February 2007

At the beginning of the school year, Jake, Paul, Matt, and myself took it upon ourselves to join forces and save the world as X-Men.

Jake as Wolverine, Paul as Cyclops, Matt as Magma(made up character for game), and myself as Jean Grey/Colossus (I still can’t make up my mind about what superhero I want to be) beat the sinister Magneto and this general dude.

We began this journey of darkness 4 months ago in October and we finally made a point to beat it this weekend since we were all around.
At about 2 in the afternoon I awoke to a booming voice “X-Men Assemble!” so I went rushing out into the lobby to find the guys ready to go.  We played until 5 o’clock, then us 4, Ryan my roomate and his chick Precious, and a guy we liked to call D-Brown all went out to eat at China Moon.  The main talk eventually turned to superheroes and a big debate about just how good Batman really is.  Superhero, or just hero?  I call him an overglorified ninja.  I like Batman, but against most mutants he wouldn’t last 1 minute.

Later that night, like 11:30 we started it up again with the feeling that the end was near.  We played for about another hour before we finally beat the main boss.  It was pretty sweet.

Today, Jake’s Gamecube quit working.  I think it is something wrong witht the laser.  It’s awsome we were able to save the world right before the console broke.  Hopefully it starts working cuz we still have X-Men Legends 2 to beat.

Phrase I’ve been saying a lot:

“This blows”

“Aww man, that’s gonna blow”

“Yeah, it’s gonna blow”

I know there is a rumor going around that I actually went up to Minneapolis this weekend.  Well, that rumor is completely and utterly true down to the very last R.   or T, depending on the word.

Soooo, I drove up to Marshall where I met Chris and we made a pizza and watched an episode of ATHF before he and I, us two, ventured over to the big city.  He drove, and nearly got us killed.

Okay, assess the situation.  He’s coming up to a light and it’s green so he’s going, going.  Then it turns yellow, going, going as he gets closer and closer.  Then BAM! It turns red!

Will he make it?

Situation assessed. Chris slams on his breaks and the tires squeal like girly pigs.  His breaks work fantastic. No other super eventful stuff happened on the trip there or back.  We mostly just sat in silence.

Once we got to Tylers we unloaded all our gear, then we decided to watch some Office on their really nice tv.  We hooked my gay tablet to their supercool tv hoping the supercoolness would transfer over, but nope, my tablet is still gay.  Sucks to be it!  (gross line would be here right now, but it wasn’t acceptable for the wide range of people possibly reading this)  Then we played Resistance on the PS3 online which was pretty sweet.

On saturday I slept in till 12:40 when Tyler came and got me up saying he and Chris were going to Best Buy and then going to get groceries for lunch.  I was like, “Get out of my hallway!’ (I was sleeping partly in Amandas room and partly in the hallway, Chris was totally all hallway)  I almost immediately changed my mind, got up and we all ventured to BB where Tyler bought Idiocracy with Luke Wilson and Chris got NCAA 2k7 for something called a PS2.  Not sure what that is, but whatever.  When we got back to Tylers we watched Idiocracy.  Part way through, Aarona and Jordan Zerhinger and Aaron Adelman came over and we all got stupider together.  Movie was pretty funny, but really really dumb.

Tyler and Nick went to Frank Caliando while Chris and I chilled at his place doing a little bit of this and a little bit of that also known as drugs.  Dan came over and we watched the last Office show which is awsome by the way. The Zerhingers and Adelman came over again and we watched clips off of youtube and all these different places.  It was pretty funny..  Oh yea, we also watched Arrested Develpment the last 4 or 5 episodes of Season 3.  Good times, good times.

at like 11:10 Tyler, Nick, Dan, Chris, and I decided to go to Applebee’s.  Wow, it was expensive cuz I bought a lot, but it was totaly worth it. We were there quite a while, talking about lots of things, the old ways and the new.  Our waitress was pretty hot.  Bryce and Lindsey weren’t there and I was like “What’s up with that fool?”  We thought about asking if anybody there even knows you guys.  I don’t think you work for Applebee’s cuz I never see you there so Whatever and Ever. AMEN.

Tyler, Chris, and I went to church too.

Sunday we got up to go to the Gophers game and was that ever an adventure.  We ended up going on a bridge over the Mississippi even though that is the wrong side of the bank, so we had to go all the way back over the water.  It was because we are cheapskates and couldn’t find a place to park for free because the cities are totally gay on us like that.  Finally parked illegally where Tyler gives his life away in plasma.  Met Dan there and then we found our seats.  The game was pretty good till about 15 minutes left in the second half when Ohio State was like “ok, let’s trash this place.”  Game Over.

Went back to Tylers for about a half an hour and then we skidadeled.

The ride home was uneventful.

I’d say this weekend was grade A stuff.  Pretty high quality.  Can’t wait to go back in two weeks!

Best line from the last Office:

Michael:  What have I said to you that has inspired you the most?

Dwight: Don’t be an idiot.  Changed my life.

So this week is by far the busiest hence the worst week so far.

Things to do

Music and Computers:  A quiz on Tuesday, a terms test on Wednesday, a Project due on Friday

Economics – Nothing so far.  I actually slept through class on Monday. Put that in your bong and smoke it!

Biology – Bio Lab quiz.  Bio is just dumb.  8 o’clock lecture, 3 hour lab on wednesday.

Intro to Lit- Quiz today, rough draft for peer review due today, Final Paper due Thursday.

VB – Project 2 due today, quiz today, Chapter six test due Thursday

Painting – No teacher around but I still have to go to class to stay up with where we need to be with painting.

Recap: 5 quizzes- some small some larger,  1 tests, 2 projects, and 1 paper.  And I have class either till 4 or 5 three out of 5 days.

This week is the first big week where I need to spend a lot of time going through all the chapters in class, study guides, and really work on writing and things.  There really isn’t a thing called free-time except for about 2x a day where I box someone on FightNight
Right now I’m looking for that perfect vehicle.  You know, the one moving at just the right speed so that when I jump out in front of it it can’t stop and when I get hit I shatter and die instantly so I don’t have to really feel the pain.   Two nights ago I had a dream I was swimming in sharks.  It was like the beach from Mario Kart Double Dash.  Except more water and lots and lots of sharks.

Good things:

Fight Night is amazing and we started a fight club on their where a group of us are gonna fight each other and keep records of stuff.  It is fun.

Poker tonite.  I’m in a poker league.  Last week we had 24 people show up.  Maybe more tonite, we will see.

Time never stops so this weekend is coming sometime.  I can’t see it yet it’s quite a ways out there, but I know it exists.

So today I went up to the CC as usual to work out on my Brad Pitt bod, but this time I decided to go sit in the hottub afterwards.  When I walked in there were 2 other guys in there so naturally I sat on the other end of the tub, but on the side so when I look up I’m not looking at them.  I was there for a lil  while when this other guy walks in and I think to myself, “That dude needs to lay off the tanning.”  So we are all sitting there for a while, then the 2 guys walk off so its me and him.  He’s on the other end.  Then the bubbles stop, he gets out, starts em up again and then comes over to my side.  He says something to me that I can’t understand.  I say, “What?”

He then says “Do you play basketball?”

The reason I couldn’t understand him is because he is a foreign exchange student going to Madison High School.  He’s from Lima, Peru and he just got here the 17th of January.  I guess he lives with a Mormon family.  We talked for about a while just about the differences between Madison and Lima which has 8 million people in it.   Turns out his name is David, which is pretty sweet and his dad finds people that have gone missing.  He is really bored here, which is understandable coming from a city with 8 million people in it.
Yeah, it was pretty interesting