November 2007

So right now I’m not in a good mood.  I skipped two classes today to do get a drawing done for a professor I had to meet at 2:45.  Apparently they did some stuff in one of the classes that I now am going to be behind in.  So, i get my drawing done and go down to the professors office.  Apparently he took the day off today so he isn’t around.  That is juuusssst awsome cuz now I have this drawing I didn’t need to get done and I missed a very important class.  So we had an appointment and he takes the day off. grrr…

Anyway, enough about how much school sucks right now.

On Saturday night Dan, Katie, Tyler, and I went to the Timberwolves vs New Orleans Hornets.  While in line to get tickets some guy walked up to me and wanted to know if I wanted 3 free tickets.  Heck yes I did! So that was awsome.  We all sat in the upper deck which isn’t bad.  However, in the fourth quarter we all snuck down into the 125$ dollar seating like the little ninjas we are.  125$ seating is amazing!  If I had 125$ to burn I’d buy a ticket.  The Timberwolves got pounded pretty badly but the Al Jefferson looked amazing and Telfair was shooting lights out.  McCants was awful that night shooting like crap.

After the game we all went back home and later that night around 11 or so Tyler, Dan, and I watched the new TMNT.  Dan had never seen it and Tyler and I are what you could call pretty big fans.  TMNT is kind of a big deal.  After the movie at 12:30 we went downstairs where Dan and I each had a Mike’s Hard Lemonade.  Dan fulfilled his brotherly duty.  We took some picks to give to mom and then we went to bed…Tyler went home and went to bed.

On Sunday after mass at 5 we all (the house and Tyler) went out to eat at the Muddy Pig.  Had an awsome bbq’d pork sandwhich.  I got a Long Island something, Brenna got some sort of cider, Katie got some sort of martini, and Dan got his Guinness.  Well, I tried each and I liked the cider.  The martini was definitely the worst followed by the Guinness followed by my drink.  Katie, Brenna, and I after supper took a birthday shot which was peach/pinenaple schnobbs  mixed with Crown Royale.  That was tasty.

That night after getting home we all watched National Treasure except Dan.  This was good as it is always.

Gifts I got:

From Grandma Rausch – $10, Mom and Dad – $50 gift certificate to, Dan- PC game Hellgate London, Brenna – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, Sarah – The Red Badge of Courage and 211 things to be passionate about (something like that),  Katie – I don’t know yet cuz she’s withholding it from me until Dan and I give her her birthday present.

So yeah, pretty laid back weekend which was nice.  Lots and lots of homework got done.  Tonite we are having pheasant and then I think Tyler and I are gonna hit up the movie theaters.

Peace Out!

So I got one of the jobs I applied for.  It’s for Minitex Library which ships books and movies to other libraries all over the place.  I had my job interview last week on Wednesday and that went pretty well i believe.  It was my first interview ever and i didn’t think about any of the questions they would ask, I just figured I wouldn’t lie on any of them and I’d be fine.  There were 2 open positions and they were interviewing 5 people.  One of the questions she asked me was “What experience do you have with computers.”

My reply ” Well,  I grew up in this generation.” *Zing*!
Pow!  Right to the kisser!

There was more than that, but yeah, that’s how I started it out and the interviewer laughed.

Later that night I believe I got an e-mail from my interviewer person asking if I could start working before the interview process was done.  Apparently, it really helped that I could work mornings cuz I don’t think anyone else could so she was anxious to get me started on the job.  I then totally had to shut her down because David doesn’t overachieve.  I’ll start when I am suppose to start and not any earlier.

Actually, i had lost my drivers license and they had to have a copy of it before I could start working.  Started work this monday.  My schedule is monday and wednesday from 9 to 1 and thursday from 3:15 – 5.  So i get about ten hours in a week which is good.  The work is really easy jsut filing through papers matching the title of the content to it’s sheet in a container.  Then there is a data input work that is super easy as well.  So yeah.

Game Over