So I am walking towards the bus stop at 7:40 in the morning and I turn the corner to see the bus stopping at my stop.  I sprint off for the corner at Captain Planet speed only to see the bus takeoff with me only halfway down the block.  DAMN! Dejectedly I slump towards the bus stop to see when the next stop is…7:52.  Since the bus is always late it’s about a 15 minute wait which isn’t that bad but it still blows in 0 degree whether.  I wait frozen to the bone until the bus comes and picks me up.  I then get off of this bus after 10 minutes and wait for the number 50 to come save me from the cold.  As a bus nears it only seems to pick up speed and  zooms right past with a sign that says Sucks to be You I am Not Picking Anybody Up….SUCKERS!!  So I wait for another 10 minutes.

This seems to be a re-occurring morning process as I try to go to work which only intensifies my feelings for winter.  My feelings go like this “Hate’s such a strong word, but I really really really don’t like you!” Sure, the snow looks pretty as it gently falls to the ground and as most people, except for Nazi’s and terrorists, know Christmas is the best time of the year, but that’s where it begins and ends.  Everything else about it sucks.  It’s super cold, the snow covers my car, freezes my windshields, makes sidewalks and roads messy and slippery, and it is also to be blamed for ruining most of my spring as the snow melts making everything wet and muddy  and awkward.  Spring is definitely the puberty part of year when everything is all awkward everything is horny.
That all being said, i can’t wait for winter and spring to be over and for summer to start therefore bypassing school as well.

This new semester should be much better than last year’s hell of a semester.  I came out singed and burned but not totally in flames and like any child i’ve hopefully learned that hot things hurt people so hopefully this new semester I can avoid getting burned and instead will be like a child playing with bubbles.  Bubbles don’t burn and give child unimaginable amount of joy and pure bliss which many people don’t understand.  I understand though, you pop the bubbles.  I get it.

Knowing this I am hoping to have a fantastical semester.

Last week I watched I AM LEGEND.  Wow, gotta say it…best movie of 2007 and best movie I have seen in a long time.  Thought about it all day the next day and can’t wait to see it again.  As soon as the movie got done I leaned over to Sarah and said ” I would gladly pay $10 to watch this movie” which is extremely high praise as I believe there is pretty much no movie really worth watching for the $9 price it costs for watching movies on the weekend at the AMC theatre.