December 2006

So it’s Christmas Break and I have turned to being more of a woman in order to make me more of a man.

Paraodox!?  It just may be.

You see, I’ve got this problem of biting my fingernails that I have had since I can remember.  It is something I do because I don’t know why.  One second i’m just sitting there, the next I got my finger in my mouth and i’m tearing at the nail.  And once you pop, you just can’t stop.  You gotta finish the tear on your nail anyway.  Anyway, I’ve quit 2x before for periods of over a month, but the urge is always there.  I think it’s kind of like Alcoholism, you never get rid of the urge, all you can do is try to ignore it.  Only, biting your fingernails isn’t so degrading to your health and life.

Biting your fingernails is a hard habit to break cuz although it is looked down upon somewhat, people don’t really care or make that big of deal of it.  They may shake their heads and say “david david david”, but that’s about as far as that goes and it doesn’t happen that often.  Then there is the fact that no matter how much you chew, the nail always grows back!  It’s like a never ending supply of chewing contentment.  It’s like Christmas presents that come everyday!  Another thing is that in this Economy and Nation of inflation and expenses you get constantly regrowing nails for free.  It’s a cheap habit, as it is free.  Nothing cheaper.  TINSTAFL (there is no such thing as a free lunch)?  Not true here.

So what does having to be a woman have to do with any of this?  Well, my sister is making me stick my fingers in Nail Polish Remover everyday.  It actually doesn’t smell too bad, but it tastes disguisting.  So now whenever i put my fingers to my mouth I have this sudden revelation of what i’m doing and that it may not be in my best interest to continue on this destructive avenue.

Will it work in the long run?  Will the urge eventually altogether disappear.  Who knows, I don’t?  But i’ll do it anyways cuz hopefully it will break the habit and it makes me finger smell good.


So I messed up again.

This end of the semester has been packed with many projects, papers, and tests so last week I assessed the situation regarding the size of projects and their due dates and I came up with this schedule on what days i’d work on what in order to get everything done on time.

I got my papers written, studied for the tests, and finished projects and started others.

My schedule was flawless or so I thought.

Thursday morning. 1 A.M.

I checked my webct which shows all my classes and assignments.  Under my English class it says “One Late Assignment”


The only assignment we had in English was our last project which, instead of a paper, was a multimedia presentation which I would have sworn to God it was due Friday.  I thought I knew this because I checked the due date several times and made sure so I had my precious schedule perfect.

So I sent my Professor an e-mail asking him if it was really late because I was sure the due date was Friday.  Nope, he sent me back the next day saying how it has always been Wednesday and to just get it in as fast as I could.

Well, the problem with that is I hadn’t started it yet and we’ve supposedly been working on it for 2 weeks.  But see, this is where careful planning, estimating, and that God given ability to successufly procrastinate comes in.  I knew I didn’t need more than 1 day to do this assignment.  The only problem now was that one day to work on it should had been the day before which would have been impossible because I had other things due to work on.

So yesterday I worked on it all day, getting pictures and such.  I had most of what I was going to say during the presentation already written out.  I did it on my history with the Sony Playstations going from the ps1 to the ps3.  Like what I played, who with, and little hings about the consoles themselves.

So i finished that last night around midnight and turned it in.  Hopefully I don’t get docked since I could use all the points in that class.

Anyways, that was probably my 1 billionth “David Moment”.  I try so hard sometimes and it just doesn’t work out.  That’s why I don’t try most of the time so when it doens’t work out I actually don’t feel like a failure.  Like this week, I’m a failure schedule planner.  Next week, i’m a failure test taker.  I guess i’m not going to study for finals so in case I fail, i can just shake it off.

If i do get mad about the tests i’ll just be like “Don’t get mad, get glad!”

all better.

(David wasn’t actually feeling like a failure or sad during any of the stated events above, the post just turned out that way)…oh yeah (and he will study for his one test)

So this weekend I stayed here, origanlly becasue I thought I had to help out with a kids camp for Drama Club, but I found out early in the week that, nope, David doesn’t need to help.  But i decided to stay anyways because of all the stuff due.

The main thing I did this weekend was hang out with Miles and Holli.  Guess what we did?

We watched Lost.

Wow, I am hooked.  I had orignally seen maybe 3 episodes from season one a week ago or so at Miles’s apartment.  This weekend we started probably about midway through season 2 so a lot of things had happened since the beginning of season one meaning we had to stop everyonce in a while so Miles could piece together parts that I was clueless about what was going on.

As of right now, i’m kind of glad i missed season one.  I mean, if i could I would’ve watched them, but now I don’t think I will.  I mean, now we are getting into the meat of things it seems like.  Shizit is getting super serial.  All people that don’t matter so much are dead, making all the people continuing to die more of a shock since the group of main characters is getting smaller.  However, there are still quite a few people left making lots of interesting conflicts and things.  The story is really mysterious and you don’t know what is really going on, just that you have to keep watching in hopes they’ll let you in on the secret.  They show tons of flashbacks and it seems everybody on the island has seen eachother at some point before they took this flight together that crashed.  The flashbacks are really really intersting and add to the drama of everything.

Guys, I’m hooked.  What is nice about lost is it is one continuing story.  It’s not like a lot of tv shows where each new episode is something different or the connection is vague.  It’s an ongoing mystery that just goes deeper and deeper and deeper.

When i first heard about Lost and how good it was I was skeptical.  I figured it had to be not too good since they are on an island, all alone.  How much stuff can you write to go with that setting.  You can only be lost so long on before things get monotinous or everybody dies.
Well, we finished Season 2 and started on Season 3 that episode is my favorite.  I can’t wait to continue on the journey and find out what the heck is actually going on.  It is insane.

All the characters have a lot of differences and little things about them that are cool, yet they mold in a really weird kind of way.  They dont’ get along always and sometimes they do.  It is really interesting.  I’d chekc it out definitely if you have time to do a lot of nothing for a while because once you start, it is hard to stop watching.  I’m not much of a television show person, but this one has got me.  Whenever I think about it I feel Lost and want them to figure out what is going on so they can be found and I can feel content.

a lot of this prolly doesn’t make sense to a lot of you, but yeah, you’d have to watch it.