May 2007

So this summer I’ve been working at Rausch Bros. with my main job so far being driving A-frams with granites slabs to and from the cities.  Hence, to get there before 9 o’clock I have to leave by around 5 in the morning.  You get used to this though and it is nice easy hours.  Inbetween runs I’ve been polishing countertops in the shop.  Some things I’ve been force to do and learn are driving stick shift and driving with trailers.   Drove stick shift once last year and driving once with a trailer like 3 years ago for the Catholic Fishing Thing. 

I want to tell you about my first day at work but there is something I want to tell you guys first.  For some reason when I do jobs, especially for other people, if there is a way to mess it up or do it wrong, I am extremely talented at finding and accomplishing that way.  When having to use machinery its doubly so. 

The first day I get to work there is a truck with some monuments that I have to take to Dakota Granite in Milbank.  It is stick shift so I get the 5 second lesson of, “you put it in the gears that are labeled on the stick, this is the parking break, good luck.”  Well, after killing it 2x, I got the truck out of the driveway and onto the road.  I made it to Dakota and back.  When I got back I realized I had forgot to drop off the paperwork and a slab of granite on the seat next to me.  I asked John where I should park the truck and he said some side on the right.

The garage where we park the trucks has four parking spots, but only 3 garage doors.  On the south side there are 1 garage door each for our larger trucks and on the north side only one slightly bigger garage door for our smaller trucks.  On the right side of the north side of that garage, that truck has to angle it in and straighten out becaus the garage door is off center to the left. 

John said on the right side on the north side I thought, and I looked at the little space and how you can’t back straight in but have to angle it avoiding the side shelving and the oxygen tanks and all the junk lying back there on the floor and I thought to myself “ok i guess.”  So I tried backing it in 3 times with the big backing up horn blaring so everbody knows this little guy is trying to back in this huge stick shift truck into this ittie bittie garage space.  After 3 failed attempts I said screw this, parked it on the left side where I can just back straight in, and then I took my dads van to Milbank and dropped that stuff off. 

When I got back to Rausch Bros. I saw Tom Roscoe walking towards the garage so I ran after him cuz I didn’t want him to move the truck since it was my responsiblity so I catch him and say “I parked it in the wrong spot didn’t I?”  He agreed with my genious on that so I pull the truck out and tried backing it into that impossibly small, cramped, off-centered space and WALLAH, I did it on the first try!  Take that!  The back end was hanging over a bunch off stuff and there were probably a good 3 or 4 feet between the front end and the wall but I got it in there!

Later that day when I was getting instructions of my next job of moving a bunch of the crap lying on the floor in that same garage, Tom Roscoe goes:

“And the big truck goes on the other side.”

This means that this truck I parked on the small truck side actually goes on the big truck side where it has its own garage door so I can back it in all the way nice and easy. 

What I was thinking to myself as he said this was:

“I am the man! Pat on the back for David! How did I get this truck in this small of space? Because I am awsome!”  While I’m sure they were thinking “Wow, this kid is an idiot.”

Later it was learned that I had driven the truck to Milbank and back with the parking break on.  Oops.  The probably more embarrassing part is that i had noticed the light was on and pulled over and put the break down.  However, the light did not go off so I pumped it up and down trying to get the light off but it never did, so I just left it as John had put it when he went through that 10 second stick instruction cuz why would he put the parking break on when I was leaving at that very second.  I assumed it must be opposite or something or it doesn’t work otherwise the light should go off when its down, right?  Well, obviously I didn’t push it down far enough.  \

 What I realized is I hate stick shift vehicles and I hate backing up with big trucks and having to use mirrors.  The problem is the only vehicle I’ve driven this year except once is stick shift and every granite place you go to you have to back up.  Obviously no one thought drive-throughs were that great of an idea when building granite places.  I mean, why would you want to backup when you can drive through.  C’mon people!

Had to back up with a trailer a couple of times.  Wow, embarassing.

Game over.

Last night 8 of us went down to Sioux Falls to see the midnight premiere of Spiderman 3.  I had to skip the making of a Newsbleep in order to make it down in time to get decent seating.  We left at 8 o’clock to get there 3 hours ahead.  It turns out that all the fears of a long line of people were unfounded (I was totally right!).  When we got there, there was no line and we were probably close to the first people to show up.  So we kicked it in the arcade for a while, went to Best Buy which we found to be closed, came back and kicked it in the arcade again, and then at 10, an hour after we had first arrived, we went into the theatre where there were only a handful of people.

Once inside, we played cards, played Sonic on Jakes phone, and just talked or slept.  With about a half an hour left 3 of us got into a good conversation about girls and some talk about body language and what things mean.  The convo ended when the movie started and we all left the conversation puzzled and shaking our heads.

The movie was pretty good.  I liked the second one better I think, and probably the first one as well.  This one was good, but not great.  Some parts of the movie were just kind of weird.  The people who knew the Spidey comics weren’t very happy because I guess it really tailed off from the comics.  This movie is pretty gloomy throughout.  Great action, the story i thought was pretty decent for the most part.  Good acting.  The end is pretty cool.  I was really dissapointed on how things happened at the end though, so cool, but not cool.

So overall I’d give it a B.  I think i’d have to watch it again because second run throughs i think give me a better idea of what I actually think.  Keeps your attention throughout though and it seemed to go by pretty quickly for a 2 1/2 hour movie.

After the movie we went to Perkins and I got a ham and cheese omelete.  The highlight is when we were leaving I gave D-Brown (6-4, 320 defensive lineman) a quarter to pay for  his meal. I’m standing with my back to him and I hear “Hereyou go Dave” and I turn around and he’s right next to me with his hand out and I totally flinch and jump backwards.  Everybody bursts out laughing and it was pretty funny.  I told everybody it was natural instinct.  As a little guy, all I have is quickness and seeing this big shape moving towards me must have kicked in the survival instinct or something.

We got back at about 4:40 in the morning.

Made it to Econ at 10.