March 2007

I have found that I really love milk.

I really don’t love milk plain however.  It has to follow something or be apart of something.

I’ve always known this but this realization has really intensified in the past couple of weeks as I’ve had cereal for supper more often.  I seem to have cereal for supper a lot.  When I don’t have it it’s because I know I should really be eater other things because their greater health value or whatever.

Today I realized that the reason for the desire for cereal for supper all stems from the desire for milk.  My first thought walking to the TC is pizza/hamburger, but then I realize I’m not so much hungry for food but for milk. I’d really like that milky goodness with each bite, hence the thought of cereal arises.

Today, I decided to get a grilled chicken burger, fries, peaches, and a milk.  One thing I’ve known forever is the best part of each bite is the trailer.  I take a bite of my burger, crush it down into a pulp, swallow.  Then I follow it up with milk.  Drinking that milk is amazing and I realize that I wish everything felt as good as following up a bite of something with milk.

When Dan came down he bought 2 packages of Oreo’s.  When he left he left one package there.  Well, needless to say I finished it and bought another as well as a quart of milk because I get this great desire to eat oreos, not because of the oreos themselves, but because the follow up of milk tastes soooo good.

Did I mention the best part of cereal is drinking the leftover milk?

So Friday night I had one last thing left to do, study for the Econ Midterm.  I thought that this test would be pretty simple, pretty easy.  I mean, economics is easy, the price goes up people buy less so they lower the price and people buy more.  Easy.

Took the chpt. 3 Part A practice test -60%

Took the chpt. 3 Part B practice test – 70%.


Went to the Midterm Review session where I found out the Midterm is actually over all chapters 1-4 instead of being just 3-4 which I swear he told us.  He must have said “On the Midterm will be chapters 3 and 4” meaning along with chapters 1 & 2.

Well, whatever, I’m David Rausch so like it really mattered to me.

We went over the Midterm review test in our session and I went through the questions ahead of the class and ended up getting most of them wrong.   I spent a few hours that night then going over the notes we took in class and over the practice chapter tests and got everything so I felt pretty comfortable.

The test is at 10 so I got up around 8:15, showered and stuff, went down to the TC and ate and then I did some more review.

That morning I noticed my knee was throbbing.  It just ached which was weird. I get to the classroom and as he’s handing out the test I’m thinking to myself “My knee is hurting, there is a hurricane acoming!”

Which, by the way, if this hurricane destroyed crops, it would Increase prices Decreasing the quantity demanded while Increasing the quantity supplied.  That’s what happens during a “shortage” as they like to call it in the economic world.

The test was pretty tough with only thirty multiple questions.  Everypage had 4 or 5 questions.  On everypage I would know 4 of them without a doubt.  It would take me one second to figure out the answer because I’m that quick.  Then there was alwasy one questions on each page I would have absolutely no idea.  Not even an educated guess.  Ended up with a C, but I guess with his curve I ended up with a high B.  This midterm technically doesn’t even matter since I can discard it later if need be.  I can’t remember how it works but let me just say this last half of the semester midterm is the one that needs to worry.  My mind has never been so economically attuned.  Mainly because I’ve really never taken an econimics class so I’ve never really thought about it much.

Me and few other guys went to the new TMNT movie Friday night. Wow!  It was really good!  I would describe as “Fun”.  They had some good conflict, some of things that they say is really obvious stuff just to make sure kids understand what is going on, but it was good.  The fighting was amazing, only wish there had been more and I wish it had been more brutal.  It was really clean defensive, parrying fighting.  Pretty good story.  When I got done watching it I wanted to watch it again right away.  Some people complain that they wish it were real and I think too with what movies could do today that real turtles would be amazing, but the CG was really really good.  The graphics were awsome, the settings looked real, the fighting in the rain was awsome.  With it being CG, the movie could move a lot faster, as could the turtles giving them a real feel that they were shadow ninjas which is awsome.  Definitely recommend it!

When the movie was about to start I looked around me and all I saw was a sea of College and High school students. Everybody that I’ve talked to that has seen it has really liked it.  Watch it, it was worht my $8.25.

We watched it in Sioux Falls Century Theatre by the way, not DSU.

Last week Dan and the rest of the college world had their Spring Break so he decided to come down to Madison for a few days.

He was here from Sunday till Thursday afternoon and it went by pretty quickly. Things we did:

1. Basketball, shot around and he watched,taped, and took pics of us playing intramural games – I want to see those!

2. Guitar Hero II – best thing since turtles game!

3. PS3 – Played some NBA 2k7 and then we brothered up and played Resistance and killed a lot things.

4. Watched 300. That movie is pretty amazing. Had some really cool lines, funny dry humor, and the fighting is everything i had hoped for.

I had a really good time and I’m glad he came down. I only wish my schedule wasn’t so terrible so we could plan to do more.

Dan left Thursday and that Thursday night I went to Washington Pavilion in Sioux Falls with the Drama Club to watch The Producers musical.

That was amazing! The actors were so good and their singing ability was awsome! I’ve seen the movie and it was probably a C-. Didn’t care for it too much, but the play was awsome and I think seeing the movie first made it so much better. I’d really like to go to another performance there again sometime.

This week, mostly these first 2 days, are going to be a living hell.

Tomorrow our biggest project is due in Music and Computers tomorrow at 10 pm and I haven’t started it yet. According to our teacher we should have started it 2 weeks ago. Yeah, whatever!

Tuesday is our Intro to Lit Midterm test. This is going to suck because we have an essay portion and essay portions are never fun.

Also in this class we have to have our analytical 5-7 page paper due. It is either due Tuesday or Thursday. I’m not sure which, but so far I haven’t started it. I need to choose which of the 11 stories we’ve read and come up with a thesis statement. Then analyze it using 1 of 6 differnt types of analyzation: Biblical/historical, Freudian – psychology of characters, Jungian & Myth, Marxist, Feminist, Reader Response.

I think the Historical would be easiest so I don’t want to do that. I think Feministic approach to a story would be the most fun, but i might start getting sarcastic in my essay making fun of feminists which wouldn’t be good. I want to do Freudian, but I don’t think I have the ability to write 5-7 pages on it because what Freudian all intales is intense. I like a challenge though, but I don’t think I’ll have the time to come up with something.

Tuesday – Our second Visual Basic Test on Arrays. I’m not good at Arrays since I haven’t studied it much and with Spring Break our use of them has been very spread out so I can’t remember a whole lot. VB sucks and so will this test.

Friday – Econimcs Midterm test over Chpt. 3 and Chpt. 4. Had our first class over chapter 3 last Friday and we haven’t started Chpt. 4 yet. Economics is the one class that I feel like I could not study and still do well.

Tuesday night is basketball intramural and poker league night. No poker most likely.

One thing looking up is the new TMNT movie is coming out Friday and I believe a bunch of us are going to go down to Sioux Falls to watch it so that should be pretty fun.

This post is kind of whinny, but rarely is my genious tested as it shall be these first few days.

Time to do homewo…is that God of War 2 I hear? Gotta Go!

Spring Break started for DSU on Thursday. Woke up for 9:30 class, turned on my tabby and the DSU homepage popped up with a headline NO SCHOOL! I was pretty happy and went back to bed. In my mind I figured I’d go back to school Friday anyways. Then our RA walked in at about 10 in the morning and said if we were thinking about going back before Saturday or Sunday, we should leave before noon.

Bill Voecks, Cailtin Spors, Zach Giese, and I all drove our vehicle back in a caravan. The roads were really crappy, so 45 mph hour prolly our average speed. One time we were drivng, there were prolly about 6 vehicles together in a line, when I noticed the middel stripe appeard on our right side. Then soon afterwards the white boundry stripe appeard on our left side. So that is kind of how bad the roads were. When I turned North onto Highway fifteen heading towards Milbank, all traces of a road had disappeared. Everything was white and looked the same so I just used the reflectors on the sides of the road to gauge where the road was. Worked out just fine.

Now the babysitting has begun. Mom and dad left on Saturday. It has gone really well. We rented some movies on Friday and Micaela and I watched The Sentinal which was decent. Micaela, Sue, Tom, and i watched The Brothers Grimm last night and that was pretty decent. I had watched it the night before alone and thought it was alright, I liked it better the second time.

Yesterday we shoveled off Grandma’s roof and that was pretty hard. She has this super long shovel thing, like a rake, except solid at the end of it that you reach up on the roof and then drag the snow down. It’s heavy. then we ate Pot Roast afterwards which was and always is amazing!

I finished reading The Red Dragon which is the first book in the Hannibal Lector series I guess. It was pretty decent I thought.

Now I’ve started the Lord of the Rings series again. It takes a while to get into it because it takes a long time for the story to get going. I’m kind of forcing my way through it right now and I’m about 120 pages in maybe. I know it gets better though. Tom and I have been gaming a lil playing Medieval Total War which is kind of fun. We each start out with a huge army and then attack each other. The games take about 15 to 20 minutes and they are pretty massive.

All of us, micaela, steph, tom, and I have been playing a lot of Worms 2. That game is probably one of the all-time great multiplayer games of all-time great multiplayer games of all-time. Can take a lot of strategery and skill and usually ends in a blast of enjoyment and explosive fulfillment.

So movies, gaming, reading, and shoveling have been in the mix so far. I’m probably going to be doing a lot more reading than anything else which I’m actually excitied about because I’ll have time to read now.

Caught myself wishing time could just stop because Spring break is one full week of nothing to do and i know I’m not going to have too many more chances for a long time where I’ll have one week of nothing to do except sit around and read or do whatever. I have a couple years of spring breaks, but who knows, i’ll probably be working during it. This is heaven. Only this heaven doesn’t exist forever.