October 2007

So Sue was right, nobody really posted about the NDSU/Gopher football weekend except tony. So here is a short short overview. Tony, Chris, Kelsey, and Amy Jo came down for the football game and NDSU won and dominated the entire game There were more Bison fans than Gophers fans there.

After the game Tony went home and the rest of us went to Tyler’s. Around 7 we took off for the Trapt concert with the addition of Karin with us. We went to the concert because the band Framing Hanley was playing that night. They were good and Trapt played Headstrong 12 different times. It was a good concert.

On Saturday we had our Halloween party which went pretty well. We invited probably over 100 people and we had a ton of people show up so I think the party was a success. As I didn’t invite anyone except Tyler I quickly found myself in the middle of the room surrounded by conversations that I wasn’t apart of. I found relief from this awkardness in the form of a 50 inch screen tv alone upstairs that I used to watch Game 3 of Boston vs. Colorado baseball. Over time people wandered up stairs until it was filled to the max and eventualy I got to talking to people who had come up and were then watching the game. It also helped having met some of Dan’s friends so I could talk to them and stuff. It was a costume party and I was Dumbledore, Dan was Malcom Reynolds from cancelled TV show Firefly, Katie was Lucy, Brenna was a Vampire, and Sarah was Mother Nature. Sarah’s I’d have to say was the coolest costume there. Overall the party was pretty fun and I had a good time.

Today I have an interview with a lady for a librarian position. I signed up for 2 jobs, this librarian one and a scanning job in another library. I haven’t heard anything from the scanning job which is the one I really wanted cuz you get 10.50 an hour and it had the right set of hours I wanted 10-15. This only gets 7.73 but I can work possibly up to 20 hours. I don’t htink I can work that many but maybe I can. idk. But anyway, it’s my very first interview ever so we’ll see how it goes. I don’t think I need to dress up at all but I am going to wear a golf shirt just in case. If that ain’t enough I’ll just send some Blue Steel their way.

im Dumbledore!!1.jpg

Game Over baby!

Wow, was this week painful.  This was by far the worst week so far down here.  Really, it wasn’t that bad I guess, but everyday just felt like it took FOREVER.  I’ve had papers due, been working on projects, starting new projects…things are going really fast right now with tests coming up and more projects due.  Maybe the worst part is it feels as if it isn’t going to let down at all.

Some cool things that happened…instead of studying for my little midterm exam Tuesday night, Katie and I watched 2 episodes of Firefly which are my 2nd and 3rd episodes ever and I have to say I like it a lot.  I new I would like it just cuz I remember the Serenity (Firefly movie) trailer made me crack up so much. After she went to bed Dan, Brenna, and I watched The Office.  That night was quite fun.

Last night after my late night class 6 of us from class went to Applebees.  That was really really cool.  That class is by far one of the hardest classes I’ve taken.  Not so much grading wise, but time/work-wise.  It also is very very expensive because paint is expensive.  However, it is probably my favorite class as well because everybody in that class is a lot of fun.  In class I have a really good time and its neat that kids from a class would all go out and eat together.

Today, The Office is on!!! and Survivor @ 7!

Then tomorrow Tyler and I get to sell plasma and while waiting to sell plasma, walk across the street and get ham and cheese omelettes with hashbrowns and a side of either fruit, toast, or a cinammon roll for $3.50 at Baker’s Square.  Awsome!!!

Saturday Chris, Kelsey, Amy Jo, and Tony are coming down to watch the NDSU vs. Gophers game and NDSU will probably win.  They are spending the night, my house is open and everyone gave the green light, and will be heading out on Sunday so the weekend should be sweet.

Those are the highlights of the week.

Oh yeah, I got a D+ on the midterm test, but it was only 15 points which I didn’t really want anyways.  Studying wouldn’t have helped any either.  Trust me.  Don’t worry mom…oh wait, our internet is so slow she doesn’t read blogs anymore…burn and turn!

So I just got my computer on Monday.  Yeah me!!


So far so good with it.  I’m liking the Windows Vista so far.  Very sleek and sexy with no major problems.  The main problem is I really don’t need it for any classes.  Oh well, I guess I’ll just write blogs, play games, and talk to my peeps.  \

So it’s coming down to crunch time where I need to apply for work study jobs.  I need to have one by October 31 otherwise I lose the $$ amount the gov’t said I can make.  The way work study works for those of you who don’t know, the government decides whether you’re poor or not and if you are, like homeless poor, they say “We will allow you to make $1300 each semester of school without having to pay taxes but if you don’t get a work study job by Oct. 31 you can make money and pay taxes like everyone else!  You can live on the streets for all I care!!!!”

That date is coming up so I’m trying to move forward and get going on this but I really don’t want to.  I did try to apply for Work Study position but it said I needed a Resume and I was like back up and rewind…I don’t have a resume….Snap!!

It’s like a freakin cruel joke!!  All I want to do is scan papers!!  Why do you need to know my history of my life!?  C’mon!! So naturally I have not done anything since to get a job.  This system is set up to make kids fail.  I don’t intend on failing so I’m just gonna do what the application asks me to do.

After talking to Miles he’s like, “resume? that’s easy, just go on to Microsoft Word and they have a bagillion resume forms that you can use.”

Wow, that is easy.  Thanks Miles!!  I’m hopefully going to get a job because of you!!

Other than that school is going well.  I’m staying plenty busy, been working out on and off when I don’t have too much homework, been watching The Office each week Thursday nights on NBC.

We have it in our plans to host a Halloween/Katie Brass birthday party at our house  the 27th.  It’s a costume party and I am going to be Dumbledore.  I’m gonna wear Dan’s blue graduation robe and then I’ll have to find other things to wear.  I think it’s estimated we’ve probably invited maybe around 100 people, many of those offhand invites, but either way the party should be pretty big.  We are going to try to deck the house out to make it look all Halloweeny.  Hopefully all goes well.

Alright, I tried posting 3 times a couple weeks ago, but on Brenna’s laptop I keep pressing a button that makes me go back so I lost my post 3 times so I said screw it.  Now, I commented on most of your posts and I have class in 10 minutes.

Quick Summary:

Cities is going fantastic.  The house is super amazing!  Classes are demanding and pretty time consuming but that’s good.  Haven’t gotten raped yet which is always a plus in my book cuz I’m not into that sort of thing.  You know, being vulnerable and such so as to get raped by rapists.

Just ordered a laptop.  It should be here end of this week, but probably not till next week and it can support the new DirectX10 for the new games coming out.  The laptop isn’t great enough that it’ll make that much difference I don’t think in game quality, but it is still awsome to say my graphics card can support DX10.

Went to the Renaissance Festival. Went to a gophers game and they suck pretty bad.  Went home last week and found Pumpkin Bars, Chocolate Chip Cookies and other types of bars waiting at home!  Then Dan and Steph made Monster Cookies which are amazing!  We have a lot of snack food to eat at the house in St. Paul right now.

Vikings suck hardcore, but Adrian is pretty sweet!  He is the man!  Yeah, I’m dominating in fantasy football right now.  I was third but had the most points out of the 12 teams, then I beat the dude tied for first and now this week I’m playing the guy that is standing alone at first and I’ll probably kick his butt too!

I’m awsome!