November 2006

monday night of last week walking back from art i realize my backpack is open.

“oh, ok, i’ll zip it up”

of course, when i swing my bag around to zip it up everything important in my life goes flying.

it was like throwing my tablet with a sling.  Kind of like the Hammer Throw in the olympics, except, i don’t win anything. I lose everything.

Anyway, my tablet goes flying through the air and then gravity kicks in and smashes it to the sidewalk like a Powerbomb.  I just kind of stand there thinking to myself “oops”.

When it hit i heard several crack, saw pieces fly out, saw the cd in my drive go flying by, and my moniter snap back with a crack like a neck that had just been broken from whiplash effect.

I walked up to it and slowly closed the lid, like shutting the eyes of a deceased loved one.  I tried to push the cd rom back in, but it was stuck, jammed by the impact.  Slowly I put it back in my backpack, then slowly stood up, wiped the tears from my face, and did what only any man could only do.  Pick up all his papers and books that had fallen out and put them back where they belonged.  Zipped up in his bag.

Lastly, i went and retrieved the only thing still intact, just and innocent, my Quark CD. It was my “Nemo”, if you will.  Then i moved on.  Nothing could change what had happened, so you just do the best you can with what you do have.
I went back to my room and found that things still worked, although my computer was kind of really slow and the screen was almost breaking off.  It was crucial that it still work though because of my Photoshop project due in the morning.

The next morning, I took it in to the help desk and received a brand new screen and cd-rom drive. I went back to my room to find when i turn it on it doesn’t recognize my profile so i had ot walk all the way back across campus so they could put in a new hardrive cuz mine computer was so slow. After that I took off for the “something??” desk to sign up for timesheets for the month which were due in 15 minutes.  I got that done and then headed to the tc cuz i saw Holli there.  I sat and talked to her and a couple other people for a while.  We had a pretty good conversation, discussing this post.

Then, when i stood up to leave, my back pack was gone.  With my brand new tablet!  Crikey!

I backtracked all my steps that morning, thinking maybe i just left it somewhere and forgot about it.  But nope, it was gone.  So i informed the student services.

I wasn’t real concerned because I figured someone took it by accident and would return when the e-mail got sent out.  Then, a couple hours later, i get a call stating that it was back.


So yeah, that was crazy.  The day after that one i had to go back in to get a new cd-rom drive again cuz the other new one i got didn’t work.  go figure.

I did a lot of walking places and it sucked.

When will we learn apparation?

Thanks everybody for wishing me happy birthday! Gotta admit it feels good to check your e-mail and see you have a lot of facebook comments. So, yeah, 20…I made it! Now i’m not a teenager anymore. As pinocchio would say “I’m a real boy now!”

The big question everybody had for me was “So, got any big plans for your birthday?”

Nope…here’s what i did. Let’s go back.

Short version

1 – Talked to relatives

2- opened gifts after lunch – all gifts:
Futon, Magic of Xanth books 1 & 2, Hitch, The Princess Bride, iTunes 15$ giftcard, money, box full of food, $10 Mr. Movies gift card
3- Homework for a few hours

4 – pheasant hunting – got 4

5- Ortonville High School Skits

6- Dye hair at Kelseys

Long version
Woke up Saturday, November 18, 2006 at 11:40 A.M. to find myself in a different state…state of mind, body, and soul. Everything about me seemed so much…older. My neck had a kink in it and my back was sore. Already I could feel the pain of old age setting in.

Well, I took a shower to loosen up the old joints a lil bit. Then I talked to my bro Dan from the the big city of Minneapolis who wanted to know what i wanted for my b-day and christmas. I said, ‘whatever, i dont’ know”. Talked for a while about how pumped we are for Thanksgiving. Gonna be gaming it up big time I hope, playin some Diablo 2, saving the world and all that jazz. After him I got a phone call right before lunch from my cousin Bryce. The conversation was pretty much “OK, i’m gonna tell you everything about me and then it’ll be your turn, alright?” “OK, go.” So, we learned a lot about each other that day.

After that and lunch which was peanut butter sandwhiches, I worked on homework till about 3:40. Then dad, tom, and i went hunting with Mark McCullock and his dog Ruby. I ended up getting 4 pheasants and dad got one. At one point 3 for 3 shooting, but ended up 4 for 6. That’s pretty good for me. I was a happy grown up boy.

After that I went home, had some food, then took off for the Ortonvile Play. The first one wasn’t very good, the story was pretty bad I thought, but the 2nd play was pretty decent. I laughed quite a bit. Afterwards, Chris, Kelsey, Tyler, and I went to Kelsey’s. There, we decided to dye our hair. Chris got his kind of a golden color while I got more of a burgandy, dark brown with a tint of red color. It was fun. That was after midnight a lil bit so technically it was game over on my birthday, but oh well, i’ll count it.

Yeah, that’s what i did. Nothing planned, nothin special, but i had a really good day. Oh yeah, opened up my loot after lunch. Got some books I asked for Magic of Xanth books 1 & 2 (from Tom), a futon which i am sitting on right now and took me a few hours to assemble cuz i suck at building htings and it really was a pain in the butt, and Hitch (from Kelsey), The Princess Bride (from Tyler), some money from my own money jar (from Steph), and a box full of food from my sister which was cool, and 15$ Itunes gift card (from my godmother/aunt Sue).

Overall Birthday: A

david copy1.bmp

I love Jones Soda and my Chris Fellows!

On Thursday I thought I’d hit the ol’ dusty trail and head on home.  The reasons for this move are simply because I didn’t have school on Thursday or Friday.  Since that was the only reason, I wrongly said “reasons” as the second word in the second line.  I suck at English. Mom, don’t expect an A in my English class. hehe

Anyway, i was driving home and something exciting happened.  God gives life and sometimes David takes it away.  Somewhere soon after driving through Clear Lake I was driving along, minding my own business and i see these ducks on the side of the road up ahead.  Don’t think much of it.  One starts across the road…and normally, most people would slow down when this happens, but in my experience with Turkeys and other birds on the side of our road everyday, they normally turn around and run back.

This did not happen.

Not only did it continue across, but the 3 other ducks with it started going across too, so by the time I slammed on my brakes, all 4 ducks were in my lane and I was probably going 60 miles an hour.  That is, 60 miles an hour when my car bucks and you can feel the tires crushing bodies beneath me.  I look in the mirror and all I see are feathers and all I remember for sure is seeing a duck looking pasted to the ground with its legs up in the air twitching.  Pretty sure I got all of them.

Now, I wasn’t sure what I was suppose to do.  Do I pull over and take them off the road?  Well, nobody else seems to because there are dead carcasses on the highway all the time.  especially out by my house.  Besides, there was a vehicle behind me so I didn’t want to pull over.  they might have been Duck lovers and been super angry at me.

For these reasons, haha- right context, yeah!-mom, you can expect a B…maybe, I decided to keep moving on in my journey.

I felt bad, i really did, thinking how these ducks survived all this time in the wild only to die trying to cross a road.  While feeling these sad feelings however, I couldn’t help but think to myself, “Killing Spree!” with the GTA 2 narrator voice.
Later that night I almost hit a deer in town on the way to Chris’s.  It almost walked right in front of my car because it wasn’t even looking at me. Dumb deer!

So, what did i learn?

Turkeys, although uglier than ducks, are much smarter.  Ducks are stupid.

On the way back I’ll definitely be looking to find if my mark has still been made on the road.