April 2007

I was playing soccer last weekend in this soccer tournament on this soccer team. We had this ball we were kicking around, apparently known as a soccer ball or as those people who were sumbreros say “football” but obviously their understand of the English language is a little off, as is their understanding of what walls and men with guns at the boarder between Me-hi-co and the US mean. Anyway, the team I was on was a patchwork team where the captain didn’t know who was on his team, he just knew that there would be enough.

Well, our team showed up and all of them were smoking cigarettes and looked like each of them had just finished off a keg themselves. One guy asked the ref if he could smoke while he played and believe it or not he was the best guy on our team since he’d played soccer for about 9 years. He was a goalie though and we weren’t allowed to have goalies. When I played I pretty much sucked it up. I was best at getting in the way of people.

There was this one moment in time though when the super ultra omega alpha amazing thing happened. The ball had been kicked down by our goal and this dude was running down and i was running towards him as the ball landed between us and bounced in the air. We both kicked at it. Now, we are probably 8 feet from our defenseless goal. I like to think that time paused and that this moment is a lot like a Dragon Ball Z mode where things start to happen fast. I do believe we both went into Super Saiyin mode as we kicked. Then *CRACK*! the ball fell down to the ground because we both missed it and hit each other in the shins. Me, instead of feeling the pain like a normal citizen, just felt this awsome feeling like I was Jacki Chan. Ninja’s are always kicking other ninjas in the shins. The reason I felt like Jacki Chan though is because in teh movie “Who Am I” he and this other dude kick each other in the shins like 15 times trying to make the other give up. It looks painful, but it’s awsome at the same time. Exactly how it was at soccer.

It was awsome, but then it was painful. Am I glad it happened? Oh most definitely! I can cross that off my list of things to do : You and another dude go into Super Saiyin mode and kick each other in the shins as hard as you can, just like Jack Chan did in that one movie!”

Next on the list is to kick a woman down some stairs while yelling “THIS IS SPARTA!”

Women, don’t be mad if it becomes you. It is an honor.

So this weekend was my visitation to the U of M.  This weekend as in FRIDAY!

For that I reason I was like, “Going to school on Friday, haha, yeah right!”

I took off Thursday right after class at 4.  Stopped in at Chris’s in Marshall to pick up some cash since I was a little short – he took out some cash, I wrote him a check – and used his bathroom facilities.  After that it was onto Minneapolis/St. Paul for me.

Got in around 9:30 and stayed at Tyler’s that night.  Watched them play Resistance while I worked on an Internet Assignment for Economics.

Got up at 11 and hung out with the gang, then took Tyler to his class at 1:20, then I went, parked my vehicel in a PARKING RAMP – never done that before – and took a walk to the Williamson building.

Tour went super sweet.  Ran into Tyler which was awsome.  The campus looks pretty awsome, however I didn’t get to see the building(s) that I’d be taking alot of my classes since my classes would be taken on the West Bank.

The coolest thing on the tour was the Rec building.  The four basketball courts are on the 3rd foor!  That’s pretty sweet.  It’s like plyaing basketball in the sky!  or something like that.

That night Tyler and I went to the Twin’s game against the Devil Rays.  Dan and dad were at the game too cuz dad got tickets from some lawyer.  Johan was pitching and he did really good, but he had one bad inning and that was that.  The Twins couldn’t hit the ball.  We got to see a Carl Crawford inside the park home run.

After the game we were looking for a movie to go to.  We were thinking of Blades of Glory when Tyler gives us the bad news.  After looking on the internet he found that no movies were showing that late at night.  It was 11:15.  How could no movies be showing on a Friday night?  What kind of city is this!?  What kind of city am I moving into where they don’t have movies past 11?  C’mon!!

We decided then to order a pizza from Papa Johns and go to Dan’s and finish watching the Wild game.  After that we stuck in Shaun of the Dead which was awsome as always.

Took Tyler back home, it was 2 in the morning by this time.

Saturday I left at noon and got back about  at 4.  Dad, Tom, and I went to Unity Square where Micaela already was at.  We played 3 games of 2 on 2. Then Micaela left to go get ready for the play and Tom, dad, and I played 2 games of cutthroat basketball.

That night Kelsey, Chris, and I went to the play Beauty and the Beast.  It was pretty good.  Micaela was hilarous.  She was a Silly Girl and the Silly Girls were really funny.  The only really knock on the play was that the beast’s mic didn’t work so you couldn’t hear him talk or sing very well.  Other than that it was good, pretty funny, good singing.

After the play Fellows showed up just getting back from a baseball game.  He, I, Chris, and Kelsey went to Chester’s house and watched the last 3 episodes of the Office.  Hilarious!  Dustin and Amy Jo showed up shortly after we arrived and we had a big ol Office party.

Got back today around 4.

Good weekened.  Going back home this coming weekend for Micaela and Molly’s confirmation.  Dan’s coming back too.

So I found out I got accepted into the U of M on Thursday when I got back home.  The letter had arrived earlier in the week and I would have had mom open it but we kinda missed each other’s calls and so i just decided to do it when I got home.

I didn’t think it would be an acceptance letter because I thought I would have gotten an e-mail which never came. I wasn’t sure if I’d get accepted or not.  Apparently, only 48% of those applicants with a 3.0-3.5 get accepted and only 51% of those applicants with a 3.5-4.0 get accepted, so it seems to not have a whole lot to do with your GPA.

So that made me kind of worried, but then I’m like “Wait, wasn’t I in key club?  Haha!  That’s right, I was! There is no way I CAN’T make it in!”    Shing!

But for real, I was kinda worried I’d get denied which would have really sucked, not just because I couldn’t go, but just because then it’d feel like I’m not good enough which is never cool.  I’d have been like “b-b-b-but k-k-k-key c-c-c-club-b-b *tear*.  But now I don’t have to worry about it.

Now, I don’t think I ever told very many people I ever applied just in case I didn’t make it, I didn’t have to shamefully tell everyone.  Once I got my acceptance letter, I didn’t really tell anybody either.  Why?  ehh…just didn’t think of it most of the time and other times it just didn’t seem that important.  I think Dan and mom told a lot more people than I did so thanks guys! 🙂

Monday morning, the day I was heading home, Micaela asked me “David, did you find out if you got accepted?”

Me:  “Oh, I never told you?  You don’t know?”

Her: “Uh, no”

Me: “Yeah, I got accepted….”

So if I never told you, don’t feel bad, my own sister didn’t even know.

Anyway, this Friday I’m going to the U for a campus tour and workshop so i’m skipping school!!!  I’m thinking about going down Thursday night, just to make things easier.

The plan is to house with Dan at the moment; however, according to my source in the cities, two of my cousins Katie Brass and Brenna Rausch are looking for a new place to live and will be on the lookout for a 3 to 4 bedroom house.  So, if we could all live together that would be amazing!  If it turns out it’s just Dan and I that would be amazing!  Either way, I feel like I win.  If nothing turns out and I have to force my way into Tyler’s house and live on his couch, that would be amazing!  It appears any way I win.

So yeah, that’s the gameplan right now.  I got in, gotta figure out what I’m getting into, and how to get into it exactly.  So that’s what’s going on in this end.

This morning I was eating breakfast in the tc when something bizarre and embarrasing happened. I had my breakfast set out before me, and I, like normal, pulled my tablet out of my bag to place behind my food so I can eat and surf the web at the same time. As I extended my arm out in the motion of placing my tablet behind my food, I could feel a muscle below my shoulderblade and to the side give way. It felt like my muscle had become twisted around itself causing a throbbing pain whenever I moved it. This is weird because right after my next class I was going to go work out my shoulders and back, which this muscle consisted of.

I kept on thinking this line to myself:

“I’m getting old Gandalf. I know I don’t look it, but I am beginning to feel it in my heart. I feel thin, sort of stretched, like butter scraped over too much bread.”

If that is totally correct I, David, son of Mike, know not but it’s pretty dang close.

Anyways, I also noticed today that my pointer finger on my left hand is pretty sore, almost like a mild sprain. I am assuming it came from basketball last night, but I’m not sure. It is something I don’t feel most of the time, but then suddenly I’ll be midly awakened as if my finger is just making sure I don’t forget about it.

THEN later in the day whenever I walked I could feel what felt like a thorn in my heel like it was stuck in my shoe or sock. I ignored it most of the time hoping it would just go away, but it never did. I finally took off my shoe and scavaged the shoe, sock, and heel looking for this spike of annoyance. I found nothing, but discovered I was actually bleeding where I was being poked. This poking continued on the rest of the day and it was really uncomfortable, but as I was sitting down 90% of the tiem today it wasn’t as bad as it could have been.

Tonite instead of doing homework I watched 2 movies: The Conspiracy Theory with Mel Gibson and Julia Roberts. I really enjoyed this because of Mel Gibson’s character. I’ve foudn that I really like him as an actor and as a director. I want to see Apocalypto, I think it’d be pretty good, although extremely gory i’ve heard.

The second movie was The Pursuit of Happiness. This movie was really good. It is pretty slow, but a movie that people should see. I really enjoyed it. Will Smith is a good actor in pretty much any movie apparently.

I get Friday and Monday off for Easter break which is amazing and needed I think. Sounds like we are going to Aberdeen on Sunday to hang out with the cousins on my mom’s side. That’s always a good time, full of board games, cards games, video games, and lots of stories and jokes and food. I can’t wait to eat past 10 again. It sucks hardcore, especially when your up till at least one every night and watching movies, playing ps3, or just sitting around studying. I am starving right now. I’ve found that when I get really hungry at night now, I just go to bed. It’s the easiest way to deal with it.
Yeah, i’m gonna go to bed right now.