So it seems I will forever be a high schooler in the eyes of others.  I don’t think anybody has ever looked at me and assumed I was in college.  Last year during our family reunion anybody who assumed they knew what grade I am in assumed I was in high school, once thinking I was so young as a sophomore in high school.  Ouch!

Well, this year’s summer is turning out much the same.  The first time I went out on the road with one of the workers he said “So are you done with school already”

I replied with a “yeah, we finished up last week.”

Him, “Wow, I remember when I was in school we wouldn’t get out until late May or early June.”

Me:  Yeah, well I actually just got done with college.  I actually just finished my second year.

Him:  Oh (super embarassed).

The second time happened yesterday at the Bishop’s fishing tournament.

My parents were eating with the bishop and another priest and Tom and I were introduced to them.  Then Micaela sat down 5 minutes later and was introduced.  About 10 minutes later the priest looks at Micaela and said, “So Micaela, are you the oldest in the family?”


I think that’s the worst I have ever been burnt by this whole age ordeal and by a priest.

Then today I was working with one of the guys polishing and he said “So how is school going.”

I said “Good” but what i wanted to say is “School was good.  We got done 3 weeks ago.”

Instead all I said was “Good” and then walked away so we wouldn’t talk about it anymore.

Another time when I watched Pirates of the Caribbean 3 a week or 2 ago the lady at the till said

“are you in student?”

me: “Nope”

her: “Are you in high school?”

me: “Nope”

her: “did you just graduate?”

me: “Nope”

her: “that’ll be five dollars then.”

Me: “Damn”

One last thing that Chris just reminded me about was last year I went to a boys basketball game and I sat by Ashton Conroy’s grandma.  We were kind of chatting and she leaned over and asked “So are you in Ashton’s grade or a grade below him?”

Ouch, that kinda hurt considering he was a sophomore in high school.  But then not so much considering he has more hair on his face and body than most people when they reach adult hood.  But still, she thought I may be a freshman in high school.

Apparently I’ve got some secret fountain of youth that makes me appear like I’m some sophomore in high school forever.  I don’t mind it when people mistaken me for a high school cuz I’m used to it and it’s always kind of funny seeing the embarassement and awkwardness on their faces after I set them straight as politely as I can but its starting to get a little old.  At least they think I’m in high school, right and not middle school? I mean, that’s good right?