myself.  No errors, i was perfect in lane changes, accelerations, braking, and head banging.  Head banging was cause by the new Hoobastank cd I bought.  We’ll, thats about it from the Midwest.  Moving out on saturday i think. MMMMaybe Sunday…but prolly not.  I hate making definite decisions so I keep people and myself guessing.  Do i slit my wrists tonite or tomorrow night?  Do I go down the highway or across?  Decisions decisions.