September 2006

This morning I got to sleep in.  That is the first time since school has started that I have been allowed to do that.  My dad called me at 8 in the morning wanting to know my driver license number which I happily gave.  I say happily because I knew after giving him that information I would be allowed to drift off into rejuvinating happiness.

Through many many nights of going to bed and sleeping, I have, through simple deduction methods and logical reasoning, found that going to bed is the most appeasing and greatest thing I do all day.  Going to bed is the Ultimate.  When I go to bed I can finally relax, I don’t have to worry about anything, and I feel like I’m in this big bubble of comfort.  I love the feeling of closing my eyes and just drifting off with the sheets pulled up tight.

I lay there and the last thought I think is always “This is the best part of my day.”  Then the next thing I know I’m a superhero saving the world or i’m trying to stay alive as people are hunting me down.

This is kind of ironic for a guy like me.  I tend to stay up until at least 2 in the morning, delaying going to bed until I no longer feel like I’ll function for the next day if I don’t.  One would almost think I’m running from sleep as if it were some sort of stalker.  Well, just to let you know, i love stalkers, so I love sleep.  I’m the guy that wants to meet girls in parking lots late at night, but when i say that on little girls walls, its always just an analogy.  I just mean “I love sleep.”   That’s it.

I love going to bed and I love sleeping.  In bed.

I love sleep.

Yeah, this weekend I went down to Iowa. From the stories i’ve heard, there isn’t much in Iowa besides corn. I am here to tell you today that there are other things besides corn there. There are the Gregg’s. Other than that, that’s about it, besides corn.

When we arrived in Hayworden we went to watch her old high school play football. The field was one big mudslop because of all the rain so both teams ran the ball msot of the time. It was pretty fun sitting there, cracking jokes, talking smack.

Afterwards we went to Holli’s house where we chilled until late that night.

The next day i slept in till noon until Miles woke me up. Thanks!

We ate some delicous taverns/sloppy joes/barbeques. We spent most of the day watching football games and then that night we watched The Office. We chose to watch The Office during the Note Dame game because ND was getting creamed. That in turn led us to missing what i’ve already read some saying being one of the best ND games ever. Not THE best, but one of the best. The Office was really good too.

We went to a Catholic service saturday evening so on sunday we went to a Methodist service. It was intersting.

After Methodist Mass we went to grandma and grandpa Greggs house where we ate sweet corn, steak, potatos, caramel rolls, bread, and other good things of that nature. While eating we watched the Vikings/Bears game. I was surrounded by Bears fans. Gotta say the house was pretty hostile towards me, and the Greggs, when it comes to the professional football, hate outsiders. I know they felt this way by the lack of mocking, evil looks, and insults they threw at me.  It was too kind, and when things are that way, something has to be going on.
Then we went home after that.

The Gregg family is really cool, really nice. I had a blast and I’m glad I was invited down. Iowa really isn’t so bad.

I would also like to wish my Godmother Aunt Sue a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I heard from the grapevine that she went golfing yesterday with my father. I was telling Miles yesterday what a nice day it would be for golf. Lucky!

For english comp we’ve been talking about Online Social Networks such as MySpace, Facebook, and things of that nature. That is what our paper is about and we’ve been working on for over a week now. It is due in about 5 and 1/2 hours and tonite I decided I didn’t like what I had, so I trashed it and started all over again.

I just got done putting the finishing touches on it and I have to say it is much better than it had previously been. The angle I took on it was how easy it is for sexual predators to keep tabs on you, get to know you, and then rape you. I didn’t go into details, and i’ll spare you the details, but I believe reading this paper will get the point across. Sexual Predators = very no no. I never get fantastic grades in english so i’m not looking forward to handing it in, but as long as they understand my point, that is what really matters.

do i really think sexual predators are a big thing we need to worry about. Nope, cuz we aren’t stupid like all these little 13 year old girls seem to be.

Best advice I can give you after all the research i’ve done:

Ladies, if a guy you’ve only ever known online asks you to meet him in a parking lot late at night, say no because whatever he has in mind is not good. If he was thinking food, he’d want to meet in a restaurant. If he’s thinking movie, he’d want to meet in a theatre. Sexual predators love parking lots, or just dark places in general where there is nothing to do.

So ya, I should just hand in this post instead of my paper. Its basically the same thing, only that paper would waste more of you life away because it’d take longer to read.

It has finally come down to it. After several weeks in this institution of learning it has finally come down to fully devoting myself to an activity beknown to most as “homework”. So far this term I have been able to avoid any such great works that require acute thought and disciplinary reasoning. I have been most fortunate to only have received quick and easy tasks, allowing the mind to wander and allowing time to slip away until the last possible second before a job may be done.

This life, this dream, is now coming to a close. I’ve seen this moment coming ever since school started, waiting, waiting, and waiting for the feeling of dread to creep into my body. So far I’ve been able to side-step the reaper, but all the while waiting for it to be waiting for me as I round each new corner of each new day.

Today we met for the first time where two options became quickly apparent. I could turn and run away until the next time we met or I could look him straight in the blackness surrounding his most likely skeletal face and say “Hello, my name is David Rausch, you killed my lazy life, prepare to die.”

I have chosen to say “Hello, my name is David Rausch, you killed my lazy life, prepare to die”, but I haven’t said it yet. I’m waiting because once you say something like that to the reaper, its on like donkey kong.

The feeling that is holding me back is what I expect one would feel before jumping off of an airplane. The feeling that you are going to do it, you’ve put the effort into your chute, you’ve been to classes and have become prepared for this just as grade school and high school have prepared me for now. It’s just the last push, the last final decision to excert yourself just enough to jump out of the security of the plane into a world that, once entered, you can’t escape until you’ve hit the ground. When you do hit the ground will it be with the soft sound of success, or with a screaming crash of failure? Will you defeat the prince of death or will he take you down into his home of eternal dispare?

Even writing this post is a way of postponing the final decision of beginning the work that i’ve been waiting for with a feeling of dread. Once started, I feel like I will be entering a new world, college will not be the same, nothing will feel the same again. I myself will change due to the difference in the responsibilties of what life was yesterday and what life is today.

Well…there is nothing left but this, I love you all, my family and friends.

Here goes nothing.

Hello, my name is David Rausch, you killed my lazy life, prepare to die.

Last week I was asked “What is the craziest thing you’ve done?”

Now I’ve been asked this question before and the answer i’ve always given is “i’ve never really done anything crazy.”

The one crazy moment i remember from my life was this summer where Bryce, Tyler, Tony, Fellows, Chris, and I went up to the football field at night and took pics of us making amazing catches on the pole vault pit. Then going to the golf course and the nursing home to take some more scandolous pictures and commit hate crimes.

That’s it for crazy things. Until this past week.

Crazy thing #1

It was sunday or monday night and I was talking to molly and jenny brass online in a joint conversation. It then came up that they wanted to go to Perkins and they were wondering if i could come. At 11:50 at night your not really expecting something like that. So random. So…crazy. They were doing it to be rebelious, I was doing it for the shear feeling of craziness.
I drove off in my trusty mini-van down to Sioux Falls to meet them at Denny’s for some early early early early breakfast. ON the way down I got lost, had to call them for help and emotional support, and then i finally made it at about 1 in the morning or so. We then ate our beloved breakfast where I enjoyed 3 slices of french toast, smeared with butter, and doused in a syrup.

We sat and talked until about 2:45 i think. Then we parted ways. Totally random event that totally rocked the house. Is probably the most crazy thing i’ve ever done. Not because of eating breakfast that early in the morning, but the fact that i drove 50 miles to do so and got lost on the way.

Crazy moment #2 of this week

I just returned from a concert in Sioux City, IA. It featured Nickleback along with Hinder, Hoobastank, and Chevelle. We got seating wayin the back, but we clowned the po-po-policias and made it down onto the restricted floor area. Now, i’m the type of guy that doesn’t get all into it and jump up and down and scream Koombuya with everyone else. i don’t need to feel like i’m contributing to the song or feel like i need to release my energy to get everything out of the concert I want. Instead of letting it all out, i like to absorb everything. Just sit back and listen, study the drums, watch the guitarist go, and just listen to the music.

So here i am in the crowd surrounded by people jumping, screaming, putting their hands in the air like they just don’t care, while i just stand there.

the crazy thing that i did was go crowd surfing. The most dead-beat kid on the entire floor, surfing the crowd. I was there with my roomate Ryan and his 4 buds so to get started they just gave me a lift and off i went. It started out good, but then i hit a deadspot part way up and eventually ended on the ground, but the people there said “dude, lets get you back up” and off I went again, back and forth and then finally i made it to the front. It was pretty fun actually, just kind of floating around.

Maybe that’s not very crazy, but i couldn’t ever picture myself going crowd surfing during a rock concert. Until now!
Those are prolly some of the craziest things i’ve ever done. Its sad, i know. I always feel like being a rebel and i have a lot of rebel ideas, but i know if i do do the crazy thing i’m thinking, i’m gonna feel guilty and bad about it so i don’t. I follow my conscience and it takes me to the land of normality. No crazality in conscientality.

So I had started this post, but apparently when i saved it so i could come back later and fix it, it didn’t mean what i thought it meant.

Well, last weekend Miles, Holli, and I went down to Sioux Falls to meet our (Miles and mine) cousins Molly and Jenny Brass.

We met at Chili’s which is not a place for the faint-hearted. They give you crayons and a piece of paper with a chili on it and they expect you to color it. Normally, that’s tough stuff that makes even the manliest man cry, but we kicked its ass. Yeah, that’s right!

Oh yeah, the food was pretty good too.

Then we hit up the movie theatre where we watched The Illusionist. That’s a movie where nothing in it is really real, its all fake. Except for the people, actually, not even some of the people are real. Its all an illusion though, even the orange tree. What I want to know is how did he make edible oranges grow on the tree? That’s what i can’t understand. If your not sure of what i’m talking about, it doesn’t matter. It’s all an illusion and that’s all you need know.

Then we drove across the street to Cold Stone. I got this apple pie ice cream cone. Normally I get a regular strawberry shake cuz i like to throw the workers a curveball. Miles got an “I Love It” size or something like that and it was pretty big, but he ate it. That’s why I love him!

Then we crashed the Brass household and got the tour of tours. Nice big house, hectic upstairs, big bathrooms as only the best bathrooms are, and a comfy basement – complete with waterslide! No, no real waterslide, but they do have pretty cool night lights. I had to get up close and personal with one to make sure it was legite, and its legite man. I’m an expert. Why? I’ve been scared of the dark forever (not anymore cuz i’m a big boy now) and i know a nightlight when i see one.

After hanging out, talking, eating, Steve Irwining, and talking some more with a litte bit more eating on the side, Miles, Holli, and I hit the ‘ol dusty trail.

I listened to my ipod the entire way, then we stopped at a gas station where I video taped Miles for his Steve Irwin production. While taping I almost got ran over by a van. It almost brushed me, and trust me, I wasn’t hogging the entire gas station parking lot, fueling lot, whatever…gas station drivable property. Yeah, gas station drivable property. It was really cold outside and when i almost died miles quit talking in mid shoot and just stared at me and then the vehicle with big eyes. It was like a double punk, cuz not only did i almost die, we had to do the take over again.

After all of this, it was like 11 or midnight or something when we got back…alive. It was a good end to a good day.

Game Over.

So this Labor Day weekend came and went like it always does.

First, I’ll talk about Poker.  This is for you Bryce!

Poker was a waste of time and money.

They had 2 games a day starting on Friday through Monday.  I just played in one each day.

The first day I never got a good hand so I couldn’t compete.  The next day, Sunday, I got a decent hand once in a while, but the flops would be exactly what i didn’t need.  the last day, Monday, I was in quite a bit with good hands, but the flops were really really rough on me once again.  Just like all your moms last night.

I never got any cards so I was fighting fire with gasoline.  The only hand I won all weekend was on a bluff on Monday night.  That either signifies(sp) that i’m terribly bad or that i’m relaly unlucky.  The bad part is that i’m usually a bit of both so that’s not good when gambling.  My sister did amazingly good and was the one everyone hated to be up against.

This is the beginning of the weekend right here, right now.

got home Friday at about 3 where I unloaded my gear (clothes, tabby) and went to Chris Smiths house where we watched the Twins, made fun of Nick Punto, and got Lauren SMith to had me as a friend on Myspace, which, by the way, is not very good compared to Facebook.

On Saturday the softball tournament began.  We played on a swamp like infield due to the fact that it had rained 2 1/2 inches over the past day.  We won the first game where we dominated our opponet.  I started out in the outfield and caught 2 fly balls, but on the second one i reinjured my back.  The injury was originally recieved way back in Nam by me knocking down a frisbee saving the lives of thousands of american playas.  I then moved to catcher.

The next game we lost good.  we had a comeback to come close, but then they blew it open again.  I got on base only 2x that time and hit a lot of grounders.

That night was the potluck at our house where we had food, basketball, and good company.  They played basketball in which i chose to sit and instead I cheered and jeered with the best of em. They only played the best out of 3 which seemed to be not as many games as we usually played, but whatever.

I then gave a tour of our house to Holli, Miles, and Jenny Brass in which we ended up in Micaela’s room quizing ourselves about things like “if you could be related to anybody famous, who would it be”.

That night we went to Val and Paula’s and played poker where I got raped like a little girl.  after that we had a big peanuts game where there were about 9 or 10 of us.  I didn’t do so hot.  I started out good, as we rotated i just did worse and worse until i got back to the side of the able i started on and then i did good again.  Coincidince? I think not!

Then Jenny, Katie, John (CB), Molly, Tony Rolfes and I played Kings Corner and Go Fish while the others played a 2nd game of poker.  Tony and John may have been in that 2nd game and lost. IDK.

Sunday it started out with church where it was a great big party.  Then we had our softball game where the first 2 innings we just got hammered.  Then we took the hammered and pounded them back to be within just one run.   Then I, the might Casey, came up to bat with a runner in scoring position where I popped out.  Can’t say i was too happy.

We ended up losing by one.  Game Over.

Then i went to eat at DQ and after that i did my homework.  Dad, the Brasses, Val, and maybe other people went golfing.  I picked up Jenny who walked nine holes, and brought her to Val’s where we talked with Paula and Brenna.  After taht we went to grandma’s where we ate pizza, played some football where my back felt fine which was really weird, played poker where it was a waste of time, we then played some Imagination game where i was really bad, Apples to Apples where I picked Family Values as being fake cuz it was the exact opposite of the word and there really wasnt’ any cards representing fake(it got heated and i got scorched from the flames of anger), and then we played gestures where the girls won, but they probably cheated.  I then went home and listened to music till 3:30 in the morning.

The next day was a day of total peace and relaxation.  Went golfing with Katie and Molly Brass, tony, val, and lorin.  Val and Lorin golfed by themselves and then it was katie, molly, tony, and myself together.  The front nine went alright, prolly shot a 47 and then the back nine it was katie and tony vs.  molly and myself.  The rules were you had to use 3 drives from each person.  Molly and I took hole number one and never looked back.  With our great strategies and reverse psychology of the game we took ’em to the cleaners.

On hole 16 we had one long debate about the type of shot needed to be taken.  It basically came down to are we going to chip out from being somewhat behind a tree, or be true champs and go for the gold.

We ended talking ourselves into hitting prolly the best shot of the entire round, just off the green.  It was tight.

My cousin from another mother and I ended up winning 3 holes to 1 i believe.

Then we all went to grandma’s house, ate supper, and then we all rode out to our own homes.

There in lies the end of this weekend.

Game Over.