January 2007

Tony came down this weekend!  First person to visit Madison so far this semester!  First person it seems ever!

Yeah, we had a good times, we laughed, we cried, we killed some stuff, and we rocked out with our … yeah.   It was pretty fun all in all. 

One game we played was God of War.  I played it first.  This is a 3rd person RPG where you run around and kill stuff.  One of the first attacks I did was grab this huge lizard guy and then I ripped him in half and chucked his remains.  My eyes got really big and I turned, looked at Miles and sayed, “This game is awsome!” 

Yeah, that game is awsome. 

Thanks for coming down Tony!

Then last night Holli, Miles, and I roadtripped on down to the Brass’s as a kind of goodbye and good luck Molly, congradulations Miles and Holli, and uh…it’s good to see you again David type of thing.  So we ate supper there and just talked about things like LOST, Heroes, Studio 60, movies and how nobody agrees with my critiques which I don’t understand.  Troy is amazing!  If you don’t think so then obviously you’re LOST.  Like Anakin when he turned to the Dark Side.  Troy = Amazing music, best 1 on 1 fight scene ever!, great story, epic battles.   A lot of people didn’t like the ending or certain people in the story but if you’ve ever read the Illiad, that is kind of how it is.  Don’t blame the movie for trying to follow the book.  Game Over.

Today I had this weird thought.  Hell is suppose to be some eternal consuming fire that’ll burn and hurt alot.  But really, would that be worse than it being super cold and eternally freezing us.  I mean, with the weather like it is now, I’d almost take the fire.  I hate being cold.  Or what if it fluctuated from Super Cold to Super Fiery really fast so you’d thaw out really really fast.  Now that would hurt.  I’d probably cry a little bit.  Why?  Cuz I’m not Chuck Norris.  Give me a break.  Hell most likely has nothing to do with our physical bodies and everything is probably some metaphor, but still, think about it.  Would you rather have it hot or cold?  Obviously Satan chose hot, or did he really chose it.  If God chose it, why not cold?  If hell was some barren iceland would that change how we percieve anger.  We tend to associate the color red with anger.  Would that change to blue representing rage and anger?  What would that change then lead to? 

If it was cold in Hell, people would have to say “Hell would melt before I’d …..”  instead of “Hell would freeze over before…”.

Yeah, that was a weird thought I had today.  Pretty useless thought, but one nonetheless. 

So a couple things have been brought to my attention.

A.  Fellows has his own new blog!  It can be found at http://www.milesrausch.com/fellows

B.  My cousin Miles hooked up with his chick Holli for life!  Yup, in English that means Engaged!

Congradulations to one and all on their achievements!
Now, enough talking about other people, time to get to what everybody wants….ME!

Life is going about as well as it can be.  This is really the first week of school since every class last week was going over the syllabeses which were all the same.   Got back into the flow of things.  Lifted weights for the first time in just under two months and I haven’t been able to straighten out my arms without pain for the last 4 days.  I’ve played basketball 2 days in a row for the first time basically all year.  Both times have gone pretty well.  I’ve been playing with a bit more confidence driving to the hoop and my shot has been falling for me so that is always nice.  We will be starting intramurels this week starting with Co-ed basketball, then after that season then just guys will start.  Both should be pretty fun as I’m thinking I’ll actually get to play this year as last year I was only a sub for a team.

I’ve started playing Tiger Woods 07 for the ps3.  I made an old indian guy with pocketmarks and a really wrinkly, sun tanned face.  He’s pretty cool.  His name is david.  Just like that…david.  He’s not the greatest, but he’s getting there.  He just beat Mike Weir so his skills should be better now.   Even though I’m playing Tiger Woods 07, I still dream about GH II.

So, driving home I have my iPod playing and I’ve got my roomates music on it and he has a lot of bands and songs I’ve never heard of before.  I discovered some songs I really like.

Distance by Faktion

All of Red Jumpsuit Appuratus – Listened to them before but didn’t realize how many good songs they had. – Your Guardian Angel

Whispers in the Dark by Skillet

Those are my favorite.

Yeah, this is one of the most basic posts I feel I’ve ever done.  Not much going on yet and I don’t feel like putting a ton of effort into this one to come up with some comedic theme or anything.

So, congradulations to everyone, especially Miles and Holli!  You guys Rock!  (Holli actually does now that she has a rock!!!)

Fellows, welcome to the blogging family!

So much for that month of christmas vacation.

Looking ahead at the new schedule I can tell you “I’m not happy Bob.  Not happy.  Do you know why I am unhappy Bob?”

Bob:  “Why are you unhappy?”

My schedule is terrible.  I have classes I don’t like that pretty much take up all day of eveyday.  So basically, most of my time during the day will be consumed learning things that I don’t like, such as science, english, economics, painting, programming.

Science: always been my least favorite subject since I can remember.  Most likely because Mrs. Lesnar always made us write complete sentences for our answers which I really didn’t appreciate.  2 atoms of oxygen and one atom of hydrogen makes water.  big woop.  thanks for that information.  I think i’m gonna go out find some hydrogen and oxygen molecules and contstruct my own water now that i know the recipe.  what are the stages of mitosis.  As a graphic design major, why should I care again?

English:  I like writing, i don’t mind getting writing assignments or doing them.  I just am not very good at them, am never satisfied with the end result, and just wish I could be myself when I write.  Most of what we write are research papers which leave little room for personality.  The only A’s I get on papers are in classes that aren’t english classes.  If the point was to write a fun entertaining paper, I’d be all over it.

Programming:  Took VB in highschool and bombed.  I passed thanks to Pete.  Took it again in college and it went pretty well since we actually went through stuff in class.  Makes all the simple things that were so hard to learn by ourselves in high school really easy in an actual class setting.  Still don’t like it though.  I”m not a programmer, it doesn’t come automatically to me, and I’d rather avoid it all together.

Painting:  I can’t paint.  I’ll just get that out right now.  I had to paint last year and had no idea what I was doing.  This class will most likely help, but it is a class that is like 2 and 1/2 hours and the painting supplies alone will cost over $100.  I’m looking forward to this one the least.  Long, boring, expensive, struggle to get a B.  Keep your fingers crossed.
Economics:  This class will probably be the easiest or my favorite of the classes on my “Unhappy List”.  I’m thinking it’ll be pretty easy.  It’s test based I’m guessing so piece of cake.

The only class I think will be fun and interesing is my Music and Computers class.  It could turn out to be a bad class, but its about using computer to alter or create music.  At least I think that is what it is.  I think that’ll be cool to learn about.  Then i can drop out of school, take my tablet and sit outside of twins games and make music on my computer and try to get some loose change.  That bongo guy needs some competition.

So yeah, this semester is gonna be a real character builder.  Did i mention these are the things i’ll be spending my time on all day 5 days out of the week?

I gotta disect bugs in our science class too.  The only time I touch bugs is to kill them, and then only when they get all up in my grill, otherwise they leave me alone I leave them alone.  I don’t like looking at the outside of them and I definitely don’t want to see the inside of them.  I wish we could disect bigger animals….like a Hogan.   Well, if i ever get the urge I know where to find a Hogan.

Anyways, yeah, so long Christmas Break….hello…semester of Hell.

Game Over